These are the supplements that I am trying or have used in the last few years in various ways. They all work for me and my main entry for a lucid dream is WILD so all these supplements  work when attempting a WILD .

I do have plenty of WILD's without using anything at all so I use this lot sparingly apart from coffee. I drink lots of coffee all the time and it still seems to work for a WILD on WB2B

I will put up some info linked to the supplement names soon and will start to fill out this excel log so you can see the frequency and effect of these supplements on dreaming.

They do need to be matched with some experience as they are not magic bullets but will greatly assist in getting lucid and with taking unbroken awareness into the dream.


I started using supplements in 2011 and prior to that time have had several thousand lucid  dreams without the use of anything at all so they are not needed if you have a bias against them but can add greatly to the lucid experience and have helped me understand the process and work on dream entry. The use of supplements has allowed me to become better at entering lucid dreams without them by understanding the entry process better. I was able to stretch time and micro manage various phase changes with careful observations during entry process.


Coffee (yip plain old coffee is awesome) good heaped tablespoon, so nice and strong and taken in the early hours before WB2B

Cocoa (natural and strong and very good , same serving size as coffee and makes for a smoother WILD entry)

5 HTP 60 mg tablets (taken early evening at bedtime)

L-Theanine  150 mg tablets (taken a little after using coffee or cocoa, assists and seems to work and extend the effects of coffee and soften the internal noise that coffee can bring on.)

Mucuna 15% L-Dopa 1 tablet taken at WB2B ( the original "No Fear" supplement)

Choline 350 mg tablets (for WILD entry) not essential but enhances the feelings of dream entry and gives a few more chances to get in there )

Glantamine 1 or 2 * 4 mg tablets with Choline 200 mg included ( "The One" but really coffee is just as good if you can handle the chatter)

Melatonin 4 mg tablets


Used a follows,


5HTP or Melatonin taken at bedtime in the evening


Coffee or Cocoa taken at WB2B in the morning after the first sleep and so in the early morning. My sleep schedule is that I am in bed most weekdays around 9pm and up again from 01:00am to around 03:30am. This broken sleep is one of the keys to getting lucid 2 to 3 times a week and I will take coffee when i first get up so its in my system for a couple of hours. It is most effective taken around 30 minutes before any attempt to get lucid and is really good. I would rate it with Glantamine for effectiveness but it took a few years to get used to the effects of coffee on an active mind and to use the noise as a lucid launch pad. I will post more on the  Techniques section on WILD entry.


L-Theanine is taken on going back to bed when trying for WB2B and WILD


Mucuna bean is taken on going back to bed when trying for WB2B and WILD


Choline is taken on going back to bed when trying for WB2B and WILD


Glantamine is taken on going back to bed when trying for WB2B and WILD

Glantamine takes around 40 minutes to start working for me and I used to take it and then try to relax in bed till the effects start to trigger. Now I will take it while I am up and about in the early hours and then get to bed after around 30 minutes and just wait. I can get several changes with G and so the first effects will come on. Normally a small shiver that may start in my spine or in my head and then it will build. The key is to relax into the feelings and just accept all that is going on. I ride the feelings into a WILD. It can be an OBE where I exit my physical body and will be standing in my bedroom or it can be a direct walk into a lucid dream scene. It all depends on where I put my focus during the process. More detail in another section on this.,

I was shocked by the first couple of experiences with G, so strong and so sudden. If you are using it you must accept the feelings and try to stay awake till it triggers. There is no mistaking the onset - enjoy and tell me all about it.


I have taken a max of 8mg of G, used 4 mg often and one busted open a tablet and used half so a rough 2mg all to good effect. Its not a magic bullet and needs to be backed by skill but provides near 100% success for me for direct dream entry. I will use it once a week and not every week.

I also will point out that I have a lot of WILD without any supplements at all so the skill needs to be there to make it all easier but I think lucid dreaming is a natural event and so we can all get better at it with good practice.




Dream and supplement log in excel


I will start this log from 2011, this is the point where I kept journals and try to capture the process of using supplements for lucid dream induction and will also include natural or unassisted WILD. There is a point where I started experimenting with WILD and pretty much focused only this style of dream entry. There was around 3 years to get this entry style sorted and to the point where I am confident that I can get lucid when I want to with WILD.

These are all early morning dreams and my next challenge is early evening or first sleep WILD. This is will be a bit of fun and pretty challenging but I am already making progress


This log will get updated as I get time. There are approx 5 years of journals to go through and drag info out of and so a work in progress. All the dreams here are not included in the dream sections of this site


Dream time is for length of time spent lucid and is taken from WILD entry to waking myself up and or going back into the dream and so a cumulative total. I did have a Zeo sleep recorder and this was good for seeing the entry from waking to REM and for dream times but its busted now so lost a good tool. If I don't know the dream length I will leave it blank. Max dream time has been hours and I get a good sleep with this is going on as well. Best of all worlds.








21-May-2011 “Flying with M”


Lay down, Relaxed body-mind-emotion. No thought – they are just a product not a state so let it all go.


Marian woke me, annoyed as I was just drifting off and then she sat behind me and cuddled my back so I relaxed again. I felt like I was sliding off the bed, these feelings were quite strong and I was experiencing some light HI, all geometric and interesting. I then slid off the bed and onto the floor. This really annoyed me as the bump woke me up and then I laughed as I realized that the complete episode was a dream and I was sitting on the bedroom floor fully lucid and had just fallen out of my body.

I had slipped into the dream state and not caught the moment. It was all so obvious in hindsight, the mix of imagery and the feeling of displacement as I slid out of my body.

I walked around the room and decided to fly around outside in the cool night air. I went over to the bed and took her hand and told her not to be scared and to just follow me. We flew around the house and then I took her into some solid rock. I watched the rock change and it seemed to grow and at one place there was a glowing while crystal. I scraped some of this off and rubbed it on my chest thinking it should leave a mark that I can see in the morning.

I went back to the house and moved through some stone walls. I did have trouble with one wall and could not go through it at first but with some work I did. (thought was that this is a dream so I can and I will)

Woke up

Notes; fully lucid, external memories all present, very good control




10-July-2011  "Read me a book"


2*60 mg 5HTP, 2*350mg choline, 2 beans


Drifted into the warmth. MY room. Had a book in my head, no external noise and it was being read to me. I listened for a while and just enjoyed being read to. I drifted out and into my room, a calm awareness in my mind, the room a nice dark green with black curtains. The color seemed alive, soft alive color, all warm, secure and full of a quiet energy. Soft blue rays seeking me and filling me with warmth and love. No words strong enough to capture the feeling with 3 to 5 soft rays of light gently flooding me and some small beings standing there looking out for me.

Woke myself and then back in – fully lucid once again. Played for a longtime. Many scenes at least 7 more lucid events. Full control.

1st OBE 03:45 – 05:00

2nd set 05:30 to 06:30

Notes; Body sensations at first, OBE, Lifting, disconnecting, floating, full awareness, very strong feelings, beyond dreaming (flooded with blue light)




26-July-2011  Not quite


2*5HTP, 1 G, 1 Choline


Started to drift off to sleep and felt slight displacement of energy. Felt like me looking at me with a duel awareness starting to form up. Played with this feeling and pretty much OBE but didn’t hold it for full exit. Had 2 small events like this and didn’t chase them for full exit. Lost it a bit and spent time chasing HI images and small fractal patterns.

Came back to waking awareness




28-July-2016   Lost the paper


1* G&C,


Drifted off, WILD, smooth transition but didn’t hold it and went to sleep. Got into a dream and said/thought “I wonder if I am dreaming, checked and I was”

I am in a building and looking for a paper, it just seemed to move each time I looked for it, was in a hidden drawer, then gone and someone bought it in for me and then gone. Just couldn’t pin it down

I heard a lot of noise and went out of the office into a large room. There were a lot of people pouring in – hundreds of them. I tried to stop them, change their mood and direct them away from where they were but they all looked bland. I got “told” they could not go where I was as there was a barrier. I looked and seen an odd wall that was in from of my office and went over and looked at it and then with will moved through it

Wake up

Notes; getting more aware of second body and there appears to be an energy and consciousness links the two. I can feel when the energy is up and my “other” is awake and aware and looking out. There is sometimes a small displacement that can be felt between the two and I can move awareness into this energy.



July 2016   Void 1


5HTP, G 8 mg & C 200 mg, Choline extra 200 mg


Dreamtime 2 hours’ plus


Smooth transition. Long time rolling in the void. Warm and secure, looking at patterns, geometric but no just looking but in and through them

Out and awake, back in, OBE and easy to achieve. Can feel calmness arriving and just need to wait for it to arrive. After that it’s a quick and easy transition to lucid

Long dreams, plenty of people moving around and a lot of flying. Landing on cars and buses and getting rides. Into underground mines and people working, allowing me in. One closed door that I could not get through. I did not try that hard to get in.

I heard my name called a few times and tried to touch a lot of things. Some items were hard to touch as they required a very light feel or my hand would go through.

A lot of dream time and was aware of external noise. Overall felt safe, warm and welcome, I was aware of who I was, outside noise and external thoughts. I heard the kids making noise.

This was in mums house on  weekend when I took the children over there and they are up all hours at times playing.





1-August-2011  OBE doors




Drifted off, seeing random patterns, flat geometric patterns in the room. Walls all funny. OBE and moved across the bedroom. Decided to leave via the glass doors and gently pushed them and moved into and through the glass. Started flying, willed it to happen so very little effort required. Just kept going, allowed the energy to carry me. I was moving faster and faster and it felt like I was going through the pages of a book. I kept going for a longtime till I felt some resistance and started to slow down.

I am now in a light fluid of some type and all ok, the walls are light green and the place is dimly lit. Two people appear (sort of people) and I ask where, what and why but get no real answer. They do explain I am a very long way from my place and that they know what I am and that they are friendly. I can go into their walls and that surprises them. I do so and wander into thick walls and move around a bit and then back into their tank.

Two are talking to me but no words just thoughts that arrive in my mind. I ask to be shown what I am and they get me to pull a small bit of my fingernail off and put it into a machine. It starts to grow a head, then plug some cables into me and I watch a small head form up in the machine. Another lady appears, she is older that the other two and kind in nature. I feel that she is feeling cold and put some energy into her to warm her up and she is happy and accepts this.  I tell her that I have to take two tablets to help with the trip and she says not to take them to often.

I have vague feelings of needing to return to my body and do so, its easy as there is always a link by thought.

Dream goals: was to ask, talk and seek respect. Done all this and to move beyond fantasy play. I asked for a reminder of the visit and got a thumb scraped across my upper forearm and this left a small mark in the dream but healed up fast so there in thought only but nice that it was offered.




2-8-2011                   First kiss


2 * 5HTP 2 * G&C mix

Restless first sleep, started riding again and overdone it today. Sore legs


Drifted to semi lucid state and felt head change to pre LD/OBE state. Calmness arriving to an active mind. Scenes a mix of lucid, vivi and HI images. Sea boiling but not quite forming up and putting me in there.

Girl kissed me, so real – quick and fleeting and gone

Lots of small random events. Guess 6 to 10 small lucid dreams but did not take control, to tired but still lucid throughout.

Tired, no will, body sore from riding, restless sleep.


Note. Sometimes I just let it all go and will be lucid but not try to stabilize or extend the dream and so the mind or whatever just throws out scene after scene or I am part of active thought till I just drift into normal dream states


20/8/2011                          Dark Chocolate


2 G&C and 2 C and lots of dark chocolate (stupid move)

No effects from this combo, I had eaten half a block of dark cooking chocolate and it’s just full of cocoa so got way to hyped up. I did get some wicked HI and it was in a very fine grained pattern. A lot more delicate that usual. LOL to many thoughts pushed into a little mind



23/8/2011                          Went flying


G * 2, Choline *2 Approx. 40 minutes lucid

Relax, calm, whiteness appearing, OBE, open eyes before fully in, close and open again. All good

Lovey pre-dream HI, circles overlaid with swirls, all moving in gentle calming patterns.


Found M, gently held her and took her flying. Could feel her skin, her scent and warmth flooding me as well. Held her like a child and just helped her along. Was very special.

Now in my yard and walked around my house. I grabbed a strand of fence wire and started to leap over the fence and as I was about on top the wire snapped and became a long strand that started to swing me in a big arc. It got longer and faster and I went round and round and the scene changed to swirls a gas and clouds and sparks. I was now in the void, that great gap between dreams. A cosmic ride and absolutely awesome. I let go of the wire and ended up in a room.

The room was small and crowded and there were 4 people in there. They all had medical syringes and wanted to inject me but I said no and then injected themselves instead.

Another change, room bigger and more people, now outside and in a rose garden pruning.

Lynda and the kids all there as small people, not full size and not fully formed up but more sparkling little balls of energy. I chased and played with them but kept some distance as they did not come to me. Hayden wanted to but didn’t








28/9/2011 Fish                   Hooks



Restless sleep, couldn’t get back I after missing taking tablets, missed entry.



Sleeping in room, girl next to me and rubbing against my body. Semi dark and legs rising like start of OBE but didn’t quite get it, only partly aware. Now dreaming, trying to pick up fish hooks off the ground, kept getting stuck in my fingers and was pulling them out-no pain. Got big metal clamp stuck in finger and clicked that I was dreaming.

Lucid and went for a walk, I asked for door and one appeared so I went in. It was a new place for me, Lynda and the kids were there. She was angry with me and also sad at the same time.

Wake up


Note, I started with taking hooks out of my finger and when I didn't get it a big metal clamp got me. It very common for a progression of events to get more painful or more stupid and not get that you are dreaming. I always wonder what is producing these dream signs and if they or it thinks I am stupid or if a routine is running and so what or who produced the software embedded in my mind.



5/10/2011               Spinning


2 * G, 2* C OBE

Mixed HI and then OBE to dream

Spinning madly and dissolved into small worlds, mass of spinning balls with awareness of and in each one. Cool, warm, nice. Settled and walked out of room, felt for the thread, held it in my mind, felt for it. Now OBE again, backwards into and through the wall, felt the tingles as I went in and through the wall

Note: this was a crazy mix of OBE and HI and instead of rolling out of bed I was spinning round like crazy and dissolved into bits of energy.



14/10/2011                        Playing in the void


2*G, 2 beans, WILD   long dream in 04:10 out 06:00

Gentle entry, just drifted quietly in, full lucid, set of 6 dreams. Playing in the void (the space between dreams)

Mirror to void – asked for nothingness on the other side and got it

Flying, talking to people, coated in glass, breaking windows, showed someone how to go through glass, through mirror, thorough all matter, talking to a lady about where we were, in and out of dreams about 3 times.


I looked into the mirror, it was hard to see but I tried. I asked for the void to be on the other side of the mirror, what I call the space between dreams, no up and no down but a vague sense of movement or flow in this mindspace. Watching symbols like hashtags, 3D hashtags floating around, unformed thought, thought before we ruin it.


See this paper I wrote on the void



8/11/2011                      Healing dream


2* G, 2 C, OBE

WILD entry but via OBE, was a bit sticky on getting out of my body as I was fighting or forcing it a bit and was only just in at times. Settled and got on with it.

Met two girls and we talked a while, one said you know the rules and it’s all respect so gave her a cuddle and she asked why I would do this. I told her I was lonely and needed it.

Now a lot of flying, over hills and along roads, over hedges and chased a bus for a while.

Send 2 or 3 black dogs. The bit me on the hand but I let them and the bite was not hard. A DC warned me but I said it was ok and held out my hand for the dogs to chew on. The DC was puzzled by this.

I had a goal to heal my sore ear and so tried to get some energy into my hands but couldn’t do this so put my hands on my head and willed energy to my ears and felt some tingling in the dream. I tried this twice (they did feel a little better the next day)

Dreaming was light as I was tired on going to bed and had a very active head, I had thought to try Melatonin to get some better sleep but didn’t in the end. I spent a long time (felt like it) on the exit, tried spinning, rolling, flipping and all sort of stuff.

On OBE and Void

Went to spots, willed myself into points of light-they were doors and provided entry to deeper dream state. In willing or requesting they expand to include me in their energy and then you are there.



16/11/2011                           Ouch


2*5HTP, 2 G&C, 2 C  WILD

Bad sleep, no joy for a couple of hours. Later gently drifted into the dream. WILD with lot of HI in white. Note – sometimes the HI is all while, this is normal for early evening but not so much for early morning.

Lots of girls, different settings, most were working in bars, kitchens.

Jumped of some very steep cliffs and floated more that flew. Just enjoying the feelings without fear.

Was hold chairs that floated and flew and took me along for the ride. I would let go and stay floating and again nice feelings.

A man appeared with a small knife in his hand and cut my wrist. I just looked at him and said “I am dreaming” and he was puzzled. He proceeded to cut my hand of my arm at the wrist. I was not concerned and grabbed his throat and pulled his head a little. He then sneaked the blade into my hand and it hurt a lot. I didn’t react, just absorbed the hurt.

Dream time around 45 minutes, very light and woke twice to get back in easily.




24/11/2011                   Rock to energy


2 G*C, 2* C, 1* bean.  OBE

Easy entry, gently floated out. Very clear colors instantly, hands look normal.

A DC gives me a piece of green rock and I put it in my hands and mold it as it is pliable and nice to touch. I rub till it dissolves and merges into my hands and then I am given bit of red rock and do the same.

I now wander and see some people building a house, they are putting plaster on the outside walls but there are some gaps so I squeeze my way through them, now inside and then out a window and fly off to the hills. A big cat bites me hard but no big deal, I let it heal and move on.

Now I am in a port and see some ships and a few old shipmates are walking around. Nice to see lots of old friends out and about. I move on by flying away and enjoy looking around as I move on.

A few more random and during all this I have woken myself up 3 times and gone back into the dream.

Note: this dream had near perfect color and my body if I looked at it was normal. Hands have lost any distorted images a longtime back. The HI images prior to entry were all starbursts and very stable.



24/12/2011                                         Ancient horse


2 G&C mix, 2 Choline.  OBE dream entry

Mum in there

Lots of running

Group of kids playing

OBE entry and got stuck. Parts of body not wanting to release.

In a very old  forest riding a big brown horse. Very old and ancient looking animal and had a dark brown rough coast. Enjoyed the ride and the feel of the animal beneath me. I got attacked by a tube plant, it was going to wind around me an crush but on a firm no it backed off

I am now flying and see a house on a lake so go down for a look. My father is there and I don’t want to see him tonight so I ask him to go and when he does not I stick him in the middle of a wall and leave him there. I then wander and find a set of spa pools cut into rock and bathe in one for a while, enjoying the feel of the hot water. I spend time looking at my hands and counting fingers. Its all normal looking.

Few randoms after this, in a bar, on a beach, M is with me at times, putting milk thistle on my hands, driving an odd looking machine.

Note, 13 separate dreams themes tonight.


10/01/2012                                                      Dream guides


2 * G&C, 2 Choline, 2 Beans.  WILD, just walked into it

Long dreams. Sunshine, Clear, River Beds, Warm, Lots of people enjoying the day on the river. Talking to people, One “watcher” there as well. I was playing and spinning into the ground like a drill and breathing in the sand, just playing.

Went through walls, looking for a guide, got told that I make some of them, they are not real. But what do I make that can guide and advise me?

Dream got very clear and had the look feel of normal life. Some trouble opening eyes for a start but got sorted and thought that I had opened in real life it was so bright. Can create al tactile sensations, how do you create full sunlight???

Total awareness, Goal to seek out a guide, a dream DC that I asked told me that she was watching and I found an image of a face appearing, some broken dialogue but just frags.

A deep long lucid of around 60 minutes. Lovely warm dream, all sunlight and happiness.

Full living summer color

Full sunlight

Into sand and breathing

Spinning into the void for a visit – cool


26/01/2012                                 Looking for Rocks


Melatonin 2mg at bedtime, 2mg of G (split single cap to try) WILD   about 90 minutes of lucid

Lots of dreams and so a set of notes

Boats on a slip

Engines in a yard

Berry bushes with big creepy hairy spider in them

Driving a car up a steep ramp

Old friends in a room

I am flying up a big valley and into a power station

A lady and a child are in a bath in the power station and appear to be quite happy there.

I go into a hall of mirrors, quite cool

I test a few walls to keep the lucid state active

False awakening, back in mums house and my old bedroom

I am now in the void, I looked in a mirror and asked for the void, entered and got it on the other side.




2/2/2012                                No go


1*5HTP, 1*G&C mix, 1 bean

Good sleep, not much recall

On verge of WILD but not relaxed enough and missed entry. I had one small lucid as I drifted into a dream and was talking to a person and another character was opening a car door. I looked at them and they started to float off the ground. I jolted awake at that moment and lost the scene.



9/2/2012                     Flying Dream                       time approx. 70 minutes


1*G&C, 1 choline, 1 bean WILD   gently drifted into the dream

Gently drifted into the dream with a WILD. No body exit, my head was a bit active but lowed after a while. You can’t fight the thoughts but must just let them come and push them aside. Images form and you are there. I had spots, wisps of an image, a man standing and I reached and touched him. I was there and in my dream body

The first dreams were of people in offices. All mainly female and youngish and lots had ginger hair.

I remembered that I wanted to visit M and try to turn her touch sensitive bed lamp on so went out and started flying in her direction. I was high and tried to get bearings for her place but couldn’t. There was a costal scene, hilltops and villages. I went into a barn via a wall and DC was a bit pissed with me and yelled as I went past. Guess he thought he had a hole in the wall to fix. I had some company in the air but they faded away. I tried superman flying but not successful, best for me it a sitting position. I was up high; it was a warm clear day with lots of detail to be seen.

I did find M after a while but no luck with the light. Lost missing in this dream, it lasted around 70 minutes.

Woke up, put some bullet points in my journal and then went back to the dream again.

Riding bike, traffic jam, moved on and worried traffic, my bike got a flat tire, Lynda was in the traffic jam, talking to a male DC


20/2/2012 Woke myself up WILD   dream time approx 10 min



Trouble getting back to sleep, very light HI, In a boatyard looking at an old crayboat. On top of the hull looking around the port, Drifting in the darkness for a few moments. Woke myself up



22/2/2012                                   Grey light    90 minutes


1 G&Choline, 2 Choline. Hot malt drink

In electric car speeding downhill, at traffic lights, plants growing, lots of chocolate cake to eat.

Easy transition, just in there and standing at a reception desk. Left the area and started walking around a crumbling city.

Not many DC’s around, no more than groups of 10

In tight spots under truck decks, stood up and pushed them aside if they bothered me

Lots of intent to rebuild the city, took a big effort and lots of solid intent.

Had one DC follow me for a while

Made doors in walls and dropped through solid floors or walls whenever I choose to do so

Didn’t fly today, decided to walk around the city instead

Gray buzzy ball was an oddity and it was made of energy. I looked at it and then it expanded to a size that included me, it filled me up with light and energy. Left me feeling good for a day afterwards.


22/2/2012 Grey light    90 minutes


1 G&Choline, 2 Choline. Hot malt drink

In electric car speeding downhill, at traffic lights, plants growing, lots of chocolate cake to eat.

Easy transition, just in there and standing at a reception desk. Left the area and started walking around a crumbling city.

Not many DC’s around, no more than groups of 10

In tight spots under truck decks, stood up and pushed them aside if they bothered me

Lots of intent to rebuild the city, took a big effort and lots of solid intent.

Had one DC follow me for a while

Made doors in walls and dropped through solid floors or walls whenever I choose to do so

Didn’t fly today, decided to walk around the city instead

Gray buzzy ball was an oddity and it was made of energy. I looked at it and then it expanded to a size that included me, it filled me up with light and energy. Left me feeling good for a day afterwards.



6/3/2012   Gold sparking fingers   WILD


1 * 4 G&Choline, 2 Choline, WILD, bit restless but easy smooth entry


Just walked into the dream, gentle and easy. Some cyclists were there, rolly among them. I slipped over the edge of a very steep cliff and a few others were flying with me.

Looking at hands, all distorted – some flickers of gold coming out of my fingertips

Felt the pull of some energy – gave into it but didn’t quite get taken in. was going to accept it this time but missed

Two girls near the end of the dream

False awakening, not fully in the dream with a FA. I got this and for fun extended hands from bed out and though windows and doors. Just played around with the energy body.

Entry. Bit restless but easy entry. Drift in and out. Watched the flashes and pluses  in the darkness, some flat images and put myself in the dream. Not need for any effort to get in the dream, know it so well. From onset to dream approx. 2 minutes.

Got to the doors and looked out. Hundreds and thousands of graves, each a story, each a dream waiting to be told or lived. Waiting just waiting



9/3/2012  Biking on a steep hill


1 G*C mix, 2 Choline, DILD Slipped into sleep and got it

In and out of several lucid, vivid dreams

Biking a steep slope, downhill, just missing other riders.

Very steep uphill and couldn’t pedal. Stopped and went into a café at the bottom of the hill.

Came out and looked at a stony area and it all started rotating. Laughed and got it “I am dreaming” Lucid and played around the edges of the cliffs, climbing and moving around.

Walking to a train station with my kids. Going on a train rode on small circus type of trains. I ended up one full size train and looking for my children but they were not there. The train left the station and I was on it. I Talked to the conductor and he said 2 hours till it stopped. I jumped off when it stopped and started to go back to find my children. I went to various stations and seen two men playing pool in one and they asked if I wanted to play a game. I said not and a man hit me with a pool que. I went back and took it and wacked the top off his head with it. I went out the door and followed the tracks for a while. I got to the next station and found a train engine, got in and started to play with the controls. It turned into a helicopter and I took it for a flight.

Woke up, back in again for some a while. Nothing of note

































30-July-2016   "Bear"


 WB2B. WILD entry




Took mixture about 30 minutes before going back to sleep as it takes around 40 minutes to work and could not be bothered waiting in bed when there was stuff to do. So in bed, relaxing and waiting, first little flush came and went with no real progress and then a little later a stronger flush. It starts in the head this time and floods the body, I just relax into it and let it run. In an instant I am in a room with and I let it clear. The scene is nice, a home, old furniture and lived in feeling. There is a girl there and I know her energy print, an old friend and this time she is a younger girl and we start chatting. I also remind myself of my goals for the dream, to see if I can extend my vision to a full 360-degree image that is experienced in one big panorama. So I want to see in all directions at once. I run this though my mind a bit and am now fully focused but do not attempt it just now.


Her father came in and started showing me some art work. Framed objects from the railways where he had worked. They were interesting with some slices of rail track embedded in the frames and a few images as well. I talked to him about the art and then left the house.


There is a big open valley in front of me and I see an animal lunging toward me, it is a big aggressive white and grey bear and owns this place, I am the intruder and fair game to it. I let It come and it stops just in front of me, leaps at me and my hand is now in its mouth. I let it crunch down on my hand, feel the damage but have no concern at this point. I put my other arm around it massive neck and start to squeeze it hard and its mouth opens and I remove my crushed hand and move it up to where the animal can now see the damage. It slowly heals and I remove my arm for the animal’s neck, we send each other thoughts and there is a silent laugh as we greet each other yet again. The bond cemented as always. I am now on its back and as we run, leap and fly along the valley. I feel the power of the animal beneath me as we get on with our journey.


I tried earlier on to get my vision to 360 degrees but no success, intent was not strong enough and I was distracted so gave up. It is a goal that I will keep at having been almost there a few years back.

Dream time approx. 90 minutes



02/8/2016   Injury


First Sleep good recall. In spaceship off to another world. We arrived and it was time to visit the planet so we lined up in the transporter and floated up to the surface. Now on the ground and practicing levitating and went up to edge of space, ultra-fast decent to the surface again, pulled up just in time. Landing is all intent and trust

Second Sleep 03:00 to 06:15   Coffee B2B, 1 L-Theanine tablet 150 mg

Not lucid, missed entry as just too tired and choose sleep instead.

Very vivid dreams, lifelike, active and interesting with detail.

Riding my bike in a race, Tour De Stairs…. Racing upstairs on the road bike, really hard work. A lady leaning over watching the race falls from a high balcony and lands hard. I get off my bike and help her with the injures. She has a nasty wound on her mouth and so I take care of here till the medics arrive. My bike keeps on racing without me and now I have to go get it. I run upstairs for a few levels till I get to the top and a race official has my bike so he takes me over to it. We need to do some repairs and there is a really cool tricky brake set up. They pull apart and just click back into place, easy to clean and replace parts. He offers me coffee, we drink and chat

Wake up

Notes. Just bordering on lucid, I make choices by helping the lady, looking and assessing the wound, passing over to the medic. The running up the stairs feels real and would be a workout as nerves would be firing in my body due to the dreaming of the


5/8/2016 CoffeeB2B, WILD, very long dream approx. 2 hours  coffee and food


Very long lucid, just easily drifted into the scene and started walking down the street. I called into the hair salon and got cut and wash and then chatted to the two girls for a while. Next up I wandered into a coffee shop and had a drink and some food, it was specialty shop and had small sample plates of unnamed foods that I tried. They were good and a mix of meat and veg dishes. After that I walked up the street for a while and then back again to where my car was parked.

Note; not a remarkable dream in content but in context it was a morning out on the town. It was a very long dream and only assisted by coffee a couple of hours earlier so the effect would have been mainly gone but the time I entered the dream. The entry was extremely smooth, just as simple as waking up in the morning. The reality was so good I was amazed a few times that I was dreaming and made no effort to stabilize the dream and I made the choice to wake up as I had run out of anything to do. I had no special goals in mind just to get lucid and see what was presented to me