Ok so the about me stuff, will keep this simple and in the context of lucid dreaming.

First up the site name 40htz reflects my approach to lucid dreaming in that I see it as as state of mind and a natural experience that most people will encounter at some time in their life in one form or another.

For me there is no mystical experience involved just the ability to gain a state of mind and hold that state with awareness.

This takes nothing away from the experiences and they continue to amaze and mystify me.


In the simplest statement lucid dreaming is the ability to be awake in the sleeping mind and retain a full awareness of who you are and to use all your senses in what appear to be normal ways. To feel pleasure and pain and explore


I have no religious beliefs and my lucid dreaming is an exploration of the mind

To explore without bias is a wonderful way to go as there are no barriers to stop me only barriers to break and deeper places to explore.

It has been a progression over a lifetime from nightmares as a child to awareness and control of these nightmares and now still struggling to grasp the limitless depth of our minds and the human or interconnected consciousness that appears to exist.






Some statistics


  • Over 45 years of lucid dreaming
    • I didnt know what lucid dreaming was until around 2008, before that the awareness was there but I had no idea that it had a name
  • Several thousand lucid experiences
  • Hundreds of OBE's
  • Main technique is WILD ( Wake induced Lucid Dream - no loss of awareness from waking state to fully immersed in a lucid dream)
  • Normal dream recall is 4 - 7 dreams a night
  • Maximum dream recall 13 dreams in one night
  • Longest lucid dream 2.5 hours (recored on a ZEO sleep monitor that shows direct entry to REM sleep from waking)
  • Around 3 - 5 lucid dreams a week
  • Some dry spells, just don't sweat these as the dreams come and go

Where I am now


My focus for a few years was to explore beyond what I call the playground of the dream and into the deeper states that can be requested within the dreaming mind.

I had some interesting experiences with white light and energy as well as what I term void experiences where the sense of self does not exist but a form of awareness does.


The last 3 years (2012 - 2015) have been dedicated to making the WILD entry as easy and natural as waking in the morning and I have made massive gains in understanding and achieving this goal with most of my lucid dreams now being entered this way.

It has become a stable easy way to get lucid and I will give detail in other sections of this site


Again welcome and enjoy







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