Sensory Induced Lucid Dream   SILD


Audio - how to SILD


This is an interesting technique and has a pretty good success rate I think due to the fact that you are scanning around you body and not spending too much time in anyone spot. This has the effect of allowing you to focus and then move and it keeps the sensations fresh in you mind.


There are a few outcomes from this and they are described in the PDF here. I borrowed this description and its a good one so will leave it as it is.

I have used a couple of variations of this to get lucid and there are as many ways as you care to imagine so have a play around and whatever works is the right way for you. No set right or wrong at all.


This is a good technique to use for a WILD dream entry where you enter the dream without losing any awareness from waking to dreaming. This is what I practice and there are details under the WILD heading above.

The sensations can be very strong at first and quite scary but they mellow in time so just accept and get on with the adventure.