Dream Induced Lucid Dream ( DILD) becoming aware that you are dreaming from within the dream


Audio - how to DILD


The goal with this technique is to become aware that you are dreaming while you dreaming.


This means that during a dream for some reason your will gain  awareness that you are dreaming  and your logical mind will come into play. From there we will perform what is called a reality test and establish that we are dreaming. At this point you are fully aware of the fact that you are dreaming and are in what is called a lucid dream.


This is a very effective way to become aware that you are dreaming but like all techniques is not100% successful or easy and it requires work.

I will outline two ways that I have used daytime activities to seed the events that will allow me to become aware that I am dreaming while asleep.

What we want to do is to get our sub conscious mind involved in an activity during the day that uses our senses to create a strong bond between an activity and our sub conscious mind and the use of our senses is a very effective way to do this.

We will try to seed our mind with an activity that requires us to use various senses and then visualize the product of this activity in our minds so there is an image or thought that is strong, vivid and easily recalled.


How to sow the seeds in our minds


Using rock


What I like to do is pick up rocks and feel the texture and weight or if I am in a city I will find an alley way or a stone building and rub my hands on the sides of the buildings. I like feel the texture of the stones with my hands. If possible I will dwell in a spot and feel the stone and let my sense of touch really absorb this rock and I will let my mind drift to the possible history of the rock. It does not matter if you think it was quarried or how it was formed in the earth of if it was from outer space and landed here. It also good to imagine how the masons worked with the stone to make the building. If you can get a sense of movement associated with the memory it becomes a very strong image and easily to recall.


I will close my eyes and feel the texture, push against the rock or building and feel the resistance, try to lift it if I can get a finger into a notch. You can try to smell the cement or stone itself of any associated scents in the area.

The idea is to use your senses to create a strong bond between the rock the image and impression in your mind

While you are doing this during the day you also need to ask yourself if you are dreaming and to try to push your fingers into the stone, rise of the ground or another easy way used to establish if you are dreaming is to try to put a finger into the palm of your hand. This builds the habit of reality testing and is critical in making the habit that will form the basis of the DILD induction.



A second easy and effective way to build these images and links can done while outdoors and in a garden.

 It’s easy to engage all your senses outdoors so I will look, smell, touch, taste and listen to what is going on around as I weed or dig or prune plants. It’s a really good way to fully engage the senses and get all these feelings firmly in your mind. The gaol is to lose yourself a bit in this and let the logical mind melt away and to really get deep into the feelings and let your senses just fill all aspects of your mind while not forgetting to question and establish if you are or are not dreaming.

You can try putting on a blindfold and smell you way around the garden and imagine the plants and flowers behind the scent. Really engage with this and do the same with touch while all the time ask yourself and check in any way you can to see if you are dreaming.

You can try to stop breathing, pinch your nose, stomp on the ground or jump and try to fly. All this without the sense of sight will start to program you sub conscious and prepare the habit of checking to see if you are dreaming while dreaming.


Again you need to question and ask if you are dreaming and do this in a firm way every few minutes till it becomes a habit.


Why do we do this?

There are two reasons, one is that with sleep and REM sleep occurring around every 90 minutes of sleep time this habit will pomp you to question the dream in a regular way and use the checks to see if you are dreaming and secondly with a day of filling up your senses and flooding your mind you are very likely to question the dream and get lucid.


It’s amazing to be in a dream and not aware of it and to then see a flower or rock and start to play with it. To put your hand onto a solid rock wall and have you hand go through it or to see a flower and smell it and then try to rise off the ground and do this or to pinch your nose and still be able to breath is both amazing and mind boggling. A dream can be so real it’s near impossible to establish that you are dreaming and after thousands of lucid dreams I can still be fooled.

The goal is to get your critical mind active and this is why the daytime testing and use of senses is important.


This way of induction works well but takes practice. I find that if I am seeing plants or can recall the sensations of touching rock on going to sleep it really helps.


The first time this works and you are lucid a new world will open up to you and the effort will have been worth it so good luck.


Getting lucid is the first step and staying lucid is the next




We will move onto this soon.


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