A Tribute to a friend and had this not long after he was killed in a tramping accident


John Hannah - "off to his mountains"


Europe 2014



This set was first posted on Deep Dreaming. The link is to a world file








Vivid dream with a message 2

Baby Talk 3

Lucid in New York 3

Third eye in a DC 4

Yuk 4

Old friend 5

Spontaneous lucid 6

Relaxing in the void 7

My version of binaural beats 7


Lucid success for partner 8

Getting lucid 10

The ocean 10

Barriers 11

Meditating in the dreamspace 13

Bit Slow 15

duel awareness 15

EatMeat 16

Two nights back 17

The annoying power line 17

Majic Journeys 18

Afternoon nap 19

Crunch crunch 19

The painter 20

Just drifting around and around 20

Group flying 21

ZEO recording and lucid 22

Surrendering to the dream 23

What does it take to just get it 24

An interesting one 25

ZEO - 25/05/2013 Meditation and WILD 26

One of those nice moments that bring both worlds together 26

A message to self 26

accepting the green light 28

Go get help 29

Just a dream 30

connected 31

Remote viewing 32

Explain this one 33

Under Water 34

playing with light 36

an update on my attempts to make WILD as easy as waking up 36

Mind game 37

Have you ever read Nicola Tesla's accounts of his inventive ability 38

DC offered me a flask 38

Damm.... 38

Bring it on 39





Vivid dream with a message - Its time to open up and accept help(I am not a good listener)


In a dream building and it was a hospital, I walked down a corridor and then for some reason turned into a room. There were two nurses in there a bed some gear and a big video screen. I watched the screen and there was a movie of a person lying in bed and then waking up and realizing that the awakening was into a dream. The realization of what was going on was perfect and the wonder on the face and them uncertainty as figures appeared around the figure was startling.


I started to feel nervous as I felt that the nurses were going to put a needle in me to induce a dream and film my reactions. I backed away and left the room. They did not harm or chase me.


Wake up.


It was a day or so later that I worked out that I was very close to lucid and the person in the video was me and that the DC were in fact trying to assist me in gaining full lucidly. I have had a few of similar dreams lately where I am but lucid and the theme was setting me up but I bailed - will in never learn


Baby Talk

Mind blowing dream last night.


Up at 3am

2 4mg caps of G, 2 300mg caps of Choline, 1 banana (I like them...)


Goal was inspired by Dr T ( holy grail - get the DC to let you know you are dreaming


I had a very restless night and spend a long time looking and enjoying HI and fighting with myself to get OOB, strong exit feelings and energy body formed but  seemed to be stuck and tried everything except relaxing to get it out and join it.



Finally got there and got some DC together in a room, about 5 to 7 of them and we were talking about random stuff and I asked one of them if we could be friends and got the answer " I have millions of friends, why would I want one more" That's fine and I had a good group chat going so I asked for advice on getting lucid more often and every night if I wanted. I got silence and asked again and then got the big group baby talk syndrome when they dont want to say or respond. This really annoyed me and I was communicating by what I think might be commonly call telepathy - not verbal but by projecting a thought to them.


I had been thinking about the feeling language and had not tried it as I was only introduced to it a couple of days back by this board and so at after being really annoyed with the group I simply produced the thought in my mind only  that I want to know how to become lucid every night if I choose. I got an instant of silence and then a very clear answer that just appeared ( you are too immature to know this  just now)


On reflection what stunned me were the following points,


1 - the DC had no choice but to answer and it was a very clear answer projected into my mind in the same way insights come to me during waking time

2 - this is the shocker for me and that the reply contained emotion and that implies it was in real time, not extracted from a data base and delivered by a sulky forced to reply entity


Really keen for thoughts on this and for someone to pull it to bits and poke holes in my line of thought

Lucid in New York

I caught with Kevin in NY and we drunk some beer, talked about our experiences and somehow this managed to seed my mind for a great night of dreaming.

I had 4 lucid dreams and one was very long and as complete and clear as a normal day. We were chucking around ideas on how to induce a lucid dream and somewhere something went in as it was a spontaneous entry. It was exactly what I have been chasing and now I need to recall the day and try to work out exactly what happened. Might need to revisit the tavern and drink some more beer - that could be very important....


Third eye in a DC

Several LD lately that invlove DC with a third eye or even an extra set higher up on the forehead. Trush my SC to be a little off the standard model. I am starting to expect this to be a feature at some time during the LD


Early this morning, up to make a skype call home around 530am and tried for WILD after. Couldnt settle so did a count down to get back to sleep. Sleeping and in a dream and go lucid. I cant remember the trigger I just was. The scene was a street corner and I was watching people, not suprising as I am still travelling and thats about what I have been doing most of the time just looking around and seeing what I can see and exploring anything of interest. I was standing on the corner and recalling my name, food for the prior day and lots more detail, I then pulled a small corner stone out of a building to test will and intent and yes I was in a LD. I remember looking at detail around me and being in wonder that it was perfect and there was just no difference to waking reality - it was just as it should be. It was a long dream and I just kept exploring and from time to time poking fingers through shop windows to pick up and look at goods ( great way to window shop). There were a lot of scene changes that I  did not ask for, I was in one place and stopped a tornado so it would not damage some buildings and came out of a shop and it was raining hard so I stopped the rain.

This was an odd dream for the utterly normal feeling and restrained control, I had no need to maintain the lucidy as it was just there.



Home at last after a month away and into bed and dreaming away, I have a cold and so asked to see the bugs and wanted to try to cure myself


Vivid dream


Looking down at my body and from my quads to mid belly area I see small floating things like seeds of a dandelion plant, they are black and just floating around near me and have a small center that I assume is a seed.  I am not concerned and then some of them lightly touch my skin. Next the feathery tips start to dig into my skin and the seed grows into  a worm and it the ugliest bug you could ever see. Its  a combo of all that gives me the shivers. This bug burrows its way into my flesh and there are a lot of these trying this. I work up the courage to push my palm over there wriggling heads and crush them, I cant bring myself to use my fingers to kill them as they are too horrid to look at and I just know they will simply burrow into my fingers anyway. As I crush each one I them grab the head and pull the worm out and throw it away. I can feel the worms being pulled out of my flesh and  I do this for what feels a long time and get them all out, about 15 to 20 of them, the skin heals and I lay there exhausted (in the dream).



I wake up and am still feeling funny at the intensity of it and laugh as my SC has just had a great joke on me and gave me what I had asked for.



Old friend

Vivd dream


Another vivid dream with complete reality but no awareness


On a fishing boat that I remembered from my past and spent some time talking the skipper who is an old friend of mine. He was catching fish, had his same crew and very pleased with life. We talked for a while and then I was off the boat in a small port town where he was fishing from and it was a nice place to be so felt happy.


This morning in recalling the dream I clicked that the skipper was a mate that shot himself many years ago on the same small vessel that we were taking on. It was a nice dream and of the type that leaves me feeling happy, my friend was also about my age now, same in the features but aged as he should have.


These dreams are not lucid and I am happy for this, they contain an awareness that I liken to daily life and unfold in a nice way. I would not want to change this and would be dissapointed if I attained awareness during one of them as they are more a connection or vision in a way and I treasure this feeling


Re: Majic Journeys / Odd WILD

5 htp at bedtime, 8 mg G + choline at 2am


Up for around 40 minutes before going to bed to give time for the sups to start working.


Feelings of energy body forming up and easy exit via OBE to room. My energy body started to feel like it was getting ready to leave and I started to get some feelings in my head of being ready to leave when it felt like a second presence was also starting to form up or intrude as well. I have never felt this before and it was odd like a duel awareness of two sets of energy being present. From here I easily and got up and walked across the room like I normally do and after a few steps got a big thump on my back and felt something attach to me. It was solid and grabbed on quite firmly so I shook it off and again it grabbed me and hung on. I shook it again and spun round and demanded it show itself and seen a body that was about the double of me. I held this presence as it had form and energy of its own so was a solid DC of some sort and asked WTF are you trying to do and demanded its name. I got the name (cant recall it now) and asked 3 times to repeat its name so it was sure and it got clearer each time. There were some others in the room and this was also not normal as I very rarely see anyone when I OBE at the start of a dream. I said to everyone that we should fly to the beach and then talk about so I kept holding the DC/double and we all flew over the beach area in front of my house. When the DC looked stable I let him go and he fell down and disappeared into the mud and stayed there so I kept flying away with the others.


A few scene changes and some exploring of a forest and some industrial scenes of factories and people making stuff.


A DC sent me looking in what looked like a vent and it got quite constricted so I pushed my way out of this and was flying in a dark space. Till now the lighting had been good, either bright or dark or moonlight as expected but now it was dark and darker in places. I looked down and seen a darker substance and it appeared to be tin and vast, it just went on and on and was some part of a  structure. I settled on to it and the folds where it was joined pinched my toes and it hurt a lot, each time I stopped it got me in a pinch and I had to keep moving. There were spots of light coming out of pin holes in the structure but other that that it was just dark around me and darker where the structure was. I stopped a few times and could not see through the pin points of light and could not bash, push or do anything to get past the tin. It felt as if it was a barrier and I just could not penetrate it.


This set of dreams are very interesting to me, the duel awareness on WILD and attack on OBE and the barrier are a first and something to be explored. The dream was fully lucid and there are lots more randoms among it as it was a very long one


Spontaneous lucid

WBTB and trying for WILD


Drifted into light HI and then was siting in bed reading a book. I looked up and the scene changed to me  floating down a city road as if suspended just a little above the road. I was turning corners and moving along with the scene being in very bright lights and dark buildings and road. No color except for the lights and blackness of varying shades. I thought yes I am dreaming and pinched my nose to check and I could breathe so all good. The roads came to an intersection and I looked over and found a street that was familiar to me as I have been here before in dreams.

I walked up the street a little, there were a lot of people around and so I ducked round a corner and rubbed my hand on a wall and slowely put my fingers into the building to get a little control and again confirm that I was lucid.

Back to the street and walking along the road, it was seedy area and there were a few working girls on the street, went past them and to a bus stop where there were a few younger girls and boys teasing each other. Again I walked past and carried on up the street.

I came to another wide road and there were a few cars coming at me so I thought that I would walk out and let them hit me as it could do no harm. I tried to touch some of them but they avoided me. I looked up the road and a man was on a bike coming at me. He stopped said of course you can let the cars hit you as you are in a dream and he invited me to put my had through his bike frame which i did with him watching. I asked him if he was dreaming and he said no he was not.

Next scene is in a cafe and I asked the waiter to see the manager as I had some questions to ask, she looked a little worried at this but did get the manager. The manager was annoyed and told the girl off and I then tried to get a menu off the waiter with no luck as she was very busy.

I am now talking to a real life friend of mine about lucid dreaming, we were sitting on  big pile of cut grass and had a long talk about dreaming and were discussing some of the finer details.


Woke up.

This was a nice long lucid and I didnt use any sups at all.


I am now becoming aware of 4 regular dream characters, the man has appeared a lot in my dreams and always as a firm strong in control person. He is calm and will assist or lead if needed.

The waiter is a flaming red haired girl and along with the manager they also appear quite often, the were the nurses in a recent dream and have assisted to get me lucid a lot of times.

There is one other women that is a match for the man, she was missing this time but does appear consistently.

They are not always there but the 4 of them are consistent over many years.


Relaxing in the void

Had a set of Lucid and non-lucid dreams spiced up with some FA's about 2 nights back. It was a real stew of odd stuff and I got fed up with in from within the dream so willed myself literally jumped out the window into the night sky and was in the 3D blackness or the Void. It was awesome, pitch black with what I call even blacker energy swirls that I could feel or sense but not see. I had the tiniest awareness of my body and extended my arms out a long way and was getting touched by these gentle swirls of energy from time to time.  I stayed here for a while just relaxing and it was wonderful.


Its been a while since I have been in the void and for no other reason than I have been exploring other ideas but great to know it is there waiting if needed or wanted


My version of binaural beats

I read somewhere that new music will cause a dopamine reaction in the listener and also read up on binaural beats and how they work so concocted a home experiment with music. I had an iPod nano in one ear with classic music, my iPod in the other with some county and a set of ear phones covering both ears with a book playing. Its odd that after a very short time I could hear music in each ear and the book in the middle of my head. All 3 were clear enough to recall.  This was around bed time and in the early hours I had a very long and fully lucid dream.

I figured that 2 types of music will always be new and this might help with dreaming because of the mind trying to understand the input.


I will try it again soon, it was funny with all these devices on the bed and wires everywhere, glad no one was watching but then again I dont think it would surprise anyone that knows me




I got up in the early hours and had a cup of coffee and it worked a treat for a WILD.  I was up for about about 30 minutes after drinking the coffee and then back to bed.  The HI imagery was very strong and very alive in the way the images were acting and reacting and I felt quite calm and relaxed which surprised me. The transition during the WILD was very smooth and I went from LD to awake and back 3 times with ease. I was really impressed with how well it worked and will try it again. I had also had 4 or 5 cups during the day and the last one about 10 hours before CWILD


Lucid success for partner

Greg - will post soon.


Last night


G and choline, had some goals and wanted to get a deep level LD and tried for WILD in the early hours - went to sleep.....ahhhhhh


A lot of very vivid dreams, one of note with me in a building that was selling food. It was like a food hall but only selling sweets so I shopped around and made some choices. I paid and then noted that I was ripped off so went to take the assistant to task over this. I heard some noises that were gun shots and decided to leave the building. My car was then in the shop and I tried to get in it when a man appeared with a machine gun and pointed it at me. He taped the doors shut and then pointed the gun at me. I ran and went dream style into rooms, opened doors and into long corridors (felt like shooting galleries) and in time ended up outside. It was very vivid but just that 1% below lucid where you are experiencing the dream with some awareness but not lucid.


Real Life - in the garden this morning and radio news of a shooting in Colorado? in a theater and 20 dead. Any thoughts on any possible relationship to my dream?


Lucid success


I have taken my partner from hotly debating that she even dreams to recalling dreams and now after about 3 weeks of introducing an awareness program she has had her first lucid dream. It lasted about 10 seconds and she is excited about it and will now I hope have a better understanding of what I am always on about. I will slowly take her on a pathway to longer and deeper dreams. It has been methodical and planned on my part and I am feeling very content that I have helped her get there and as in spite of her doubt about being able she has been successful.


Re: Majic Journeys

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With the link to the shootings in Colorado, I think only you could answer that one for sure based on the quality of the feeling in the dream, since being pursued by a threat is so common among dreamers.  Often there will be other aspects in the dream that will synchronism with the waking reality event that make it pretty clear you were in precog mode.  For what it's worth, I wondered this morning if anyone here would report a precog dream on that terrible event.


Congrats to your partner.  I'd love it if I could get Glenn to try lucid dreaming.  On a more satisfying note, I have introduced the concept to several students in my high school classes over the years who have been successful!    My eldest son kept experiencing vibrations and loud noises over many years but he just wanted it to stop and a few years ago my youngest had a blind OBE to the fridge to get bread (he's always hungry - the kid's a giant).


Re: Majic Journeys

I have that type of dream before but it has never lasted so long. I think it was completely coincidental.


Its great to be able to share lucid dreaming and even more so that a doubter can achieve one in a few weeks from seriously trying.


Last night


Vivid dreams and missed some good entries


On a river bank near the sea and looking at the small deposits of black sand on the ground. I scoop up a handful of black sand and go to the water to pan it in my cupped hands to see if there is any gold in it.  There is a huge amount and I am surprised at this. I roll the gold and it forms up into a ball and then starts to heat up. I feel it getting hotter and hotter and start to vibrate and am a little curious about this. Dream fades as I miss another great dream sign.


On a motor bike riding down the road, I go over a rise and down a steep slope and it keeps getting steeper and steeper. I start to think this is not right but lose the dream about there.


I had several more vivid dreams that were full of signs to get lucid with but missed the lot



Re: Majic Journeys

The worst part for me is that to the shooter it all made sense and fitted into his belief systems. There are also more events that are driven by a single person rather that a group and that is a big issue as these people dont put their heads up until its too late.


I have had a spell for a couple of weeks and have been seeding energy and rocks for my next focus. I want to see them as light and energy - my fav states in the dream world. I also mine gold at times and am working on a project so this is in my mind as well. I have had rocks or crystals in my hands before and they glow from the inside and then try to infuse me but I have bailed a couple of times as it was very intense and I was not ready to give to it



Re: Majic Journeys

I know...it should be right now and I am starting to make the resolve each night to give into the dream and let it take me and do whatever it wants to do. There is no dread around holding back as it never feels sinister more that if feels so powerful. I had the same sort of dream a few months back and I had some pink crystals in my hand and they were heating up and glowing from the inside  but again didnt allow it to infuse me. I am not sure why as I dont feel scared just more apprehensive about any outcome.


It should no be so hard to accept this but it is - repeating myself a lot here, not a good sign. For me it is the next barrier and I hope it will take me deeper into the dreamworld

Getting lucid

Something that almost always gets me lucid.


During the day I rub my hands on something like stone or a cement brick or carpet or If I am in bare feet I do the same on grass of dirt or the tile floor at home. After a few conscious efforts I will find myself touching surfaces each time I start to day dream and then I simply bring in the thought am I dreaming so there is an association being created along with the action.


In my normal dreams and these are as real as daily life but I am not lucid I will be doing something and start rubbing a wall, next the thought appears "am I dreaming" and I start to focus on the feelings of the wall, look at it in detail and in time push a finger into the wall. It can take a little time to get there but that just sharpens up the senses. This works almost all the time.


Last night I was dreaming and needed to go to toilet so I ducked into an alleyway in a city and decided to go against the wall. I put my hand on the wall and from habit I started rubbing it and from there got lucid.

This is a little backwards from the normal reality checks as I dont need the thought to precede the check but do something tactile from habit and the associated thought comes with it.



The ocean


If your ever in the mood, I'd love to hear about what drew you towards the ocean.

(I was born in love with it)


Greg, a belated post for no reason other that a little lazy of late.


I was a mad fisherman as a kid with trips to lakes and camping, biking 30 miles a day with a fishing rod tied to my bike every weekend and so the ocean and that attraction started as a kid. In the early years when I was around 15 I had a VW beach buggy, one of those fiberglass jobs and always had a surfboard and a fishing rod in the back. I normally could go past the ocean on the way to work or would make a point of doing this on fine days and if there was surf I went surfing and if not I went fishing and in doing so I would watch the boats coming and going each day. I got fired from a lot of job or just didnt go back to them and so didnt have a job which was great as I could do more fishing and surfing and that was fine. In time I started on small gill net boat found I really like it and then moved to bigger inshore trawlers. About this time I lost my licence for drunk driving for a few years so in my way I decided to go somewhere that didnt require a licence so I got a job on a small cray boat that worked out of Milford sound in Fiordland and spent the next 10 years catching crays and trawling and catching big bluefin tuna on the Westcoast of the south island of NZ. I was skippering these small ships in very quick time and then got some bigger licences and moved to factory ships after about 10 years, these were big vessels of up to 100 meters and crews of 50. The sea was fantastic and the vastness of it suited me as It allowed me to get a sense of peace and harmony  and at another level was always different. I had the pleasure of key jobs and spent most of my life in the bridge of these big ships and its like driving the star ship enterprise, tons of horsepower, 20 or 30 computer screens glowing around you on a dark night and the sea making its presence felt in the movement of the ship you having the choice of working with it or foolishly against it if you choose.

There was one point after about 10 years at sea on small boats and they just move and bang and bash around all the time. This can drive you nearly mad and you get indignant about it all, well one day in an instant I just felt that it didnt need to be like that and I say I got in touch with the ocean. By this I changed my view of the interaction and my world changed as it no longer bothered me and what had annoyed me for years now gave me a sense of peace. It was an instant that changed my view and maybe personality and that instant would be the highlight of 20 years at sea. In that time I spend about 17 of those years at sea so it was big bock of my life and I would do it again.

On  a lighter note I now talk to kids about life at sea and I tell them that in those 20 years of looking at the ocean and the night sky the most dissapointing events are not seeing a space ship or a sea monster.




I am taking part in a project with a researcher and it involves breaking a habit or changing a behavior using dream work. I like my bad habits so had to find something else and chose to get connected with some of the feelings involved in share trading. Trading is about 20% technical and 80% psychological. It involves going against rational beliefs and trusting intuition that is based on years of pain and suffering. I have patterns that I look for on charts that give high probability of delivering the result I want but a lot of the time in the final moment I get rational and talk myself out of a winning trade.

I have chosen to try to associate positive feelings or energy with these patterns and had 2 calls to the researcher, done some exercises and now I am recording dreams over 7 days to see if there is a reaction in the dream world and a change in the waking world.

I chose  a door as an gateway and I chose one of green glass, some computer screens to represent the trading screens and I am looking for some positive energy to associate with the patterns I see on the screens that I like and strong enough to overcome a rational bias to not trade these patterns.


The 6th dream in this continuous LD was not put into place by me but spontaneous in the sense it was created by my SC and has a powerful msg embedded. So far it is very interesting and I look forward to the follow ups and any change that this may make in my trading endeavours.




Bedtime 2 X 5HTP capsules of 60mg


Sleep at 2100

Wake at 0030

Vague recollections of dreams but not good enough to give detail.


Sleep at 0040

Wake at 0240

Back to bed at 0310

2 Galantamine + Choline (dreamers blend – 8mg) 2 Choline (can’t recall dose but can get off label if required)


About an hour till entering dream. Came out of dream at 0520. Dream time fully lucid about 70 minutes


Trying for WILD and a little restless as always after looking at market screens  in the early hours.

1              Relaxing and feelings of body going to sleep coming on – In kitchen using the waste disposal and the lights went out, dam – fuse blown. Think the lights and the disposal are on different circuits – aha, I must be dreaming. I wake up and start to relax again.


2              Instantly asleep and then in airport lounge talking to Marian on cell phone. Phone feels funny and I look and it is an old type of phone. I think I must be dreaming and look around the lounge and it is so real I am not sure. I put my hand through the wooden support of the chair and yes I am dreaming.   I decide to go and close my dream eyes ( I have learnt to close them in the first stages of a dream as it greatly deepens the state) I am being rushed backwards at a great speed and for a long time. I now have my eyes open and am in the 3D darkness or void and just let this rushing backwards happen until I feel myself slowing down.

3              I am in an old house and it is cluttered, I know that this is the place where my children are with my ex-partner and so I look for them and they are in their rooms. I find them and give them a kiss and a cuddle and walk out and to the kitchen. I give my ex a cuddle and leave the house ( it is very common for me to see my children in both lucid and vivid dreams). I fly by willing myself away with no destination In mind and let the dream create the scene.


4              I am in a big city, European by the look of it. There are big stone buildings and the streets are pave with a central pond as well. I walk into a shop and find a blank wall. I ask and will for a doorway and this is to lead me into a trading room. A door appears on the wall and I struggle to get it open. It opens but is not a room but like a folding window shutter and in the space behind there are works of art. I look at these and each time I move my eyes a little a new work appears. There are as many as I wish to see and they are incredible water colour works. ( I would love to paint these as they were truly unique and a little abstract)


5              Walking in market with stalls everywhere, now indoor markets and looking for blank spot. Found one after a while and after looking around and talking to people (3 females were lying down and one was annoyed as her head was not connected to her body, she was under a sheet and I put it back on for her. They were all happy at this – It was a dream!) I moved on and found a space inside a hallway. I asked and willed a door in the wall, opened it and walked into a room. Again no screens after I asked for them but more incredible art. The works were unlimited and just kept appearing each time I had my fill of looking at one. Again abstract watercolours that gave a sense and feeling of pleasure in looking at them. Also wonder at the artists ability to create them.


6              Walking along a road, on bridge, look at water in river and it is frozen and looks like green glass.  I step onto the ice and it is hard, beautiful and very cold and again ask and will for a door several times. Nothing happens. I put my arm out and an iron bar appears in my hand. I scratch and chip the outline of double doors in the ice, it is hard and this takes a while. I put two handles in the middle. I chip at the handle area unit it softens a little and then jump up and land hard on the handles. I get through and sink into a cold green slurry of ice water. No panic as I have breathed in water, solid rock and in space many times so I enjoy the sinking feeling and drift down for a long way feeling the cold and soaking in the energy of the ice. I am now in a concrete room, my trading room and ask for screens. Instead I get tables with drawers like in a museum and so start to open them. Each one is filled with inventions made of steel, jade, stone and other materials that I have never seen. I pick some up and feel them, play with them and wonder what they are for. There are hundreds of these objects in each drawer.


Dream fades – wake up


Interesting that I took my goals to the dream and had 3 goes at the door and room. Each time it got a little deeper or closer to the goal. The art work still shocks and impresses me as it was a clear as being in a gallery and each work lasted as long as I wanted to look at it and all created by my mind ( I assume)

The last section ( all dreams were liner in time) was not willed the green ice was just there so I had got past 2 attempts at trying and then it appeared and I had to get past the barrier of the solid ice. I had to make an entrance and then in an act of faith force my way in. This produced the sinking into the ice, the wonder of looking around and the absorbing of the energy contained in the ice.



Don’t force the trading

I have the skills I just need to relax and trust my intuition

The opportunities will appear and when they do take them

Trading screens and charts are works or art for me – I say they tell me a story and they talk to me

Trust the feelings, let them become solid and feel them and play with the feelings



Meditating in the dreamspace

. I see some dream images start to form up and am ready to step out of my body and into a dream. I am not quite ready and open my eyes but they are my real eyes and I see my room so I close them again and the images are there once more. I wait a little and the images seem to be a little more solid, it is my room but there is a shelf to one side and they look like bunk beds. I ignore this and just get up and walk to the doors that exit to the balcony. It is so real that I wonder if I am sleep walking, I put my hands on the door handle and it feels solid and I think that maybe I am sleep walking and if so I better not force my way through the glass doors. I am still standing and feel my body go to sleep, it drops to the floor and I hear it thump and am now still standing with my dream body and my hand on the door handle. I wonder if my body is on the floor asleep.

I walk through the door and am happy as this confirms that I am dreaming and so will not hurt myself if I jump off the balcony. I move to the rail and glass panels on the edge of the balcony and again walk through these for another conformation that I am dreaming. I am now floating in the air.

One dream goal is to meditate in the dream so I close my dream eyes and start to relax my mind and lose all thought. I am now gently spinning in 360% circles in a horizontal plane and moving gently forward as well. This is a pleasant motion and I am enjoying it. I feel warm and safe, I am still moving forward and a bright light is in my mind and I think it is the sun in the distance. It is warm and has a infuses me with a nice energy that I am enjoying. I let the motion and feelings carry on for a few minutes.


I open my eyes and I am high up in the sky over the ocean looking down on a big wooden building that is on its own island or is an island. I descend and land on the deck outside. It is a restaurant and I wander inside and have a look around.

I talked to the waitresses and then left the building and then moved on by flying over the ocean. I tried singing while flying ( I can’t sing at all in real life, I am that bad I once got told to pretend when I was in a school choir by the teacher). My voice was special and had sweet clear tones that were as pure as a bell ringing. At times there were other voices joining me and I sung for a long time and it was pure joy. (I was thinking that if anyone could hear me there might be some horrid squawking sounds coming from my body)  After this I looked around for a sliver thread that I have seen many times but could not see it this time.

I seen some others flying below me and picked one to talk to , he tried to give me his name but it was the usual meaningless noise so I tried to send him a ball of thought instead. ( I have done this a few times and I think what I want to say and imagine it is a tight ball of blue light and will this into the DC’s mind. At times they answer by a thought that appears in my mind) it did not work this time so I moved on.


Man lecturing troops, he is serious and I decide to have some fun so I move up past the troops and ask him where the nearest café is as I want a coffee. He looks really pissed at this, I laugh and move on.


I move on, wake up as it is now daylight. I then enter the dream again to practise the skill of re-entry and am walking down a tree lined path in what looks like an orchard. I enjoy the feeling of the day and energy of the place.


I wake up happy and content.


About 50 minutes of continuous dreaming, this is good as it was daylight when I came back.


Re: Majic Journeys

All good so far, I am 9 trades into a 20 trade sample and a winning rate of 60% and some very small losses. I will complete the 20 trades and then start another set of 20 but increase the risk on each trade by 50%, this normally is a  barrier and you need a process that you have faith in.

As far as the lucid dreaming relates to this It does not translate to looking at the charts that I like and getting all warm about them as they tend to jump out at me when they appear but that when I go to make a trade I dont have any doubts appear and so can constantly trade the ones I like. This does not mean they are winners but should over time if I have a robust process and stick to it just like the house in a casino I will come out ahead. As far as charts go I look at screens of around 20 at a time on a decent sized pc screen and look at between 1000 and 2000 in a couple of hours to find the 10 -20 that I like. This is only the first part of the process.


What was driving me crazy was that a lot of the charts I liked, wanted to trade, did not trade due to doubt and yes they would have produced. This study came along at the right time and I am keen for the few weeks to pass and see if I get consistent results in trading. There is a major difference in how I feel now and its a simple calmness when I see the ones I want and that also applies to taking profit or culling a loser, just doing it because it needs to be done.


Hope this is interesting as it part of an application for lucid dreaming and a little more about trading shares.


Bit Slow

How is this for missing the point,


In a vivid dream, I cant get the light switch to work and I try lots of times. I put on an outdoor lamp, one of those things on a band with a small headlamp at the front. It wont switch on either. I am standing at the door, can switch on the light, cant switch on the lamp, trying lots and not getting that I am dreaming. Next I start getting electric shocks in my finger tip from the switch on the wall each time I push it on, I am thinking I need to get this fixed.

Dont know what my SC will think of me - a bit slow maybe



duel awareness

Lucid - WILD


One of a few dreams last night


Lucid and getting a geology lesson from a man called Chris that I know in WR. He is trying to explain a concept and I am not familiar with the word. He shows me a picture of what he means and I get that we are talking about a volcanic vent and ask him is that is the case and is it like the one that made the basalt quarry in Hallswall in Christchurch. He says yes and we talk about this for a while.



With Chris in a new scene that we have just been bumped into. There are people looking at the ground and digging and Chris explains that below is his family history and there is a story that he wants to know about. He is digging and I see a double ended tool like a paddle and pick this up and start helping him and he is OK with me digging into his family history. We are clearing dirt away from a big old tree stump and I break through into a hollow below and am told that it is the hut that his ancestors lived in and he wants to know what happened in there. I dig some more and the tree stump appears to now be sitting in a hole and looks a little odd. I realize that it is more like on of the portals that I want to start going through but have been reluctant to do so for a long time. I fall forward and into the stump and move through and am now on the floor of the hut and lying down. I am in another persons body but with my awareness so I am an actor and observer at the same time. There is some noise and I wake up and stand up, a man is in front of me with a chopping tool and he hits me mid chest and cuts me open. I feel the blade go in and feel the cut and then I die.


I am now back up on the ground above and explain to Chris what happened in the hut. I tell him that the mans name is James and this is very clear and I have no doubt of the name.


I move from this dream to another


Dr T, it seems that I have taken my own advice and just done it by falling into the energy patch and this may be a Rote of some sort in the fact that I experienced the dream with a duel awareness. The ultimate training tool ?


Re: Majic Journeys

What an interesting lucid. Two comments:


- I think it helped a lot that you started to get busy digging and helping the DC. I will bet you opened up oppportunities in that way.


- What do you suppose you were viewing and experiencing. Sure sounds to me like a past life regression (maybe your own, maybe not) of a murder.

ROTE - "It can be anything you want it to be"


"The closer you get to the meaning, the sooner you'll know that you're dreaming" - Ronnie James Dio


"Soft, seemingly innocuous waves slowly wearing away layers of rock over time. A persistence of effort eventually exposing something deeper, something hidden." - Me


Re: Majic Journeys

yes agree, suspending any thought that I have on past life for the moment it was exactly that or a revenge killing of some sort. There is a contradiction in my mind that I can live with and its that I have had enough experiences of what could be past life and either mine or someone else's to wonder but am still nuetral on the fact of past life.

The being in another body and experiencing the act was a first, imagine if we could get into a crims mind and go back into their memories and find out the truth, that would be useful.


Working with the DC did help and also accepting the portal of the log, it was not as intense as they are in a lot of dreams but this was a lucid that was unassisted in any way and that may have helped to tone it all done, dont really know.


Keen to get a few more of these and get deeper into the dreams.





In my kitchen slicing up steak into very thin pieces and sharing this with a few DC. I also dig in and eat a good sized portion of this.


Note; I have only eaten red meat a few times in the last 3 months as I have had no taste for it and wonder if my body is trying to tell me something?





In my room looking at the wooden floor, it is a little spongy and I push and poke to see what is wrong. I wonder if I am dreaming and then a big crack appears in the floor. Yes-dreaming


Now lucid and in a room full of DC and I have a great debate with a DC on the value of religion. Its gets interesting with some serious points being made and it a great dream


Two nights back


I am walking down a street feeling good about myself with the thought of something niggling at my mind, a man steps out of a shop and offers to sell me a suit as he thinks I need to look a bit smarter. I hesitate but go in and we try on suits, they dont quite fit and he is trying to convince me that they are fine. We try on a few more and no go, he then goes out the back and brings out one more, it is ok and he tells me it is only $47, I hesitate but say no and walk out of the shop feeling content and happy.


Last night


One vivid from an active night.


I am lying down and feel an itch on my leg, there is a small stick stuck in the muscle below my calf and I grab it and pull it out. This hurts a little but heals while I watch.


I am lying down and feel and itch on my leg, there is a small stick stuck in the muscle below my calf and while I am looking at it I see that it is starting to grow. I am concerned as it starts to put out fronds and they are quite long and feathery on the ends. I keep watching, fearful and fascinated at the same time and they get to about a meter long and then start to dry up. After a time they fade away and the skin heals.



I am happy that I did not panic and leave the dream as I have done in the past when it gets uncomfortable but stayed to the end. The dream repeating is a first for me and I might have to start to think a little more about meanings attached so here goes.


Both these dreams relate to change and challenge in areas of personal growth with a message of don't become anything different or put on a false front and take the challenge and overcome any barriers that I am putting in front of myself.


Looking forward to seeing what the universe is going to chuck my way


The annoying power line

vivid dream


At mums place and the neighbour outside with a digger under the powerlines wrecking his lawn. He is a bit close to the insulators on the line and the arm of the digger hits one and some sparks fly, the line breaks and lands on the ground. It is near my brother and I yell at him to move, he doesn't listen so I run out and grab him and throw him out of the way. There is now a quiet moment where the line seems to grow a little in size and almost look around, I get a little concerned at this as I feel I know what comes next. The line seems to sense me appears to make decision and now quietly starts snaking in my direction. I go out the back of the house and close the door and it slides under the door and keeps coming.

Off I go, over the fence, down the road and its following and inching closer all the time. Next its into an old warehouse complex, over walls, through doors, along alleyways and its still following, coming over buildings and following other power poles where it needs a shortcut. I see some line engineers and go past them thinking they will see the line and attach it to a pole, no such luck at it just quietly moves past them.


I am now on a path and the sign says " no running" I see a policeman and know that if I run I will get arrested and I will have to stop and get caught so I walk and dont make eye contact with the policeman. I move to the end of the path and see a door and inside is a long deep shaft and I hear water running at the bottom of it. With out hesitation I jump, fall a long way and with a splash I land in some cold running water. Great I think this will take the sting out the annoying power line. I swim and come out into the sunshine and hear some crackling and flashes behind me and feel happy at this for a while until I get a cold feeling in my spine and see the line once more slowly emerging out of the darkness and looking for me.


My SC has a wicked sense of humour, there WILL be sparks when we meet - LOL


 Majic Journeys


Been away for a few days now and spent a couple in Auckland. I like some of the older streets that are around the CBD and love the alleyways that are now full of awesome coffee shops and specialist books shops etc.  Walking the alley way and I place my hands on the big bassalt blocks that make some of the foundation stones on these buildings, they are cut to rectangles about 500mm x 1000 and very formal in shape but have protuding faces of raw stone and you can see the forces that shaped them in the twists and twirls and smooth runs where the molten rock has cooled when it came out of the earth.

I run my hands over them and feel the age of the rocks seeping into me and the roughness of the stone sends small shocks into my hands and sets of tingles in my spine.


WBTB walking an alley way and feeling good, start laughing and think I am dreaming, move over to a wall and gently rub it thinking I am not even going to bother seeking proof that I am dreaming. I push gently and the wall gives little but I dont push hard and dont seek conformation as I know I am dreaming and thats good enough.


I run, jump, flip and let the kid in me play. The scene slowly changes and I think that I had  few goals but dont really bother with any of this as I am just having fun. For a longtime I keep playing and just keep at it with more runs and jumps and little fights as I feel the urge.


I am now on a platform and there is a cyclinder in front of me, It leads to an engine that wont start and someone comes up and throws some fuel into the port. I look around and there is one other person next to me and I say run - they dont move and I get out of there fast.

I am now down a level and there is a massive bang, my head feels like its been hit with a sledgehammer and the noise is quick and sharp and final. I look up and most of the platform is gone and the other person is just not there




The touching of rocks is almost certain to get me lucid and I look for these old rocks in cities and in my way introduce myself to them and they do me proud as a dream sign. It was good to not seek full proof of a dream and just be lucid.

I had been watching a program on Wilderbeasts that evening and a calf was playing like crazy and that may have been the infuence for the playful dream.


We have an active volcano in the north Island and it may be and abstract take on this with the funnel and the explosion so no great pre-cog there but expect that it will go bang soon.


Afternoon nap




reading and drifting each time I pause to put images to words and then decide to try for an OBE


Relaxing with strong HI, images of plants growing and very cool to observe. Some humming in my head followed by some auditory hallucianions and then the feelings of floating out of my body. It was an easy exit and I got out smoothly to stand in the room next to my sleeping body. It was warm and lots of bright light seeping into my mind as my eyes were closed. I tried very gently to open my eyes as I find it hard to so this in daylight OBE without losing the state. I failed this time as well and woke up.

I followed on with a lot of vivids and had some episodes of not being able to see in these. It is common in daytime dreams when I am lucid to struggle to get my eyes open, any advice welcome


Crunch crunch

Dreaming with strong images and very real, put into lots of situations where I need to be strong to survive. People pressuring me and I don’t accept so stand up to them. The dreams progress to where I am in a plane about to take off and there are bodies floating all around us from what I am told is a plane crash nearby. We are taking off and I see floating bodies in our way, I hear them getting crunched in the engines and wonder how long till we will crash. It seems to last for a long time with endless bodies getting crunched. My plane is now starting to make bad noises and we are into a very fast decent, I receive the thought to move forward and I do, a bubble forms around me and I wait in this as I am  told a doorway will open and I can get out. The door appears as a spot where the fabric of the bubble is just a little different and I am told to hurry but am unable to do so as it is a leap into nothing from a crashing plane and I am not sure. The door closes and I am told that I will get another chance but it is my choice and I must make it if I want to get out. I see the door and move towards it and into it.


Wake up


I have had a lot of dreams lately where I am threatened in some way but always seem to get out safe in the end. A lot of these are just on the edge of lucid or in-between lucid dreams.

Again the dreams are progressive and at times a replay until I make the required choice.


The painter

Some vivids last night, only putting one here with two scenes as the others appear to  be a little random


At a BBQ and talking to a business I like and respect, I have a question that I ask and it has been in my mind for a long time. We chat


This is interesting as the dream was a vivid and as real as now but the question was one I have had in my mind for a long time so it was asked and we chatted for a while.

I intrigues me that daily life bleeds into the dreamspace in such a way and the awareness is so close to lucid but exactly the same a waking life.


I look over and a lady is painting, on closer inspection it is my mother and the work is stunning and familiar to me. There is a big crowd watching her paint


The art is the same style that I see from time to time in my dreams and I know it is created by my SC and that the figure painting is my mother but only represents me as observer and artist in the dream. I think I will have to set the intent to look closely and then wake from the dream and see if I can capture the work in some way. They are quite regular and I have spent some time just looking at these works.


Just drifting around and around

WILD this morning




The entry was interesting as it was an OBE with my dream body on the floor and my head stuck to my real body. I was wrenching and twisting and tired all sorts but could not get free. Still with awareness in the dream state I was thinking about my position and was on my side with my head resting on my hands and wondered if there was a connection on some kind that was holding me back. With awareness still in the dream body I wriggled my hands gently and slowly from under my head a little and was free in an instant. This was interesting as if I did really move my hands out it was from withing the dream state that I controlled my body.


From here my goal was to relax, I had an 18 hour day a couple of days back with about 12 hours driving so just wanted a pleasant experience. I did not form up a dream just kept gently rolling and turning to whatever pattern wanted to take me. It was quite a long time in this state and very relaxing with no awareness of real body or dream body just a puddle of energy gently finding its course like a river flowing.


In time I was in a dream, found a door and seen my kids sleeping. I gave them some kisses and cuddles, talked to my son and then my oldest daughter. The second oldest was not there. (wonder if she was in the house that night?) I talked to my ex-p[partner for a few minutes and then moved on.


Now following some DC's into a building as they looked like they were up to something interesting. The hallways got very small and confined and I am now on my knees crawling along. This is common and I dont like it but in this instance I kept going and it got tighter and tighter. I slowed down and reminded myself that it was a dream and dont panic just stay calm and stay in the dream. I could always wake myself up if I wanted to. After some more crawling I melted a wall and was in a bigger space.


I found some DC's and one was familiar, his pattern was one I had seen a lot and I met him in a recent dream and had asked him some questions. We talked and he showed me a machine that he was designing a chair with. We got disturbed by another DC not long into this. Some more talk that was quite interesting about who he was and where we were and he told me that about 30 people had passed by recently but they were not like me. He said he was energy but with some form or matter and then laughed at me as he said In my world thats all I was as well. It was a long interesting conversation and he is becoming friendly and obvious now.


Some more scenes of no note and woke myself up


Group flying

After a dry spell with lots of vivids but no lucids for 2 weeks I had a couple of restful nights so tried WBTB with Guarana tablets and go a nice lucid


Some HI, missed entry but once more ended up riding a bike down a steep road. Went round a hairpin corner and the road changed to a very steep dirt track, no worries I just take a little more care and keep going. I look way down the valley and a truck is coming up the road, it then jumps of the road and ends up crashed over a steep bank… after flying in the air for a while. I laugh go, yeah ok – I am dreaming.


I am now in a darkish place, standing on a road looking around. A man approaches me and he walks up and puts his arms around me like a hug. He is heavy set, did not speak but did not give me any bad feelings so I did nothing. Another two men came up to me, they were dressed in long heavy monk like robes and they also came in close and put their arms around me and each other so we were in a group.

I started to rise up, with me being the power for us all. One of the men put his arm down into his robe and I knew he was getting his hands on a dagger. I felt he was guarding the first man, the other was in charge and I was taking them somewhere. I told him that I was not concerned about his efforts, he could stab me if he wanted and yes it would hurt but I would heal not really be concerned at all so do what he pleased. The leader told him not to worry as Peter (he used my name) was flying them and he would get them where they needed to go. We were gently drifting along and I looked at the leader and said that there is a faster way as I can just put us there so please make a image in your mind and place it in mine and we will just be there. He did this and I got the image of a city and willed us there. We were floating about the city, I gently descended, landed in a garage car park and walked away


Now walking into  barn area in a farm, tow dogs come to me, I place my hand out and one dog puts his mouth over my fingers. He bites down a little and just looks at me. The owner comes over and says he has never seen his dogs behave as they are as it is normal for them to get aggressive and attack visitors. I say that this is normal for me and dogs as they don’t ever bother me. I pull out my hand and a finger is crushed, I heal it and show the man the finger healing.

He says if I want I can go gather some strawberries and come back and feel the dogs if I want, I get a bag from him and walk into the house to get out to the fruit patch.

There is a lady there, she will come with me. Before going out she strips to undies and top and then we walk outside. She is very sad and I say there is no need a we are in a dream space and we can be how we want here so no need to be sad. She is very surprised at this comment and I do the usual trick of putting my hand through hers to show her. She is not happy as she thought she was alive and now does not understand.

I tell her that we are in a dream world made up of the energy of anyone asleep with a physical body and she will be sleeping somewhere and so is alive and this is a place where she can wander and enjoy if she wants. This warms her, I watch her walk away.


Did I make someone somewhere have a lucid experience?

The DC that came to me first was seeking me or someone like me

The body guard would have had no idea he was not “real” as he expected to protect his man with a dagger and that was not possible

The DC that was in charge needed me to move them, addressed me by name, and gave me an image directly to my mind and I put us there.

Interesting experience feelings of wellbeing lasted about 3 days


ZEO recording and lucid

A graph from last night created by a ZEO sleep monitor. It shows waking up about 230am and up for around 30 minutes and I took 2 caps of Galantamine (8 mg) and 2 caps of choline (800mg). I drifted into light sleep and REM but missed the entry, woke up after a few minutes and then spent around an hour with just about giving up until the supplements started to work. I got some tingling in my legs this time and within a very short time strong HI and then I was fully lucid or projecting and walking down a corridor in a building.

There is a nice long block of REM with a couple of FA's that were experienced and then awake so a nice long stable lucid in full living color and typical of what I experience on supplements and at times also without any assistance.


Experience as follows, left some bits out but captured the fun stuff


In long corridor in what looks like a big house, it is a mix of old and modern and I walk around then find a window and push my way through the glass and fly away. I am over a big valley and have gone from flying to being pulled at a fast rate and I start to lose detail.

Now in another house and I go into a room to find my kids here (this is my most reliable way of stabilizing a dream, to find my children in a dream and be with them for a few minutes as it engages all my senses without really trying) I watch Hayden sleeping and he wakes, he looks excited to see me and reaches out for a cuddle. There are toys all over his bed and we find a small truck and start playing with it. A sheet moves and Kiera pokes her head out with a grin on her face and laughs, she had been hiding, Hazel is in the next bed and she is wearing a dress up wig, a bright red one that I had given her for a present. We all laugh and then the door opens and I suspect their mother is coming in so I move to the window and leave by going through the glass.

I land in a field and see rows of nukes being fired, sleek green missiles heading up and landing in the distance and exploding in blazes of blue light. As I watch a lane opens in front of me and the blue energy from a missile starts to expand towards me, I am not concerned and debate letting it get me but decide no and put out my hand and will it to stop - it does.

Another missile starts to go up and then falters and comes crashing back to the ground, I know what is going to happen and it falls over and points towards me and grows in size. Again I am not concerned and pick up some small glowing rocks from the ground, they are green and very hot to touch. The energy from these start to fill me and work up my arm, I let this feeling take me for a moment and then point at the missile aiming at me and it goes away.


I am now in bed in a FA, I know this and wait for my mind to clear, step out of bed and instead of going out the glass doors in my room I go to the wooden door and open it and go down stairs. This is the first time I have done this as normally I see no need, I run my hands along the stair rail and go into my office. I logon to a trading program, look, put some paper on the keyboard (wondering it it will really be there in the morning - it wasn't) I go outside and there is a scene change, it sort of my parking area and a big machine is working there putting massive rocks into a hopper and crushing them and then laying them as a driveway. The machine is interesting and I study it for a while as I like the way it is working. I turn around and my father is behind me, i give him a hug (odd for me as I last time I seen him in a dream I told him to get lost and he didn't so I stuck him in the middle of a wall and left him there) we talked and then I moved a big pile of rock. It took a massive effort to lift it off the ground, I then crushed it and put it back down as a nice flat car park.


I went into the house again and it was different, a man wanted to hurt me so I put out my hand and he bit my finger off, it hurt but that did not worry me as I healed it in front of him and then snapped his finger, he was upset but not in any pain and I then healed his finger and away he went.


Bought myself back to waking awareness and basked in some pulses of energy and some lovely HI for a few minutes and then ended it all


Add WILD zeo file here


Surrendering to the dream

Assisted by Galantamine 8mg, Choline 200mg, Mucuna (l-dopa)


Seeding the dream by simply running over the mantra of " I will surrender to the dream and whatever it produces for me" Had 4 hours sleep and got up for 30 minutes. Took my brew of supplements and went back to bed. I dont spend endless time trying to relax and just let it all flow, get some instances of HI and at about 40 minutes get the tingles of the supplements starting to work. At this stage I roll on to my side and allow the feelings  to take me over, it can get very intense so I repeat quietly to myself that I will allow and accept all feelings and drift into them.


I drift into the dream state with awareness unbroken and in time slip out of the physical and find myself kneeling on the wooden floor of my room. It is darker that usual and I stand up and take some time to review my day in the waking world, go through what I ate, what I did with my kids on the beach, making cakes  and other details that firmly place full awareness of the waking world and all memories in my mind so there is no mistaking my degree of awareness.


I now have all senses working and a good energy body to get around in. As the world sharpened up I am in a house, small rooms and lots of doors so I wander around until I find a bigger room that looks a little like a lab or display area. I see a DC and he is friendly and points out to some samples of rocks that he has collected and points out that they are special as they have other elements in them and I can see some green and yellow glowing spots on the surface of the rocks. I place my hands on the rocks and allow the energy to infuse me, it is a warm vibration that flows up my arms and into my body and I like the feeling and just allow it to fill me. The DC is watching and is looking pleased that I am doing this with his rocks so I stay till I feel I have absorbed enough.


I am now wandering around this building some more and come into a room that has around 12 people there, they appear to be waiting for me and I step down into the area where they are seated at a table and have been discussing something and I feel waiting for me. The leader comes to me, he is familiar to me and he is tall and strong looking with a deep strength in his eyes, he says nothing but we look at each other for a few moments and I say that I will accept whatever they choose to do and he then walks away a little.

Some sets of threads are attached to my fingers and  above the hips around my belly and I feel something entering me from these threads. It is not painful but feels odd and takes a bit of time, I just allow this to runs it course.


Next a hood or cover is placed over my head and it covers me to the neck, It feels alive more than a device and this blocks out light and I feel needles or wire or threads start to pierce my skin in hundreds of places around my scalp and face.

Next is a long time of very strong HI, I feel no sense of me and just allow  this process to take place until the mask is removed and I am standing in a room looking at this group of DC's. There is nothing said and I feel very calm and relaxed and wondering what has just happened. There is no fear at all and just the acceptance of whatever happened.


I walk outside and look up to the sky, raise my arms and ask the dream to take me to the void and gently drift up and start to all sense of self and dissolve with that special awareness and state the void brings.



After a time I wake myself and write this dream down


After a long time I have finally just allowed the dream to give me what ever it wants with complete acceptance, no great "aha" moment but did not expect that but just a nice calmness and the feeling that the real journey is just beginning as I would like to think that I have just jumped over another barrier.


Maria - Thanks for the thoughts and simple words that supplied the spark


What does it take to just get it

Last night - CBTB and restless, some strong pre-HI by way of spots of blue light but did not turn into a WILD and a longtime later drifted into sleep with some strong random vivids.


In the backseat of a car with my daughter getting a driving lesson from me, Its get dangerous as she is looking at me and not the road so I take over

Following a tractor down a steep winding road and it pulls into me and nearly puts me over the cliff

See two horses, they are Clydesdales but way too long and could fit about 10 people on their backs and have 2 sets of front legs

A women on a horse riding past

A man dressed as an indian with headband and he is dragging his horse and it won't do what he wants

On the wooden floor of my room and sleeping, I wake up and see a woman looking at me

In my reading chair thinking about a post on this forum about "you are already there" and thinking that I might already asleep and not know so I should try to project, I try but can't


And if my SC is not thinking I am thick by now for missing signs this next set tops it all,


I am pulling nails out of a bit of roofing iron

My hand looks funny, a little shorter and clubby looking

I look again and my hand is now puffed with a small blister that is infected

I look again and the blister is big so I pop it and a lot of fluid comes out

It is now a big hole in my hand and with each heartbeat a big gush of clear fluid comes out

A DC is now dressing the wound, it is a massive hole like a well with clear fluid in the bottom and he folds it over and seals it up

I wake up


LOL - what does it take to just get a sign that you are asleep and dreaming. Honestly I spend lots of time thinking about the waking up or achieving the awareness that is working in the sleeping or dreaming state. It should be so easy like waking up in the morning and I feel it could be that easy.


An interesting one


Lots of vivid dreams last night, work up a few times in the early hours as as I do and recall this just before waking up for the day.


I won't term this a dream or projection just describe the experience, it has elements that have always been there but a different ending that I have had before


I am in a house with a back room and I enter this with a few people, there is nothing of note and we look around, see some furniture and normal house hold items and leave closing the door behind me.

In time I have reason to return and I walk up to the door and as I approach it I get and odd feeling in my spine and think I know what is coming. I open the door and enter the room, close the door and it is dark but gets darker now. More of a feeling of darkness or presence that pitch black. I move across the room and sit on a chair, furniture starts getting chucked at me, it slides across the room and just misses me and just keeps coming. I stay in my chair and just let it happen, the presence now feels like it is centered behind me and even though I am not looking around I know there is now something sort of human behind me. I start to feel a sharp prick of pain on the top of my head in the centre and it gets very intense and very painful. At this point I become aware of a sharp point of energy penetrating me and I start to think "no - I wont accept this" and I imagine a barrier of blue light in my mind at the top of my head. I seem to lose my sense of self but not totally bodiless and put energy into this shield of light and can feel it repelling the point that is hurting me. It goes away and withdraws to a male and I am now back to my self again. At his point the door opens and a lady come in and she looks at me and goes over to a mirror and starts to put some makeup on. The male come up behind her and stands there. She now turns around and puts her hand out and he changes shape and size until he is now a sort of animal, harmless looking and then just shrinks away.


I wake myself up


This is a nice dream for me, I used to wonder if the tingles in the spine and the associated feeling was SP from within the dream but dont think this anymore and I have felt this presence quite a few times over the years. It used to fill me with such dread that I would wake up shaking and feeling a little sick but over the years it does not do this so much but it has been a massive barrier in a dream state that I have wanted to get over as I feel it is a blockage of some kind. This might be the first time I have not woken up from this event and I am sure it is the same presence or energy each time. The pain was very real and very concentrated in a single point and I am happy that I did not get angry but merely countered the energy with something a little stronger.

The lady was a surprise and she helped by possibly showing me that it was always nothing and that now I can move on.


I wont claim to be lucid but had enough awareness to do what I did with recall from the past and the ability to focus on what was needed. All interesting


ZEO - 25/05/2013 Meditation and WILD

An interesting set of recordings from last night. I am actively trying to meditate before bed, not something I have taken very seriously over the years and dont really know what I am doing or trying achieve as I feel relaxing, meditating and waking awareness are all very close and may be degrees of the same state. In the first 10 minutes or so of trying I have dropped into deep sleep, not sure of the accompanying brain wave state and will google for some info but think this may be a good start. It has happened a little lately when I try and its hard to hold awareness and there is a bit of a flicker of sleep involved but like a WILD this may improve in time.


One of those nice moments that bring both worlds together

Not a dream but a nice event of the type that makes me feel connected to a bigger realm.


I was describing a book of exercises to my partner but could not remember the name of the lady author at the time. Two days later I was away picking up my kids and had a couple of hours to wait so drove to a small town on following the urge to hunt around a few second hand shops. I am in the first one and look at the books in there, on the first shelf is the book I had been trying to recall. I know the size and shape of it as it is a decent sized one and quite old. I laughed, yes poked it for a fun RC, then dug into my pocket for the $5 so I could buy it.

I love these sorts of events and feel they are not entirely random but have no real idea on the how and why


A message to self

The message from self

Early evening vivid

I am with a group of people in the outback, it’s a desert setting and we have just walked from an area that had a lot of wood that we were using for cooking fires and now in a hot dry desolate area. There is no wood for cooking fuel and it is hot. The others don’t want to proceed and I feel they are hiding something and I want to go on. I work out that I can split some of the rock on the ground and it will heat up and can be used a stove to cook on. We proceed.


Going up a hill on a motor bike and a car cuts me off and I get very annoyed at this so I chase the car. In dream style the more I want to chase the steep and crazier the road gets but I dig in and then just enjoy the twisting and turning road.

In a hotel and come out of an elevator, I find the barman and want to pay my bill. I pull out an awful lot of cash from my pocket to pay and drop some, another  man picks up a bill and decides it is his. I don’t bother to argue.


330 am WBTB G + C

Goal to find some energy to create a feeling of content on waking

Waiting for sleep so I can stay awake and WILD, some near misses but in the end got there.

Float up to ceiling and hover just below roof, I was going to firm up the dream with some recall from daily life but it seemed silly as it was an unbroken dream entry. I gently probe the ceiling and put my fingers and hand in and out a few times. It really hurts as I go into the materials and I am wondering why it is so, what causes the feeling and why is it so intense with a mixture of pain and pressure. I play with the sensations for a while and when I am very solid in the dream with my mind nice and focused I allow my body to drift up and through the roof into a dream.

I am wandering around an older factory that is full of corridors and doors leading away but happy to just wander and see what comes to me. I see people taking, drinking and doing various tasks and they leave me alone.

I now wander outside and look out to see some hills in the distance and a few houses scattered around them. They look interesting so I party will myself there but also float/fly as I like the feeling of moving through the air. I am now standing on the ground on a pathway and look to a doorway leading into a small house and see an old lady inside. I go to the door and she changes to a small animal and is looking up at me. There is a sense of warmth coming from the house so I let this soak in and then move a way.

The next place has a small outhouse attached and someone is in there so I wait. In time another older lady comes out and she greets me. Again she is a happy person and smiles at me and I soak this up and move on.

I am now back in a similar setting to the factory but it is a lane with coffee shops so I pick one and wander in. I am waiting for a table and a middle aged lady come to me and gets very close and firmly says “You have a superior mind and body – please use it” I am a little startled by this but accept the words and then after some reflection to cement the conversation I move on.

I am now outside and walking down the road and some small balls like bubbles from a kid’s toy appears in front of me. The have or give the impression of massive energy and supressed power and I am a little shocked at the intensity of the feelings they create and stop to look at them for an instant. I go to back away and a shield of transparent matter is blocking my way. It is shimmering in a way that gives it an life of its own and solid to the touch. I can’t break it or move past it so step to the left and another one appears. They now hem me in and the bubbles are in front of me and starting to swell a little. I call up some energy from inside and cause the lot to just go away and feel relieved but also disappointed that I think I have missed the creation of a portal that I have been seeking for a long time.

Now walking down a lovely country road talking about cycling and bike racing with a lady that I know well


Wake up – feel good


accepting the green light


Welcome the energy

CBTB @ 4am

Solid HI forming into a moving image like observing a DVD and then just in there. I induced shivers into my spine and kept at this till the HI and images appeared.


Just there, now walking and see a pit that has metal sides and is like a big bowl. It is about 2 meters deep and has 3 cones in the middle. I jump down and look around and then focus on one of these cones for a while. I rub my hands on the metal surface to get my senses working and put my fingers into my other hand as this is good to sharpen up and remind me I am dreaming.  It becomes obvious they are outlets and will soon produce a flame like a small volcano. I think about jumping into the centre and think about the energy and power below the surface. It is what I have been wanting for a long time and I have never quite made the plunge. Again I back away and climb out of the pit.

I am now looking at a person with list in their hands and he looks like a teacher. I ask if I can stay and the person looks up and consults another body floating in the air that seems to be in control of what is going on. I get yes and an embrace from this figure. I hear an award being given out and my sons name is called.  The cones in the bowl are now lit up with flames coming out of them.

NOTE; an opportunity missed and the events after I move away from the cones are not the focus of the dream I was after. I am away with my children and they are often in my dreams and again tonight they are there in some way

Wake, back to sleep, WILD. Thoughts are to accept the energy for this dream.

Project into the scene, it was a motorway and cars but I am now standing in a paved courtyard with stone houses to my left and an open area to my right.

I become aware of a barrier in front of me and it is the same as in a past dream last week.  The barrier appears to be made of something like glass and is almost alive and shimmering. I can’t go through it and turn around to see behind me. I am running through my mind to accept the energy in whatever form it appears and this is one of the forms that is constant in my dreams. I stop and the energy now forms up into a sphere that surrounds me. I have no fear of this and just wait and it starts to heat up a little. It feels like the shimmering or vibrating sphere is now starting to get thicker and I am fully immersed in this ball of energy and it lasts for what feels like a minute or so. The energy totally permeates my body and I give into it till it has done whatever it wanted to do. There is an instant where I am fully back to me and then a flash of white light I my vision. It is like an intense white spot and feels like something looking out through my eyes and also a part of me as well. I see my reflection in a glass window and there is me with a hot white glow in my eyes. I understand that I have now changed in some way and stand still to let this feeling take hold and accept it fully.

A little later I am standing next to 2 DC’s and tell them this is a dream and they give me some flack and say to prove it. I tell them I will fly and so attempt to do this and can’t get off the ground. Because I am in a playful mood I was not flying on purpose and was waiting for them to start laughing at me and on cue they did this and started mocking me. At this point I said I can fly but is this special and I jumped up a couple of inches of the ground but on landing sunk into the ground till just my head was out above the paving. At his point the DC’s were looking quite sick and very confused.

Wake up

NOTE; this was nice set of events as I have been wanting to be flooded by the energy that appears in my dreams but always stop short and in this instance after backing away from the flames I got the barrier. With accepting this it then surrounded me and filled me with a vibrating green light and then produced the intense spot of while light that was in me and part of me.

Still feeling good a few hours later


Go get help


Dreaming and not lucid, looking into the darkness and a peak forms up. It is a steep mountain side and my kids are playing on the sides of this slope. Its very steep and I am worried they are going to fall and get hurt. My oldest daughter is on the verge of falling but not quite slipping off, I know it does not look quite right but the fear of them getting hurt does not allow me to see that it is a dream. She is on the side but slips a little and then finds her way to the top again.

I look and the scene changes once more, I am still looking into the darkness like a remote view and not there but observing and now they are closer to me and on top of another very steep peak. It is a pinnacle and my boy is now on the edge, he falls and I am in a real panic as I cant help him. He is falling but more floating and a bit of my mind knows this is a dream but the fear of my children getting hurt overrides the logic and wont allow me to understand it is a dream.

I need to get help and so I leave and now instead of observing I am walking down a slope to a beach. It is familiar to me and I am now on the water line, there are waves and rocks and drift wood. All of this is holding me up and stopping me getting help. I struggle past and then see a bridge in front of me and start climbing along the supports to find my way up and along. It is now getting smaller and tighter and I am forcing my way along, still not fully aware that it is all a dream.

I have not climbed onto the top of the bridge and find myself in an area that looks like a bus with seating along each side and I move to the end of this space and out a door into a bigger area.

Here there are 3 DC’s and I explain my need for help, they seem pleased with me.

Dream ends


Note; About 3 days after this dream I am away and waiting to pick up my children and on the other side of the road a house is on fire. I am the second on the scene and there is a couch outside that is fully alight and the side of the house is on fire. I see one of the house owners and get him to the street; he is a bit stressed but listens.

A lady, the other occupant of the house wants to go inside but I stop her. On looking in the house is burning with thick black smoke filling the room. It gets dark in less than a minute and is near flash point. I get between her and the door, ask is she has any children or pets inside and she answers no so I stop her and get her to the street and safety. She was pretty stressed and might have gone in for no good reason. I think I had made the choice to not follow her if she tried but this is in hindsight and would have been intuitive at the time.

Its not hard to make a link from the dream to the reality of a fire, assisting but walking away if needed. Most likely not related but who knows


Just a dream



WBTB – Lucid

G, C, 5 HTP before bed time

Lying in bed at 4am, waiting and dream entry by WILD around  445am.

Easy entry just waited and slipped out of bed and walked away into the darkness. I could not see and tried to open my eyes but no go so did not force it. I felt the wooden floor and walked to the glass doors and gently pushed my way through.

I find myself in a house that is close to mine but not quite and as is common my children are there. There nana arrives and is talking my eldest daughter away, we don’t talk but I watch and she collects her and leaves after a short time.

I am wandering around and try for one of my goals and that is to see if I can get some direction from the dream on how to manage my share trading in real life a little better. With this though in mind I look around the room I am in and see a few old style leather bags. I start to open them and expect to see some papers or a book or something inside but the first one is empty and so is the second bag. I then pull the lining out and pull the bag to bits looking for a secret pocket or anything but get nothing. (note; msg is that there is nothing new I need to know and keep doing what works…)

I then decide that I want to draw some sketches or pictures so I make a small bit of paper appear and have fun making this grow to a sketch pad sized bit of art paper. I have no pencils and don’t think to make some but instead pick up a book that is full or images. I am looking at these and want to remember them for daytime use and so put the book into my head. This has the effect of what feels like a data transfer with the feeling of thousands of images going into my memory. I have vague recall of the images and the book was full of images that came to life as I turned each page. They were haunting and each page was darkness with a lesser dark patch and scenes of bush or cites embedded in them.

I am again in a room and there is a young boy watching a TV and an electric guitar is being played. While I watch the TV changes to show circuits that represent the sounds being played. I find this interesting and grab a metal rod that was next to me and start to trace it on the TV and make new connections and this has the effect of changing the music being played. This is fun and I spend some time joining and changing the circuits on the board and seeing what noises I can make.

I now am close to wakening and let the dream go and my vision if flooded with HI. This imagery is made of small semicircles and there are uncountable numbers of them. They come into being and then spread out to form flat planes and then twist and morph into fluid patterns. At points there are vertical columns forming up and rising and they collapse into the base and form up again. They are in green, red and blue.

I am very close to waking but relax into the HI and find myself in a dream and on the top of a gentle slope leading down to the beach. It is a dark scene with the black sea and what look like patches of silver energy sparking up on the shore line. I walk towards these patches and feel the grass and sand under my feel. There is a wonderful sense of calmness as I wander down and I become aware of another form just behind me. There is a familiar energy to the figure and I just allow it to accompany me to the beach and make no effort to talk and just accept the company.

I watch the sea for a short time and then wake myself

This dream lasted around an hour or so





Interesting vivid dream. Thinking and acting and making choices with some recall but not lucid



In a house and they are outside, armed and hunting. I look around and its just me here. Outside I see shadows in the daylight quietly moving around with one set of rooms between me and them. Now there is one inside, walls mean nothing. I open the door and surprise it, take their weapon. It is odd and not assembled correctly so I strip it and reassemble as I know what is required. All the bullets are on the ground and I select the correct ones. They are small round plastic tubes with a needle at one end and have amber fluid just waiting inside.

Now loaded and ready, they are still outside and I move into a bigger room with a door to the  outside. There is one in a chair and it has a weapon ready and loaded. A shadow at the door and then a spark and a beam flashes. The one in the chair is gone, me next. I look, wait and the figure comes through the door. This one if familiar, a shape and form that is on the edge of memory. Words, we want you and mean no harm. I have no fear as more of them come into the room. A living rope is offered to me and I put my hands into the loops of the twisted strands. They hold me firm with gentle pressure and my hands start to pulse. Now behind me one puts hands or claws around my face from behind, probing and searching the drift over my eyes, down and then to the side of my head. Now stopping and with gentle pressure into my mind.

I am now connected – no pain and no fear



Of sorts and have one more dream to add that is related so will post it below.

A lot of my dreams focus on energy and the building of energy, in rocks that glow to the touch and then flow on into me and with wire that in WR carry energy so in an insight that is most likely obvious to every one but me I feel that I am being directed to use this in some way. Either in the inner world or the outer world of join them in some way. It seems to be about change or allowing change in some way but I dont have a focus for it yet but feel I am one step ahead.

Would welcome any thoughts you have as you have a good idea on progress over the time on this board


The window


I had an early evening lucid and they are rare for me. It was after a long day driving and I was exhausted so when I went to bed I was in a exhausted state but my mind was active but not to the extent of out of control. I had read for a while, just picked up 3 of the Seth books in one of those days when the books found me and had read about the life in cells and the memory they hold. With this thought I roamed around my body with my mind and found a warm spot so let that expand out and then though about the cells creating the warmth and the life in them. From here I was just in a dream and fully lucid. If only it could always be that easy. This lasted for a little while, woke up and then slept for a few hours.


Morning and daylight

Now awake in a fully lit room and in a very quiet hut on a farm I had rented for a few days. I relaxed with closed eyes and soon drifted into a lucid dream and again it was so easy I was amazed.

This was a very aware fully lucid state.


Now lucid and the dream lasted around 30 minutes in total and was real, unbroken and very vivid in all aspects. The interesting part towards the end I was talking to my brother and showing him that we were dreaming and doing this by punching a hole in a glass window and watching it repair itself and did this a few times. Now I am standing in front of the window and have my finger tips gently touching the glass and will some energy into it. There are patterns in green, yellow, blue and red and I wave my hands around and play with this for a while. Its fun but does take some concentration to keep the energy flowing.

I now stand back a little with my arms outstretched and fingers still pointing at the glass and increase the flow of energy. The full window starts glowing and then shimmering and I keep projecting energy at the glass. It now starts to hum and this increases along with the intensity of the vibrating mass. It reaches a point where it is deafening and I feel it is about to change in some way as it is too intense to holds its state.

Here I just calm it down and end the dream.




This was a very deep lucid state and totally without any supplements at all with the control and intensity  equal to anything that I have had before. What struck me was that in this case the energy or vibrating mass that I see so often was created by me and increased and sustained by me. This is the first time it has gone this way as normally it comes to me or appears to in the dream. I will go back soon if I can and allow the window or whatever to do its thing and look forward to the other side of this.


What I struggle with is that are we just having fun or finding what we all want and seek but its with out meaning. Creating a reality along the lines of fantasy without any possible purpose or do we need to find purpose or create purpose in someway.

Onward is the only direction really so I guess in some way I have answered my own question but without a map or a clue to the treasure its a blind run.



Remote viewing

Something new for me in the last 2 to 3 weeks and keen to get some ideas from anyone with experience at this.


First up I am not sure what remote viewing is but used the title to seperate these experiences from the lucid states I normally experience.

I read a book on "Seath" as dictated by Jane Roberts and found it very interesting and full of detail if you look and dont miss the small points. One such bit of info was that HI (they might not have used that term) was visual thought and that is something I have suspected for a long time, that the images are thought expressed as living or active images in some form. I pondered on that for a bit and decided that if it was thought then they were mine so lets see if I can change them. I dont mean in the way of taking a point of light and making it bigger or into a cube and so expect an image but I know after a few hours in the garden I will see endless plants growing and forming in my mind. Vivid images that I could sketch, I asked for happy plants and got then booming into bright colors and asked to see death and a flower shrivled and died but to my amusement It shrunk to a spot and then grew again. A SC with a sense of humor. I played with this for a bit and can get amazing images that morph and grown and change but do so in response to a polite request and it is a lot more advanced that any of the HI that I have seen in past years. Also there is more passive engagement with the images and so a relaxed state is more easily achieved.


Onward, Remote Viewing.

At one point when watching and requesting the view changed to a mountain range with forest along the edges. The view was shifting as the view point moved along the ridge and it was an view like a bird would see. The quality was photographic in detail and totally normal as I would expect if I was looking out of a plane window.

I had the same at the end of a LD when I woke up and was relaxing again and about 4 more times I think the same. In the last 3 I get relaxed and as some of the HI just starts to form up I request to see something from someone or somethings eyes and I have shifted to these images and again they are just the same as looking out the window in all respects.

A couple of oddities are that in the first one I seen what looked like 4 black slashes in the top right corner and in the last one I would swear I seen a black outline of an eye in the top left like a small icon - no lie there and odd but so funny as well.


There have also been some intrusions in the HI that precedes there with what looked like small almost opaque threads rising up from below my view point and across the image in front of me, this happened twice and they were not in the image or in the HI but appeared to be in a space of their own. If I had to pin it I would say I was seeing a reflection of some internal somethings that are part of the structure of vision in the brain and reflected back and due to the fact of the type of image.


For me a quirky and odd set of new experiences that appear to be able to be duplicated so will work on it and the playing with the HI images. I want to give my SC some tasks and see if it can solve them before my eyes, maybe I can try adding some numbers and get an answer - that would be cool


Explain this one

25/07/2014  Coffee  G/C



Just one excerpt from an intense morning and a new experience for me.


Lying in bed and letting my awareness wander around my body while the feelings of an OBE start to build up. I exit by rolling onto the floor and I am standing in a semi dark room as it should be this hour of the morning and walk over to the glass doors. I push and play with the glass and as always it spongy so I push it around a bit more and then walk back a bit and run at it. The harder I hit it the more it pushes back like a trampoline and I do this a few times.


Next up I decide to walk back to the bed and see my sleeping body as I have not done this before and I am curious about what I might find.

No surprise as I go back and quietly look at a sleeping body, mine and as it should be tucked up under the sheets.

This is where its gets odd for me anyway. I hear the breathing and that’s normal as I have heard that lots when having a duel awareness of my body going about its functions but I hear some talking. Sleeping I says hello to the OBE me and I am a little puzzled by this. I then say to OBE me, “ please don’t leave without me, can I come with you” I have no idea of what to make of this and start to move back a little and the sleeping me starts to cry and get upset. OBE me now (this is a fully aware experience and where all thought is occurring) goes back and cuddles and talks to the sleeping me until I hear the steady breathing of a sleeping body and feel the energy calm down. I next go quietly to the glass doors and gently exit through them, stand on the balcony and make sure the sleeping body is not following as I for some reason I don’t want a sleepwalking me to fall off and get hurt ( I have never sleepwalked but it seems like a sensible thing to do)


I have never had this sort of experience before and it seemed like some basic form of awareness in the sleeping body knew something was missing and wanted comfort so I did that.



Any thoughts welcome



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I have had a lot of OBE's and never bothered looking and like you was surprised with the interaction and emotion I discovered. IF... I had to put this in some box it would along the lines of us being a set of awareness's at different levels and a system of keeping them in sync to keep the body (physical) alive.


I would have been adamant that the energy body that held the awareness was the focus at the time and the sleeping body was just going through routines and then we get back to the basics of who is having the experience and where is it occurring.

I understand less at the ream gets bigger. I was also looking for a deeper connection this morning as I have some longterm goals and made progress so it was a good set of events.

The coffee thing as well, I had one coffee at 1am, sat at a pc till 430am and had a second coffee at 4am along with G/C. So coffee didnt keep me up and helped and for me the supps take around 40 minutes to work and I dont really need to anything in that 40 minutes. When the first little wave comes it just roll over, wait and action.



Under Water


Under Water

WB2B G + C

WILD – just drifted to fully formed dream. Lovely easy entry just like waking up

Long lucid so some extracts

In a room with my partner and a model plane flies towards me, I put up my hand knowing it is going to hit me and hurt but allow it to do so, a good thump and the planes propeller hits my palm and chews up some fingers. It hurts and I don’t react but allow the pain to radiate to my arm and it dissipates. I am happy with my control and now show my partner how to heal yourself in a dream and we both watch my hand and fingers grow back to normal once more.


Now is its just me in a vast ship under the water, a submarine that is full of people on a voyage. The sub is slowly breaking up and there are upset people all around me. I feel it flexing, the structure moving under the weight of the water and it is creaking and groaning under the pressure.

Looking back to see what a noise is I see a wall of water rushing along a corridor and so move to another space and close the doors behind me wondering if it will stop it for a few moments. It is now quiet and I look around, there are windows looking out to the ocean along one side of the room and a set of floors above me.

I turn around to see a lady struggling to breathe and in a panic, curious as there is plenty of air in her I go to her, take a deep breath and breath into her mouth.  I do this a few times and she settles. Another man on the floor above has a small weapon and is threating people, I find a small tool on the ground and throw it at him, he is distracted and I now float up to stand beside him. He points the pistol at me, I laugh and just take it off him and walk away. He is now surrounded by people wanting to give him comfort.

Floating down to the floor below I move to the windows and start to gently push my way through them into the darkness of the ocean on the other side. Now in the cool water I look around and see it starting to lighten up and then some of the water moves away and I am standing next to a coloured pool of water that is lighted from within. There are shapes in the pool that I understand are life forms and so I jump in and feel the energy start to take me over.

I relax in here until I lose awareness and wake up.

I record the dream and then enter another


I have had a very tight muscle in my hip and with some intense stretching it has loosened up in a day and the pain has gone so I wonder if some of this dream is a litteral way of experienced this healing of tissue. The creaking and groaning of tight muscle being stretched and the pool of light as the release of pain. Also the stressed people could be individual stressed muscle cells?


Re: Majic Journeys

Pain is odd, at times I can observe it and let it just radiate away. When you get this right there is no reaction to the sensation and that is all it is. Two examples come to mind, one is when I was distracted and put my head on an electric fence wire while feeling around for a water pipe. I got several shocks before I registered what was going on and then it hurt and another I got 3 teeth ground down at the dentist after an bike accident (push bike). They took all the enamel off to put caps on and there was intense feelings but I just quietly greeted and observed the pain and it never really bothered me. the dentist was cringing as what he was doing. It was strong but there was no need to react to it, the skill is like observing yourself during a WILD and just quietly watching or greeting the pain, breaking it into micro events.


I dont like pain but play around with it at times


playing with light

I had been lucid for a while and found myself in a darkish quiet space. In a room and for some reason I looked about and then ahead. There was a small blue spot in my vision and I have seen this at times during waking hours poking out into my visual field. I looked at it and then put my hands in front of me about shoulder height. I asked with will for the light to grow or expand and it did. The dot filled the space between my palms and took up an oval shape. It was a clear shape with blue flecks and bands running between both palms and got very hot. I put my palms closer together and then out again and it changed to a ball of light and back to an oval. I played with the shape and intensity for a while. It made my hands vibrate and get hot. The last thing that happened is it changed from a blue oval between outstretched palms to a very tight ball of red light. I let it go after that.


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an update on my attempts to make WILD as easy as waking up


I have not posted a dream for a while but have been averaging around 3 lucids a week for the last couple of years so no let up at all in that area. Some dry spells and some really massive runs as well


Been working on WILD for around 18months to see if I can get it where it feels as natural as waking up in the morning and becoming aware of this reality.  A lot of progress lately with the last couple of weeks providing some insights. I am getting lucid 3 or 4 times a week and in each session there maybe 2 or 3 entries at least. Its very easy to do this but has taken a long time and I have had a lot of experience at WILD and a lot of success over a lot of years.  WBTB with getting up for around 2 to 2.5 hours, a cup of coffee and then back to bed is the key. I sleep no more 4 to 5 hours in the first sleep at most and sometimes a lot less. I also dream and recall from the first sleep quite easily but don't record many of these as it would just be too many entries.  WBTB - relax, look at the darkness and expect nothing at all. just look and that's all you do. Wait and wait and just observe. Some changes occur in the field in font of your eyes, let them, take notice but don't react in any way to them. This is the crucial point as you are very close to entering the dream. I will a few variations at this point, a sense of motion, of going somewhere, or see a scene form up. I still do nothing but observe and notice and if I get this right in an instant I will be in the dream just standing there. There can be a few odd feelings in your body just around this entry time as you disconnect from external impute and if you react to them in anyway you will ping out and need to start again.  This has taken a long time and a lot of noticing and thinking about the mini changes that occur in going from waking to dreaming with unbroken awareness but the results are amazing to me. Around twice a week its an effortless and amazing transition to a fully aware dreaming state. No supps other than coffee and that's around 2 to 2.5 hours earlier so not sure if it will have a great effect at that point.  Longest times in lucid state are around 2 hours with a lot of 30 - 50 minutes events.



FA to lucid

I am lying on the carpet in the sun on my lounge floor and I start to float of the ground. I thought I was awake and for an instant I am puzzled by this but get that I am dreaming so just enjoy the sensation of floating. I had been thinking that is was a while since I had floated from the earth to the stars on going to bed so was happy that I was drifting off the floor and aware of it.

I now start to get a shiver in my spine and the room darkens. This is a familiar feeling and action that comes from time to time in my dreams and is accompanied by sense of dread. I feel like I am being floated and invaded by an energy but for the first time ever I just feel this sensation and make the decision to allow it to run its course. I am floating up in the darkness and the feeling starts to ease so I take over and will myself over to the doors to make an exit to the outside and start to drift up.

I am just outside and I feel a hand rest on my shoulder, it is strong and firm and I place my hand on top of this one and turn around. I look at a figure next to me and ask why you are here and who are you.

I get a reply that I am watching you and want to go with you. My response is do you know what you look like or who are you with the DC replying “ I have no idea of what form I take here, I don’t have your senses” I am told that I have a rare talent in that I can pass through metal and we talk about this.   I talk about raising energy and becoming light and raise my arms to demonstrate the process of calling up some energy. My fingers start to flicker with small points of blue light and then start glow and heat up. I stop at the point of my hands shimmering as I have demonstrated the form I need to move to some of the deeper dream states.


It was an interesting lucid, no supplements and of reasonable length. I also have that after glow that remains after an energy experience concerning light

The feeling of dread I first felt has been a barrier for a lot of years as it totally invades your dream body and has me whimpering in my dreams a lot of time. I hope I have now passed another level in my dreams.


Mind game

I very easily close my eyes at anytime of the day and can relax and bring up images or just watch the show.

I am not sure if this is HI or what but its clear and vivid to varying degrees and I can interact and play with the visuals.


So for yesterday for fun I asked for 3 cups to appear and wanted to play the game of "where is the ball" its a scam I have seen in Paris by street vendors. I ask for 3 cups and a ball and very soon in my mind there are 3 cups moving around as they should. This is what I call seeing without seeing so its all internal and clear enough to be sketched or described.

The cups stop and I ask to see under one and I find the ball. I do this again and there is some wicked shuffling and I find it. A few more times and I get it wrong so "accuse" my SC of cheating, it funny enough to make me laugh and real enough as well.

I ask for all 3 cups to be lifted and there is no ball, my SC was cheating so next I think I can fool my SC so I ask for clear cups. I can see the ball as the cups are shuffling around and think "yes" my SC will not win or cheat this time.

The cups stop and they are overlapped in a patten that makes it impossible to know which cup the ball is under as it appears to be under all 3.


Its so funny and yet a direct interaction with the SC and the action is independent of my will as I have no control over the results. it amazes me and its also easy to ask for and change the visuals or ask for random changes and they will occur.


No idea what state this is as I am just relaxing and training my mind and having fun as well.


Re: Majic Journeys

Have you ever read Nicola Tesla's accounts of his inventive ability?  The reason I ask is because it sounds very similar to what you are describing.  He had the ability to "dream" at will, more or less, and at any time.  (In fact, there were times when this wasn't even in his control and it really bothered and haunted him.)


Tesla's accounts are in the public domain now and easily found online.  He published a series of semi auto-biographical articles in an early electronics magazine.


Re: Majic Journeys

I have read about him and how he ran models in his head and would test changes and then build when they appeared to work and think this is similar but hesitate to say my mind is like his but the ability to see might be the same.

Its quite easy after a while to do this and I can either just let it all run and watch or request something like the game if I want.

What really interests me is that it is not random as in some instances I can ask for what I want and get it or I can leave it to the SC to create based on my request. In this instance it was more as if another part of me was having fun and also making itself known to me by he game and that to me is really interesting


Its a pity Tesla was not around today, he could chat with us and get comfortable with being thought as well as thinking


DC offered me a flask

yee ha, lucid last night a few times. In one WILD the dream just wrapped around me and I took the motion and was flying my PSV (personal space vechile) so much fun and in another a DC opened a small flask and instructed me to sniff the contents. on the second attempt some amber liquid came out and the scent was strong but cant compare it to anything but got shifted to another deeper dream. Was awesome. Riding bikes as well, doing wheelstands on road bikes, riding steep single track MTB as well.



 Lucid last night or early this morning and one of the easiest WILD's ever. Just quietly slipped into the dream. Was funny as one stage I was standing next to the bed looking at my partner and thinking this is a good opportunity for some fun and I looked up to grab some inspiration.


Note - must never forget that looking up with dream eyes is a sure way to get shunted into the dream tunnel and way off to another dream......Laughed in the dream at this shunt to another place and had a some fun exploring anyway


Bring it on

nice G dream last night. I am getting lazy and have put a lot of effort into understanding WILD so now if I use G i can wait around 30 minutes as I know it starts to affect me at about 40 minutes and so I dont have to waste time. I can go lie down and its all on in a few minutes.


At one point I was walking across a wide road and thats a sign that it will take me a little bit to get across and that my SC might present a challenge.  I seen a small car coming and thought "F you" and started to walk into its path, it swerved to miss me, a second bigger car came at me and same thing happened. Next a nightmarish army truck came at me from the other way, big, fast and mean looking and I started to run into it with a massive "F you" in mind. It went off road and missed me.


Decided that I have had enough of the dreamspace and I am going to challenge it in a massive and aggressive way as often as I can. Some thing creates it and its an endless tunnel of almost there so I intend to try to smash the walls down.

Will be an interesting exercise for a while





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