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Mind Game

DC offered me a flask

Mini Death to experience the Field

The old soldier

Europe 2014

Explain this one

me and me

Under Water

playing with light

an update on my attempts to make WILD as easy as waking up

Re: My other world

Crunch crunch

FA to lucid

Energy box

The message from self

Accepting the green light

Go get help

Just a dream

Wake up


The window

Baby (seed pod) & extreme pain

Extreme pain

the rail car

Finger tapping study 25

Into the light 26

Last night - CBTB and restless 27

It just gets more and more odd 28

through the portal 29

Beautiful awakening 31

Ultimate RC 32

Just to scare him 32

Me and Me 2 33

Need to destroy 34

DC got me lucid (last paragraph) 34

DC followed me to another dream 36

End of now 37

My other world 38

Spaceship 38

Portals 1 40

CWILD and the dream stopper 41

mix and an interesting entry on sleeping 42

Talking to a DC 44

careful what you ask for 45

sometimes it just needs to be fun 46

Interesting Duel Awareness- past life incident ? 47

Surrendering to the dream 48

Into the nodes

They say they are watching - always 50







Mind Game              Back to top

Postby Majic ar 14, 2015 8:05 pm


I very easily close my eyes at anytime of the day and can relax and bring up images or just watch the show.

I am not sure if this is HI or what but its clear and vivid to varying degrees and I can interact and play with the visuals.


So for yesterday for fun I asked for 3 cups to appear and wanted to play the game of "where is the ball" its a scam I have seen in Paris by street vendors. I ask for 3 cups and a ball and very soon in my mind there are 3 cups moving around as they should. This is what I call seeing without seeing so its all internal and clear enough to be sketched or described.

The cups stop and I ask to see under one and I find the ball. I do this again and there is some wicked shuffling and I find it. A few more times and I get it wrong so "accuse" my SC of cheating, it funny enough to make me laugh and real enough as well.

I ask for all 3 cups to be lifted and there is no ball, my SC was cheating so next I think I can fool my SC so I ask for clear cups. I can see the ball as the cups are shuffling around and think "yes" my SC will not win or cheat this time.

The cups stop and they are overlapped in a pattern that makes it impossible to know which cup the ball is under as it appears to be under all 3.


Its so funny and yet a direct interaction with the SC and the action is independent of my will as I have no control over the results. it amazes me and its also easy to ask for and change the visuals or ask for random changes and they will occur.


No idea what state this is as I am just relaxing and training my mind and having fun as well.


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Postby Majic » Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:34 am


yee ha, lucid last night a few times. In one WILD the dream just wrapped around me and I took the motion and was flying my PSV (personal space vechile) so much fun and in another a DC opened a small flask and instructed me to sniff the contents. on the second attempt some amber liquid came out and the scent was strong but cant compare it to anything but got shifted to another deeper dream. Was awesome. Riding bikes as well, doing wheelstands on road bikes, riding steep single track MTB as well.

Mini Death to experience the Field

Postby Majic » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:08 pm


Mini death to experience the field Back to top


Just home from a 1000k drive to take my kids back and had about 5 strong cups of coffee during the 12hour round trip so it’s now 00:30 and I decide to take 8mg of Galantamine and go for broke.

I am now in bed and have been waiting for around 40 minutes, that’s the normal time for it to start working. The first few pings and twinges are now arriving and it’s time to get serious.




One instant of observation and I am there, into the place. So fast I can’t say it’s a dream. Too quick and too fast, just there in mind space but how would I know where I am.

I deal to all the low level stuff, play around, and chat t a few people. I don’t try to sharpen up the dream senses as I don’t want a clear imitation of reality this time so I don’t exercise control and let it all stay a bit dim. I want to be un-grounded. I don’t want a hyped up human experience, plenty of that during the day.

I want to feel as a tree, be a tree, live as a tree, bond, be, feel and exist as a tree so I ask and I prime by letting go and then feeling for what is around me.

I see trees dimly around me, feel their life and they give me parts of themselves, hunks of branch and trunk, matter full of life. I take this in my hands, feel for it and let it be absorbed and it hurts. My hands and arms swell, I get strong and feel growth, a powerful swelling, life flowing but it’s not enough. It just feeling not being and I want more.

I now see a big old tree nearby and I lay against the trunk and ask to be part of the living tree. The answer is that it can’t assimilate me into itself so I give and accept a small death to lose human awareness and let the process begin.

I now lean in and again ask to be in and of the tree, the collective that is living energy and I lean back harder and start to be absorbed. I have long since lost “me” and there is no awareness of being human. It is all energy and matter. A thousand, million trillion cells all active and connected. An awareness of life without any me, a spark among this field of energy that joins the cells. The energy not the cells. The geometric pattern, living and moving and flowing is not the life, just the expression of it and energy precedes matter. I get this in some way and experience being part of this living field.

I accept the mini death that is life in another form and experience it without senses.


Total dream time approx. 80 minutes


This was an incredible experience, the letting go was difficult as it really felt like a small death and the transition was full of snakes of energy nipping and invading. The feeling during the transition has haunted me for most of my life as it is so invasive and can make me whimper in my dreams and take me out with a sweaty clammy wake up. A horrid invasive fizzing up your spine and a feeling like it will rip out it is so intense.

I feel really happy that this barrier is now broken and that I can explore in what I hope are deeper levels of mind.

The feeling of being part of the living field of energy is so hard to describe, no send of physical self but feeling of living and connection that lasts well beyond the dream. I will leave it here as I don’t have words to do it justice

The old soldier

Postby Majic » Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:02 am



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Walking inside a building that is being used as a display hall. I am with my son and we have fishing rods in our hands and a hook comes lose on a bit of line. It lands on the floor and another boy picks it up to see what is it, at the same time I pick up the hook end and the hook is just pricking my finger. As I watch the hook grows in size and is now in a little more so I start to work it out and it hurts. I now just wrench it out and its very painful and the hook is now a trout fly and I put this into my tackle box.

An older man has been watching and he comes over, tells me I have a nice collection of trout flys and there are some good lakes to fish in around this district. He takes me to a room that is a library and gets out a book, finds a page and shows me a map with places to go to fish. He turns a few more pages and shows me a small town near the lake, an old stone church with a cut rock fence. There are some plaques on the fence and he shows me the one with his name on it. I am a bit curious at this stage as I get the feeling I am looking at a memorial plaque. Next he shows me a group of young men in uniform posing for a picture and points out his image.

I am now looking at a black and white image of soldiers and the images start to turn their heads at talk to each other, next they get up and start milling around. In quick time it is a place with people starting to move about and I am in the scene observing.


It is 0600 am and I wake up due to habit, annoying as this was shaping up to be a nice event and left me with a feeling of sadness as I felt I was looking at someone’s life unfold as they remember it.



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Postby Majic » Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:54 am


Europe 2014


A few dreams and thoughts while cycling around Europe. These are not very nice but Europe does this to me at times, it can be a beautiful place but for me it can also be very morbid as the wars are never far away. I don’t have an interest in the war and only carry vague thoughts with me so all of these dreams are what I call being dreamt and come to me. I accept them and let them play out, they were not lucid but very vivid and full of feeling that either shocks me out the sleep and dreaming and leaves a heavy sadness for a few hours of the day – till the sun comes out


These are not sequential


1 - Restless sleep, vivid dreams of diggers destroying houses, relentless machines that just march on and destroy


2- Figures cooking, getting closer and they are cooking meat, closer and pans are full of frying body parts, human meet cooking. Laughing figures


3- A wall, a dog in the net caught up and bleeding. It looks miserable and wants to die. Guards walking along the top of the wall, looking into the net. Laughing and saying “it’s only a dog, let it die”


4- A curtain, a wall of sparkling energy. A young girl approaches this, curious and lost. She reaches out and enters the wall. Now a fading spark of gold in the wall of blue she is gone


5- Thoughts during the day while riding along the road in the hills of the Ardennes (where the battle of the Bulge was fought)


Morbid thoughts creeping in today.

Long roads – cold, chills in my body

This is a place where ego takes action and men die for others

Their minds used and their bodies enslaved

No winners, death without meaning


6 – Snipers. Dreaming. 4 nails in a curve, nails being worked on, sharpened and the curve measured with a wooden rod. It was explained to me that the a seeking bullet is being used to get runners


And to top this off I went to the Menin Gate in Ypres to hear the last post. Standing listening to all the voices, thinking this is a crowd, all here to remember. Remember the solders off to the front, moving, happy, sad, and scared and minute’s later dead, wounded, hurt, and not understanding. All the youth and life gone.

This had tears flowing and again it’s the feeling of being dreamt more that dwelling on the events. It lasted a while and I got drunk that night as I didn’t want to dream


Last work, a very happy month biking around a bike friendly country in the sun and full of warm people. I am happy to have had these thoughts and dreams enter my mind as they are part of the experience

Explain this one

Postby Majic » Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:44 am


25/07/2014 Coffee G/C

Explain this one      Back to top


Just one excerpt from an intense morning and a new experience for me.


Lying in bed and letting my awareness wander around my body while the feelings of an OBE start to build up. I exit by rolling onto the floor and I am standing in a semi dark room as it should be this hour of the morning and walk over to the glass doors. I push and play with the glass and as always it spongy so I push it around a bit more and then walk back a bit and run at it. The harder I hit it the more it pushes back like a trampoline and I do this a few times.


Next up I decide to walk back to the bed and see my sleeping body as I have not done this before and I am curious about what I might find.

No surprise as I go back and quietly look at a sleeping body, mine and as it should be tucked up under the sheets.

This is where its gets odd for me anyway. I hear the breathing and that’s normal as I have heard that lots when having a duel awareness of my body going about its functions but I hear some talking. Sleeping I says hello to the OBE me and I am a little puzzled by this. I then say to OBE me, “ please don’t leave without me, can I come with you” I have no idea of what to make of this and start to move back a little and the sleeping me starts to cry and get upset. OBE me now (this is a fully aware experience and where all thought is occurring) goes back and cuddles and talks to the sleeping me until I hear the steady breathing of a sleeping body and feel the energy calm down. I next go quietly to the glass doors and gently exit through them, stand on the balcony and make sure the sleeping body is not following as I for some reason I don’t want a sleepwalking me to fall off and get hurt ( I have never sleepwalked but it seems like a sensible thing to do)


I have never had this sort of experience before and it seemed like some basic form of awareness in the sleeping body knew something was missing and wanted comfort so I did that.



Any thoughts welcome

me and me      Back to top

Postby Majic » Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:36 am


WILD – no supps

WBTB – quietly observing my mind – body scan – eyes closed and looking at the darkness – bck to body scan – patiently waiting – the hunter hunts – waits and is rewarded, the vibrations are now quietly building.

Now starting to float out of my physical body and just noticing this without any will or action to place awareness away. I know my dream body is already formed up and that I need to do nothing but quietly wait as I am already there.

There is the impression of needing to roll to the right so and I don’t assist or resist this at all. Deepen in now but not full out and away. My vision starts to arrive and a hand reaches out of the darkness and gently but firmly holds my hand, there is the vague impression of another form floating in the darkness just to my right. Hands together now and I am gently guided out of my resting position and am now floating in the air and then we drift down to the floor and are standing there together still holding hands.

We walk to the doors and then float out to the night sky, when I next look down I see far below some kids playing on a trampoline. We are so high that they look like little dots. I want to join in and my double ( I know this energy form) tells me that I know what to do and can do it so just let go and trust myself. I now let myself fall and the ground is coming up very fast, at the last minute the trampoline disappears and I come to a gentle stop just above the ground. Control is easy and its more like I expect it so it occurs. I now gently land and see that it is my children playing, I give them all cuddles and then move on.

Note, interesting dream entry. I have been working on WILD without any supplements for a while and was rewarded last night. I feel it should be as easy as waking up to enter a lucid state by WIlD and now think I have made a lot of progress towards this idea and goal.

The energy form feels solid and strong and I knew instantly it was me in some form, another part of me or what I don’t know but the imprint is one I have felt a few times over the years and one I have had conversations with in the past

The rest of the time after this was fully lucid and I let the dreams run and just enjoyed the time.

Under Water

Postby Majic » Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:49 am



Under Water    Back to top

WB2B G + C

WILD – just drifted to fully formed dream. Lovely easy entry just like waking up

Long lucid so some extracts

In a room with my partner and a model plane flies towards me, I put up my hand knowing it is going to hit me and hurt but allow it to do so, a good thump and the planes propeller hits my palm and chews up some fingers. It hurts and I don’t react but allow the pain to radiate to my arm and it dissipates. I am happy with my control and now show my partner how to heal yourself in a dream and we both watch my hand and fingers grow back to normal once more.


Now is its just me in a vast ship under the water, a submarine that is full of people on a voyage. The sub is slowly breaking up and there are upset people all around me. I feel it flexing, the structure moving under the weight of the water and it is creaking and groaning under the pressure.

Looking back to see what a noise is I see a wall of water rushing along a corridor and so move to another space and close the doors behind me wondering if it will stop it for a few moments. It is now quiet and I look around, there are windows looking out to the ocean along one side of the room and a set of floors above me.

I turn around to see a lady struggling to breathe and in a panic, curious as there is plenty of air in her I go to her, take a deep breath and breath into her mouth. I do this a few times and she settles. Another man on the floor above has a small weapon and is threating people, I find a small tool on the ground and throw it at him, he is distracted and I now float up to stand beside him. He points the pistol at me, I laugh and just take it off him and walk away. He is now surrounded by people wanting to give him comfort.

Floating down to the floor below I move to the windows and start to gently push my way through them into the darkness of the ocean on the other side. Now in the cool water I look around and see it starting to lighten up and then some of the water moves away and I am standing next to a coloured pool of water that is lighted from within. There are shapes in the pool that I understand are life forms and so I jump in and feel the energy start to take me over.

I relax in here until I lose awareness and wake up.

I record the dream and then enter another


I have had a very tight muscle in my hip and with some intense stretching it has loosened up in a day and the pain has gone so I wonder if some of this dream is a litteral way of experienced this healing of tissue. The creaking and groaning of tight muscle being stretched and the pool of light as the release of pain. Also the stressed people could be individual stressed muscle cells?


playing with light      Back to top

Postby Majic » Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:31 am


I had been lucid for a while and found myself in a darkish quiet space. In a room and for some reason I looked about and then ahead. There was a small blue spot in my vision and I have seen this at times during waking hours poking out into my visual field. I looked at it and then put my hands in front of me about shoulder height. I asked with will for the light to grow or expand and it did. The dot filled the space between my palms and took up an oval shape. It was a clear shape with blue flecks and bands running between both palms and got very hot. I put my palms closer together and then out again and it changed to a ball of light and back to an oval. I played with the shape and intensity for a while. It made my hands vibrate and get hot. The last thing that happened is it changed from a blue oval between outstretched palms to a very tight ball of red light. I let it go after that.


Postby Majic » Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:36 am


an update on my attempts to make WILD as easy as waking up      Back to top


I have not posted a dream for a while but have been averaging around 3 lucids a week for the last couple of years so no let up at all in that area. Some dry spells and some really massive runs as well


Been working on WILD for around 18months to see if I can get it where it feels as natural as waking up in the morning and becoming aware of this reality. A lot of progress lately with the last couple of weeks providing some insights. I am getting lucid 3 or 4 times a week and in each session there maybe 2 or 3 entries at least. Its very easy to do this but has taken a long time and I have had a lot of experience at WILD and a lot of success over a lot of years. WBTB with getting up for around 2 to 2.5 hours, a cup of coffee and then back to bed is the key. I sleep no more 4 to 5 hours in the first sleep at most and sometimes a lot less. I also dream and recall from the first sleep quite easily but don't record many of these as it would just be too many entries. WBTB - relax, look at the darkness and expect nothing at all. just look and that's all you do. Wait and wait and just observe. Some changes occur in the field in font of your eyes, let them, take notice but don't react in any way to them. This is the crucial point as you are very close to entering the dream. I will a few variations at this point, a sense of motion, of going somewhere, or see a scene form up. I still do nothing but observe and notice and if I get this right in an instant I will be in the dream just standing there. There can be a few odd feelings in your body just around this entry time as you disconnect from external impute and if you react to them in anyway you will ping out and need to start again. This has taken a long time and a lot of noticing and thinking about the mini changes that occur in going from waking to dreaming with unbroken awareness but the results are amazing to me. Around twice a week its an effortless and amazing transition to a fully aware dreaming state. No supps other than coffee and that's around 2 to 2.5 hours earlier so not sure if it will have a great effect at that point. Longest times in lucid state are around 2 hours with a lot of 30 - 50 minutes events.


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Postby Szaxx » Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:22 pm


Some good info there Magic.

I'm presently working out commonalities deep in the hypnagogic trance around the exit transformation over at A Pulse.

The 'do nothing' you mentioned I'm familiar with and it really helps at the exit. Too many 'try something' here and fail as you described.

At times simply moving your eyes is enough to cause the set back.

Reply Re: My other world

Postby Majic » Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:37 pm


its insane at that entry point, even the though of " i am nearly there" is enough to change the event and ping me out. I have noticed that when looking at HI ( the term used to describe any pre-lucid imagery) I can ask for it to change and it will.

I have seen images that look like a plant, some abstract form and its just out there in the visual field in the darkness and I ask for it to grow, change color and then die the image will do just that. This becomes really interesting as the image has a life of its own with me not asking how I want to see this so I feel that the images are simply thought in a visual way and that there is a source within us that is able and willing to present with some new hash of information for us to see.


How this relates to the WILD entry is that any though will disturb the entry and each time we do this we step back in the process and get a tiny bit more off frequency to get lucid. The passive observation need to really be aggressive but totally non active if this makes sense so we just get taken for the ride.


The mental dialouge is really interesting as I watch images from, had a full on movie last night but just let it run for a few seconds and then random images that sparked up into a full blown dream tunnel. I just did nothing at all, no excitement or mental reaction and then in an instant I was just in the dream. Fully formed and standing in a room.


This is getting common and still a lot of refinement but really excited at this point as there is a small result and I feel I understand how its occurred


A Pulse - think I had an account there once. Will have a look again


Keep me posted on your work or post the link and I can follow



I just found the thread there and its interesting. Astral wind is new to me so will chase around as see if I can find out some more

AP - for me it sounds like WILD but into the room or place you are sleeping - in general terms is AP and WILD the same

I might create an account there so I can take part or might even have one from the past



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Postby Majic » Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:44 pm





Relaxing and looking at the darkness, a small wisp of energy float out and somehow I am just there, only lasts a few moments as I start to think about how and what just happened.


This was interesting as in amongst the darkness and waiting for the usual images and feelings this thread or energy is there. Its no more that what would be a cup of water thrown into the air and I am attracted to it in some way, in an instant I am lucid and puzzled. So fast and so easy I did not comprehend the jump. One more piece of the puzzle to ponder



In a big room, massive glass windows and a lot of big pc screens in front of me. I am In my virtual trading room where I want to practise a few ideas and sort some issues. I am happy getting on with it and know I am lucid but make no effort to RC.

A DC wanders up to me and says he is there for the exam. Great and he is keenly watching me, I tell him we are dreaming and he is interested and I put my fingers through my hand and then into my head and wiggle them around a bit. The DC then does the same with his fingers and next puts his thumb in his mouth. Crunch, crunch he bits his thumb off, pulls his hand out and watches it grow back. Now it’s his fingers, again some wicked crunching sounds and he pulls out his hand and watches the fingers grow back.

A decent lucid after this but not important.


Interesting that in the last few months the DC’s are accepting they are lucid and have no problems with RC’s and are enjoying the experience. I wonder if it runs with my goals of easy natural WILD’s and me becoming more accepting of anything I find in the dreamspace and that lucid’s are in my mind totally natural and meant to be

FA and lucid

Postby Majic » Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:28 pm



FA to lucid     Back to top

I am lying on the carpet in the sun on my lounge floor and I start to float of the ground. I thought I was awake and for an instant I am puzzled by this but get that I am dreaming so just enjoy the sensation of floating. I had been thinking that is was a while since I had floated from the earth to the stars on going to bed so was happy that I was drifting off the floor and aware of it.

I now start to get a shiver in my spine and the room darkens. This is a familiar feeling and action that comes from time to time in my dreams and is accompanied by sense of dread. I feel like I am being floated and invaded by an energy but for the first time ever I just feel this sensation and make the decision to allow it to run its course. I am floating up in the darkness and the feeling starts to ease so I take over and will myself over to the doors to make an exit to the outside and start to drift up.

I am just outside and I feel a hand rest on my shoulder, it is strong and firm and I place my hand on top of this one and turn around. I look at a figure next to me and ask why you are here and who are you.

I get a reply that I am watching you and want to go with you. My response is do you know what you look like or who are you with the DC replying “ I have no idea of what form I take here, I don’t have your senses” I am told that I have a rare talent in that I can pass through metal and we talk about this. I talk about raising energy and becoming light and raise my arms to demonstrate the process of calling up some energy. My fingers start to flicker with small points of blue light and then start glow and heat up. I stop at the point of my hands shimmering as I have demonstrated the form I need to move to some of the deeper dream states.


It was an interesting lucid, no supplements and of reasonable length. I also have that after glow that remains after an energy experience concerning light

The feeling of dread I first felt has been a barrier for a lot of years as it totally invades your dream body and has me whimpering in my dreams a lot of time. I hope I have now passed another level in my dreams.


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Postby Majic » Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:41 pm


I had this as part of an active night dreaming some time ago and before I started on my chamber


now in a room with a DC and he is building a box. He wants me to put the lid on the box as this is the last job, I know the box is a weapon and the lid will start the timer. I think he wants to destroy the city that the box is in. He wants me to get in and fit the last panel as it needs to be done from the inside and I know he will not let me out when I get in.

The box is now starting to vibrate and glow, I think of photons and nuclear energy and think of a weapon, he is still looking at me and expecting me to get in and put the lid on.

I leave...



When I started to build the chamber I was visualizing and constructing it in my mind and could see it taking shape, there was a point where I had it constructed in what I thought was a clever way and was setting the last roof panel in place. This panel had to go up through and then be turned and come back down and I was on the inside and had placed this panel.


I dont see myself doing this but see parts floating around and shifting into place either by my will of by their own a lot of the time. I got this last one into place and then I came into the image and was inside the box and it got dark. It was at this point I started laughing as I clicked that this was what the dream was about and the DC was getting me to build the chamber or as I now call it the energy box in the dream and letting me know that I needed to be inside it as I was the energy that will activate it.


It was not a bomb and as usual I missed the point but thats fine and these things come back to awareness when they are needed.

It was a nice event and I love it when the links from there to here present themselves and tie two worlds and one existance together

sing like you can

Postby Majic » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:58 am



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WBTB – took around one hour to start getting vibrations and body exit

I had 3 attempts to get out with mixed success and didn’t quite get there in the first attempts. The first go was met by some very violent swirls of energy, I could feel my hands extended and they were getting whipped around by something that felt like a strong wind but it was focused and in a tight pattern.

When I did get out and let the dream form up I was watching my hands take shape, they were deformed at first, very clubby looking and swelling with a lot of pain but I let this run its course and soon enough they were as they should be. I was now solid in the dream space and projected myself up in a gentle rising motion. This gentle rising always feels good and allows the dream to form up around me when It wants to if I have no set goals in mind. I slow down and open my eyes to a the scene of a valley running off into the distance. With no goal in mind the thought of singing comes to mind so laughing at the idea as I just can’t sing I open my mouth and see what comes out. I have done this plenty of times and it’s amazing, the tone, pitch and end result is lovely so I float along the valley and sing as I go in a loud strong voice. I have no idea where the words come from but they seem to flow and I sing and enjoy the moments. This carries on for a long time.

Wake up, drift to sleep and miss entry

For no reason I decide to see if I am dreaming and put my fingers into a kitchen bench, great – soft pliable surface so I am dreaming. I look for a wall and move over to it, place my hand on the surface and feel it, I gently push and work my way into and through the hard pliable surfaces. I love the feeling of energy mixing and going into solid matter, I imagine the atoms mixing, touching each other and the attraction and repelling of each tiny contact. It’s a magic feeling that thrills me and I enjoy the slow transit and my awareness of the small journey.

I am now slowing gliding in the semi darkness, no purpose and after a while I wake myself to cement the memory

Now in bed awake, relax, find the vibrations and gently observe and greet them. I feel the slight shift of energy and put some awareness there and along with this I project one arm out and onto the floor searching for something to grasp and to drag myself out of bed with. I feel the floor, extend to the end of the bed and wrap this arm around the corner of the bed and drag my energy body out and along. Its funny and I am quietly amused at the antics, now out and on the floor I extend to the glass doors and when I feel them I pull my body by shortening my arm so I am at the door. I slide through the door and feel the cold night air and again gently rise up to whatever awaits me. There is a rush that lasts for a while and then a gentle tugging as a band of energy that I know is a dream gently pulls at my awareness. I give into this and the warmth that is offered and open my eyes to a new world


A fun night and great way to break a bit of a dry spell

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Postby Majic » Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:12 am


The message from self

Early evening vivid

I am with a group of people in the outback, it’s a desert setting and we have just walked from an area that had a lot of wood that we were using for cooking fires and now in a hot dry desolate area. There is no wood for cooking fuel and it is hot. The others don’t want to proceed and I feel they are hiding something and I want to go on. I work out that I can split some of the rock on the ground and it will heat up and can be used a stove to cook on. We proceed.


Going up a hill on a motor bike and a car cuts me off and I get very annoyed at this so I chase the car. In dream style the more I want to chase the steep and crazier the road gets but I dig in and then just enjoy the twisting and turning road.

In a hotel and come out of an elevator, I find the barman and want to pay my bill. I pull out an awful lot of cash from my pocket to pay and drop some, another man picks up a bill and decides it is his. I don’t bother to argue.


330 am WBTB G + C

Goal to find some energy to create a feeling of content on waking

Waiting for sleep so I can stay awake and WILD, some near misses but in the end got there.

Float up to ceiling and hover just below roof, I was going to firm up the dream with some recall from daily life but it seemed silly as it was an unbroken dream entry. I gently probe the ceiling and put my fingers and hand in and out a few times. It really hurts as I go into the materials and I am wondering why it is so, what causes the feeling and why is it so intense with a mixture of pain and pressure. I play with the sensations for a while and when I am very solid in the dream with my mind nice and focused I allow my body to drift up and through the roof into a dream.

I am wandering around an older factory that is full of corridors and doors leading away but happy to just wander and see what comes to me. I see people taking, drinking and doing various tasks and they leave me alone.

I now wander outside and look out to see some hills in the distance and a few houses scattered around them. They look interesting so I party will myself there but also float/fly as I like the feeling of moving through the air. I am now standing on the ground on a pathway and look to a doorway leading into a small house and see an old lady inside. I go to the door and she changes to a small animal and is looking up at me. There is a sense of warmth coming from the house so I let this soak in and then move a way.

The next place has a small outhouse attached and someone is in there so I wait. In time another older lady comes out and she greets me. Again she is a happy person and smiles at me and I soak this up and move on.

I am now back in a similar setting to the factory but it is a lane with coffee shops so I pick one and wander in. I am waiting for a table and a middle aged lady come to me and gets very close and firmly says “You have a superior mind and body – please use it” I am a little startled by this but accept the words and then after some reflection to cement the conversation I move on.

I am now outside and walking down the road and some small balls like bubbles from a kid’s toy appears in front of me. The have or give the impression of massive energy and supressed power and I am a little shocked at the intensity of the feelings they create and stop to look at them for an instant. I go to back away and a shield of transparent matter is blocking my way. It is shimmering in a way that gives it an life of its own and solid to the touch. I can’t break it or move past it so step to the left and another one appears. They now hem me in and the bubbles are in front of me and starting to swell a little. I call up some energy from inside and cause the lot to just go away and feel relieved but also disappointed that I think I have missed the creation of a portal that I have been seeking for a long time.

Now walking down a lovely country road talking about cycling and bike racing with a lady that I know well


Wake up – feel good

Accepting the green light

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CBTB @ 4am

Solid HI forming into a moving image like observing a DVD and then just in there. I induced shivers into my spine and kept at this till the HI and images appeared.


Just there, now walking and see a pit that has metal sides and is like a big bowl. It is about 2 meters deep and has 3 cones in the middle. I jump down and look around and then focus on one of these cones for a while. I rub my hands on the metal surface to get my senses working and put my fingers into my other hand as this is good to sharpen up and remind me I am dreaming. It becomes obvious they are outlets and will soon produce a flame like a small volcano. I think about jumping into the centre and think about the energy and power below the surface. It is what I have been wanting for a long time and I have never quite made the plunge. Again I back away and climb out of the pit.

I am now looking at a person with list in their hands and he looks like a teacher. I ask if I can stay and the person looks up and consults another body floating in the air that seems to be in control of what is going on. I get yes and an embrace from this figure. I hear an award being given out and my sons name is called. The cones in the bowl are now lit up with flames coming out of them.


NOTE; an opportunity missed and the events after I move away from the cones are not the focus of the dream I was after. I am away with my children and they are often in my dreams and again tonight they are there in some way


Wake, back to sleep, WILD. Thoughts are to accept the energy for this dream.


Project into the scene, it was a motorway and cars but I am now standing in a paved courtyard with stone houses to my left and an open area to my right.

I become aware of a barrier in front of me and it is the same as in a past dream last week. The barrier appears to be made of something like glass and is almost alive and shimmering. I can’t go through it and turn around to see behind me. I am running through my mind to accept the energy in whatever form it appears and this is one of the forms that is constant in my dreams. I stop and the energy now forms up into a sphere that surrounds me. I have no fear of this and just wait and it starts to heat up a little. It feels like the shimmering or vibrating sphere is now starting to get thicker and I am fully immersed in this ball of energy and it lasts for what feels like a minute or so. The energy totally permeates my body and I give into it till it has done whatever it wanted to do. There is an instant where I am fully back to me and then a flash of white light In my vision. It is like an intense white spot and feels like something looking out through my eyes and also a part of me as well. I see my reflection in a glass window and there is me with a hot white glow in my eyes. I understand that I have now changed in some way and stand still to let this feeling take hold and accept it fully.

A little later I am standing next to 2 DC’s and tell them this is a dream and they give me some flack and say to prove it. I tell them I will fly and so attempt to do this and can’t get off the ground. Because I am in a playful mood I was not flying on purpose and was waiting for them to start laughing at me and on cue they did this and started mocking me. At this point I said I can fly but is this special and I jumped up a couple of inches of the ground but on landing sunk into the ground till just my head was out above the paving. At his point the DC’s were looking quite sick and very confused.

Wake up


NOTE; this was nice set of events as I have been wanting to be flooded by the energy that appears in my dreams but always stop short and in this instance after backing away from the flames I got the barrier. With accepting this it then surrounded me and filled me with a vibrating green light and then produced the intense spot of while light that was in me and part of me.

Still feeling good a few hours later


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Dreaming and not lucid, looking into the darkness and a peak forms up. It is a steep mountain side and my kids are playing on the sides of this slope. Its very steep and I am worried they are going to fall and get hurt. My oldest daughter is on the verge of falling but not quite slipping off, I know it does not look quite right but the fear of them getting hurt does not allow me to see that it is a dream. She is on the side but slips a little and then finds her way to the top again.

I look and the scene changes once more, I am still looking into the darkness like a remote view and not there but observing and now they are closer to me and on top of another very steep peak. It is a pinnacle and my boy is now on the edge, he falls and I am in a real panic as I cant help him. He is falling but more floating and a bit of my mind knows this is a dream but the fear of my children getting hurt overrides the logic and wont allow me to understand it is a dream.

I need to get help and so I leave and now instead of observing I am walking down a slope to a beach. It is familiar to me and I am now on the water line, there are waves and rocks and drift wood. All of this is holding me up and stopping me getting help. I struggle past and then see a bridge in front of me and start climbing along the supports to find my way up and along. It is now getting smaller and tighter and I am forcing my way along, still not fully aware that it is all a dream.

I have not climbed onto the top of the bridge and find myself in an area that looks like a bus with seating along each side and I move to the end of this space and out a door into a bigger area.

Here there are 3 DC’s and I explain my need for help, they seem pleased with me.

Dream ends


Note; About 3 days after this dream I am away and waiting to pick up my children and on the other side of the road a house is on fire. I am the second on the scene and there is a couch outside that is fully alight and the side of the house is on fire. I see one of the house owners and get him to the street; he is a bit stressed but listens.

A lady, the other occupant of the house wants to go inside but I stop her. On looking in the house is burning with thick black smoke filling the room. It gets dark in less than a minute and is near flash point. I get between her and the door, ask is she has any children or pets inside and she answers no so I stop her and get her to the street and safety. She was pretty stressed and might have gone in for no good reason. I think I had made the choice to not follow her if she tried but this is in hindsight and would have been intuitive at the time.

Its not hard to make a link from the dream to the reality of a fire, assisting but walking away if needed. Most likely not related but who knows

Just a dream

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WBTB – Lucid

G, C, 5 HTP before bed time

Lying in bed at 4am, waiting and dream entry by WILD around 445am.

Easy entry just waited and slipped out of bed and walked away into the darkness. I could not see and tried to open my eyes but no go so did not force it. I felt the wooden floor and walked to the glass doors and gently pushed my way through.

I find myself in a house that is close to mine but not quite and as is common my children are there. There nana arrives and is talking my eldest daughter away, we don’t talk but I watch and she collects her and leaves after a short time.

I am wandering around and try for one of my goals and that is to see if I can get some direction from the dream on how to manage my share trading in real life a little better. With this though in mind I look around the room I am in and see a few old style leather bags. I start to open them and expect to see some papers or a book or something inside but the first one is empty and so is the second bag. I then pull the lining out and pull the bag to bits looking for a secret pocket or anything but get nothing. (note; msg is that there is nothing new I need to know and keep doing what works…)

I then decide that I want to draw some sketches or pictures so I make a small bit of paper appear and have fun making this grow to a sketch pad sized bit of art paper. I have no pencils and don’t think to make some but instead pick up a book that is full or images. I am looking at these and want to remember them for daytime use and so put the book into my head. This has the effect of what feels like a data transfer with the feeling of thousands of images going into my memory. I have vague recall of the images and the book was full of images that came to life as I turned each page. They were haunting and each page was darkness with a lesser dark patch and scenes of bush or cites embedded in them.

I am again in a room and there is a young boy watching a TV and an electric guitar is being played. While I watch the TV changes to show circuits that represent the sounds being played. I find this interesting and grab a metal rod that was next to me and start to trace it on the TV and make new connections and this has the effect of changing the music being played. This is fun and I spend some time joining and changing the circuits on the board and seeing what noises I can make.

I now am close to wakening and let the dream go and my vision if flooded with HI. This imagery is made of small semicircles and there are uncountable numbers of them. They come into being and then spread out to form flat planes and then twist and morph into fluid patterns. At points there are vertical columns forming up and rising and they collapse into the base and form up again. They are in green, red and blue.

I am very close to waking but relax into the HI and find myself in a dream and on the top of a gentle slope leading down to the beach. It is a dark scene with the black sea and what look like patches of silver energy sparking up on the shore line. I walk towards these patches and feel the grass and sand under my feel. There is a wonderful sense of calmness as I wander down and I become aware of another form just behind me. There is a familiar energy to the figure and I just allow it to accompany me to the beach and make no effort to talk and just accept the company.

I watch the sea for a short time and then wake myself

This dream lasted around an hour or so


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Just a small insight that has me thinking about dream awareness and what I have gained and lost over the years.


I woke up a few times in the early hours on Sunday morning. The night was full of vivid dreams and the last awakening was around 530am and I had a phone call to make at 615 so was in that want to sleep a little longer and need to wake soon place in my head.

I drifted into sleep and a vivid dream and was talking to a few people. It was typical of my vivids with everything as real as daytime but I was not lucid. The dream was playing out and I got the thought that I need to stop the dream now and wake up as I had a phone call to make so I said that to the DC's I was with and just woke up. It was interesting as it felt like a duel awareness at the time with me both in the dream and observing the dream.

The timing was correct and all was well as I got my phone call made.


I wonder how close to lucid I am in these vivid dreams and what part of me is observing in this semi duel awareness with the next step being a solid connection and then the inducing the spark that creates lucid awareness.

I will try to play around with some time based reality checks along the lines of seeing if at certain times I can add the (its 3am, have a look around and check to see if I am dreaming)



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Interesting vivid dream. Thinking and acting and making choices with some recall but not lucid



In a house and they are outside, armed and hunting. I look around and its just me here. Outside I see shadows in the daylight quietly moving around with one set of rooms between me and them. Now there is one inside, walls mean nothing. I open the door and surprise it, take their weapon. It is odd and not assembled correctly so I strip it and reassemble as I know what is required. All the bullets are on the ground and I select the correct ones. They are small round plastic tubes with a needle at one end and have amber fluid just waiting inside.

Now loaded and ready, they are still outside and I move into a bigger room with a door to the outside. There is one in a chair and it has a weapon ready and loaded. A shadow at the door and then a spark and a beam flashes. The one in the chair is gone, me next. I look, wait and the figure comes through the door. This one if familiar, a shape and form that is on the edge of memory. Words, we want you and mean no harm. I have no fear as more of them come into the room. A living rope is offered to me and I put my hands into the loops of the twisted strands. They hold me firm with gentle pressure and my hands start to pulse. Now behind me one puts hands or claws around my face from behind, probing and searching the drift over my eyes, down and then to the side of my head. Now stopping and with gentle pressure into my mind.

I am now connected – no pain and no fear



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The window


I had an early evening lucid and they are rare for me. It was after a long day driving and I was exhausted so when I went to bed I was in an exhausted state but my mind was active but not to the extent of out of control. I had read for a while, just picked up 3 of the Seth books in one of those days when the books found me and had read about the life in cells and the memory they hold. With this thought I roamed around my body with my mind and found a warm spot so let that expand out and then though about the cells creating the warmth and the life in them. From here I was just in a dream and fully lucid. If only it could always be that easy. This lasted for a little while, woke up and then slept for a few hours.


Morning and daylight

Now awake in a fully lit room and in a very quiet hut on a farm I had rented for a few days. I relaxed with closed eyes and soon drifted into a lucid dream and again it was so easy I was amazed.

This was a very aware fully lucid state.


Now lucid and the dream lasted around 30 minutes in total and was real, unbroken and very vivid in all aspects. The interesting part towards the end I was talking to my brother and showing him that we were dreaming and doing this by punching a hole in a glass window and watching it repair itself and did this a few times. Now I am standing in front of the window and have my fingertips gently touching the glass and will some energy into it. There are patterns in green, yellow, blue and red and I wave my hands around and play with this for a while. It’s fun but does take some concentration to keep the energy flowing.

I now stand back a little with my arms outstretched and fingers still pointing at the glass and increase the flow of energy. The full window starts glowing and then shimmering and I keep projecting energy at the glass. It now starts to hum and this increases along with the intensity of the vibrating mass. It reaches a point where it is deafening and I feel it is about to change in some way as it is too intense to holds its state.

Here I just calm it down and end the dream.




This was a very deep lucid state and totally without any supplements at all with the control and intensity equal to anything that I have had before. What struck me was that in this case the energy or vibrating mass that I see so often was created by me and increased and sustained by me. This is the first time it has gone this way as normally it comes to me or appears to in the dream. I will go back soon if I can and allow the window or whatever to do its thing and look forward to the other side of this.


What I struggle with is that are we just having fun or finding what we all want and seek but its without meaning. Creating a reality along the lines of fantasy without any possible purpose or do we need to find purpose or create purpose in some way.

Onward is the only direction really so I guess in some way I have answered my own question but without a map or a clue to the treasure it’s a blind run.



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3/1/14 Vivid

Baby in a bag (seed pod)

On a bridge looking down to a street below and knowing it is another world and no go is down. I watched another person walk down the steps and I followed them and watched as the other person grew younger and smaller and turned into a baby. The baby was picked up by a man and put in a plastic bag, still alive and noisy so they wrapped another and then another bag around until the baby went quiet and looked like it was sleeping. It reminds me of a seed in a pod.

I moved on down a stone lined road and now it’s a hallway and a solder walked up to me and said don’t worry as you are one of us.




5/1/14 Lucid – WILD G&C

Extreme pain         Back to top

Lying in bed and waiting for the dream to appear. Some feelings of warmth and a nice set of pulsing images with no form in black and grey. Alive and dynamic with lovely movements and warmth. I miss the entry and again start to drift and this time into light and warmth. Now a smooth body exit, a gentle rising out and I am standing next to my bed in my room.

I rise up to the ceiling and exit through the roof. The feeling of moving into the solid roof starts out as normal with some tingling and vibrating in my fingers but soon turns to intense pain. I keep going and the pain is extreme. This is the most severe pain I have felt in a dream and it my hands are in agony. It goes no further that my wrists and I exit on the other side to a darkness and just wait for the scene to form up around me.

It is now light and I have vision so I look at my hands and all my fingers are black and charred and burnt nearly to the hand. They are a mess and still hurt badly. I will them to heal and nothing happens, now I start to wonder if something has happened to me in real life so I dwell on this but decide that my body is ok but am not 100% sure. Very slowly my hands form up and heal. I am relieved.


I carried on for a nice long lucid




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Vivid early evening

On a plane, flying up a valley, concerned people on board, looking out at the tops of the hills nearby, at head of valley, plane rising, big tree in front, banking turn, over.

Still on plane but floating just above a village, see people below, old way of life, farmers, craftsman, and shopkeepers

Now landed, another plane flies past, pilot leans out window and touches my hand

Vivid early morning

See a house, my house, my old house in Europe (feels this way) semidetached building, very big and extends over pave road to next block where there is another apartment and common accesses to other homes

I look in and see a lot of people inside and buses outside on road. I go in and ask them to all leave as it is a private house. They are there to see an art collection of mine. I am the artist but don’t recall painting them. They knew they were my works of art. Abstract and one of special note. They all leave.

Vivid late morning

Walking, town, park, rail car on tracks in park, pole in middle with rope attached, pushed and got on, it slowly moved and took me to end of rails.

I thought about the pole and rope, grabbed rope and swung in an ellipse. I catapulted past the wagon, it went flying past me. Fast wicked ride as I had worked out the secret on how to make it move. I went flying past the end of the rail onto the road and pushed it back to the tracks. Several DC’s came out and said sorry for not asking. They all laughed and said they were happy someone had played with the wagon and its been a while since anybody had. Now a lot of children appeared and started climbing and playing on the wagon.


One more vivid around fences, broken wires and people debating how to make the perfect repair and I watched and wondered why they just did not to the best job instead of a perfect job. They all had a go, fixed the wires, undid them and the next person had a go.



Finger tapping study

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After 3 attempts over a couple of weeks I got lucid and completed the finger tapping tasks. Really happy to have helped and it was a relief to be able to get lucid. I failed twice and tried WBTB in the early hours today with no success and then got relaxed late morning in full daylight and drifted into a dream and then got lucid.


You just cant give up and need to just relax  :D



Late morning lucid. I got up at 4am to try after WBTB with no success.

I did get lucid later in the morning in full daylight after relaxing and drifting into a dream. I got lucid by a reality check within the dream.


I am on a wharf looking at my boat moored below me, turnaround and then look back again and my boat is gone. I start searching for it and get confused but start to think I might be dreaming. I dont fully get it so wander away and into a shed next to the wharf.

A boy rides out of the shed on his bike behind me and then starts crying as the wheels disappeared off his bike. I think that if I was dreaming I could get him some new ones. I imagine for the fun of it and the wheels start to form up on the bike.


I laugh and I am lucid.


I recall that I am going to do some finger tapping for Tadas and so put out my hands in front of me. My fingers are a little blurred so I sharpen them up and then start. My fingers are in the air, no keyboard and I start tapping away. I go for a little time and then start to look around to keep the dream going, still tapping and from time to time bring my attention back to my fingers. They are nice and sharp and tapping away.


It now starts to get dark but I am not bothered by this and keep tapping in the darkness. I can still feel my fingers working in the pattern and keep going.


I think that I would like a sheet of glass in front of me like a screen and that I would like color to flow with each tap and so try to will this into the darkness. The scene comes back clear but with no structure, its just me in nothingness tapping away. I look to the air in front of me and see indents forming with each tap. They like small blue/red finger dents that a kid would put in plaster. I watch these form and then go in time to the finger tapping. This lasts for 30 - 40 sets of taps.


I now lose the lucid state and dream for a little of random events.


Wake up, feel great at the thought of getting the task completed



Into the light

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24-1/2014 Dream report for study

Into the light

WILD – 4am take supplements. 8mg of Galantamine + choline

Relaxing and drifting, starting to get to light sleep state, lose it, fully awake again, relax, now in dream.

At table eating and thinking that I am about to have a dream but I am eating and I am with other people so it is not a good look to go to sleep and dream. My partner is next to me and she is saying her meat is not cooked. I look at mine and put a fork onto it, the meat tenses up and then veins appear full of blood and the meat moves across the plate. I laugh as I was partly aware I was dreaming and this confirms it. (A loose WILD at this stage, no loss of time from relaxing to dreaming and awareness)

Awaken, smile, relax and instantly in a lucid dream. A girl is in front of me and kissing me; I am looking at her and say “hi”, she is surprised and states that I should not be able to see her. I laugh and say that I can and hold her, kiss her and then in a short time the scene changes.

I am in a room and there are a lot of people there, a gathering of some sort but I feel welcome and part of the crowd. People come to me and say hello and then move a way. I walk to a window and move through it with the usual giving of the glass and then start to fly. A lot of people come with me and one person that I know In life grabs hold of me and I take him on a flight. I tease him about being lazy and he just laughs.

We fly for a bit with no purpose and I enjoy the feel of the cold night air on my skin and the sense of being up in the air and free. The darkness also has a feel to is as if it is alive and allowing us to be there.

At this point I have 2 false awakenings, they are very solid experiences and I am used to this but have not had any for a while. I look around my room, know I am dreaming and wonder why some part of me bothers to do this.( I put my left middle finger into and through my right palm; it hurts a little and is also accompanied by a strong vibrating sensation like an electric curtain. This is very common on testing solid matter in a dream for me)

I punch the wall behind me and my hand hurts but went through the wall, I get out of bed and push my finger into the wall, into a table just because I can and then out the glass doors and into the night sky once more.

I stop flying and hover and a scene forms around me, once more in a room and I now decide to just walk and see what the dream produces for me. I start walking and keep walking into a lot of corridors and just keep going round corners till I get to a dead end. I know I can go into the wall but stop, look up and ask for more than this basic dream. I do this with a very strong intent and won’t accept no answer and a section on the wall starts to shimmer with multi coloured lights. The intensity grows and when it looks very strong and solid I move to the wall and stand in front of the patch of light. I submit to this energy. (this is a passive state and allows the light to take me, if I just enter then I end up in a dream of my making rather that a deeper experience that is beyond the normal state) At this point a female voice asks my name and I reply and say she cant refuse me.

At this point I feel my dream body or energy body being pulled to bits and dissolved to a mass of vibrating energy with no sense of me at all, in this bodyless state but with awareness I become part of the light and enter into a living tunnel and get taken for a very fast but short transit and am now directly in another room.

I look around, see a lot of people and know they are my people and I am their leader. I am accepted and see them all getting about their tasks. Its at this point a man is trying to join two bits of metal and it wont join, I will the two pieces together and they join and bond and now the man knows how to do it.


I ask this man where we are, who am I and what is the date. I am called Wiess, date ends in 12 and we are in Sweden.( I don’t take this seriously but it was a clear answer.)

I walk outside and onto a balcony; I float off this and into the air, turnaround to see what was behind me and get higher to take in the full view of the scene behind me. There is a house on the coast on a hillside and as I see more it unfolds into a very large complex of houses that are more organic in style and part of the hill and there is a sense of wonder and warmth in taking all this in.

I look for detail and try to keep it in mind as I wake myself up to record this dream.



Last night - CBTB and restless, some strong pre-HI by way of spots of blue light but did not turn into a WILD and a longtime later drifted into sleep with some strong random vivids.


In the backseat of a car with my daughter getting a driving lesson from me, Its get dangerous as she is looking at me and not the road so I take over

Following a tractor down a steep winding road and it pulls into me and nearly puts me over the cliff

See two horses, they are Clydesdales but way too long and could fit about 10 people on their backs and have 2 sets of front legs

A women on a horse riding past

A man dressed as an indian with headband and he is dragging his horse and it won't do what he wants

On the wooden floor of my room and sleeping, I wake up and see a woman looking at me

In my reading chair thinking about a post on this forum about "you are already there" and thinking that I might already asleep and not know so I should try to project, I try but can't


And if my SC is not thinking I am thick by now for missing signs this next set tops it all,


I am pulling nails out of a bit of roofing iron

My hand looks funny, a little shorter and clubby looking

I look again and my hand is now puffed with a small blister that is infected

I look again and the blister is big so I pop it and a lot of fluid comes out

It is now a big hole in my hand and with each heartbeat a big gush of clear fluid comes out

A DC is now dressing the wound, it is a massive hole like a well with clear fluid in the bottom and he folds it over and seals it up

I wake up


LOL - what does it take to just get a sign that you are asleep and dreaming. Honestly I spend lots of time thinking about the waking up or achieving the awareness that is working in the sleeping or dreaming state. It should be so easy like waking up in the morning and I feel it could be that easy.

It just gets more and more odd

Postby Majic » Sat May 18, 2013 3:33 pm


It just gets more and more odd

Postby Majic » Sat May 18, 2013 3:33 pm



Lots of vivid dreams last night, work up a few times in the early hours as as I do and recall this just before waking up for the day.


I won't term this a dream or projection just describe the experience, it has elements that have always been there but a different ending that I have had before


I am in a house with a back room and I enter this with a few people, there is nothing of note and we look around, see some furniture and normal house hold items and leave closing the door behind me.

In time I have reason to return and I walk up to the door and as I approach it I get and odd feeling in my spine and think I know what is coming. I open the door and enter the room, close the door and it is dark but gets darker now. More of a feeling of darkness or presence that pitch black. I move across the room and sit on a chair, furniture starts getting chucked at me, it slides across the room and just misses me and just keeps coming. I stay in my chair and just let it happen, the presence now feels like it is centered behind me and even though I am not looking around I know there is now something sort of human behind me. I start to feel a sharp prick of pain on the top of my head in the centre and it gets very intense and very painful. At this point I become aware of a sharp point of energy penetrating me and I start to think "no - I wont accept this" and I imagine a barrier of blue light in my mind at the top of my head. I seem to lose my sense of self but not totally bodiless and put energy into this shield of light and can feel it repelling the point that is hurting me. It goes away and withdraws to a male and I am now back to my self again. At his point the door opens and a lady come in and she looks at me and goes over to a mirror and starts to put some makeup on. The male come up behind her and stands there. She now turns around and puts her hand out and he changes shape and size until he is now a sort of animal, harmless looking and then just shrinks away.


I wake myself up


This is a nice dream for me, I used to wonder if the tingles in the spine and the associated feeling was SP from within the dream but dont think this anymore and I have felt this presence quite a few times over the years. It used to fill me with such dread that I would wake up shaking and feeling a little sick but over the years it does not do this so much but it has been a massive barrier in a dream state that I have wanted to get over as I feel it is a blockage of some kind. This might be the first time I have not woken up from this event and I am sure it is the same presence or energy each time. The pain was very real and very concentrated in a single point and I am happy that I did not get angry but merely countered the energy with something a little stronger.

The lady was a surprise and she helped by possibly showing me that it was always nothing and that now I can move on.


I wont claim to be lucid but had enough awareness to do what I did with recall from the past and the ability to focus on what was needed. All interesting

through the portal

Postby Majic » Thu May 23, 2013 9:18 am


4 hours sleep, WBTB and some supplements, relax and wait for the shivers in my spine, roll over and watch the show in my eyes and allow the dream to take me in.


Goals to see if I can get 360 degree vision and get past the energy portals


In a room filled with people, very clear scene and lots of noise like a conference with happy people meeting each other yet again. I discreetly poke a finger into my hand to firm up my mind and the wee tingle sharpens up my senses as well. I talked to a DC that looked like a person that works for me, she was pleasant and fully with it and was looking around more that interacting with other people and so I moved on into the crowd. I found a man I know well and talked to him, he seemed just a little lost so I kept with him for a longtime and we chatted about mutual interests as we were walking around. I started to get tears forming up in my eyes and suspected that this character had just passed and though he looked like a friend that was for my sake and so I kept him company until he seemed to find a few people he knew. At that stage I told him they would look after him and then moved away.

I now tried for my first goal of 360 degree vision, I have got to around 300 before and it is mind blowing to see a panorama to that extent in one go as it defies the senses and while you can see to this extent I find it hard to put in any perspective that makes sense.

I tried for a while but could not get the focus so looked up at the ceiling and found a spot that started to change and pulse with energy. The scene around me started to lose its meaning and I felt my energy being drawn out of my dream body and start to rise up the the ceiling and gave into this force with a relaxed mind. Around the point where I had totally left my dream body and was mixing with the energy I felt the presence of several DC's and suspect it was my usual team around me. The feeling was one of a very solid set of forms and they were talking about me, it seemed they were holding me in the energy state and talking about my physical body as they were discussing my health and then I heard the words from one saying "ok - let him through"


I am now in a very big room with a general coloring of black, it is easy to see but the overall impression is of darkness and efficiency in the setting and feeling of the place. It is like a big lecture theatre or court with a central area that was cleared and a lot of people in dark clothing like a uniform placed around with tablets and clipboards in use and it gave the impression of a research facility. It was odd as I don't think anyone had seen or sensed me and I quietly looked around and just observed people interacting with each other and getting about their business. I noticed a slightly lighter spot on the floor to one side of the center area and walked over to this and moved over there. I stood on this spot and for fun raised my arms and said " I am here, not what you expected or who you expected but here I am so what now" There were a lot of shocked people that could now see me for the first time and I watched the reactions for a bit and then the scene faded and I woke up.



No fear, no panic, allowed the energy to transport me, DC's not allowing me through until they were sure my physical body was ok, the room I ended up in was very solid and real looking and I did a few quiet RC's while looking at people to confirm I was dreaming and keep my awareness solid,

I had been reading about retrieval on this site and have had many experiences in the past so may have seeded this dream or been led there because of the thoughts

I had been reading about a member on another forum that took part in a PSI research project and may have seeded the events past the portal


The energy was there as soon as I looked

My "team" as I now like to call them was there. In spite of denial in the past they have been regular over 20 or 30 years. I am a slow learner  :D

They allowed me past and into wherever. This may be my next area of reality to explore and I am very happy at this thought. At the least I have a lot of interesting nighttime adventures to look forward to and at the most another untapped area of my or a common reality or area of consciousness to explore


Beautiful awakening

Postby Majic » Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:10 am


CBTB 4am


Good sleep, cup of coffee and back to bed at 4am

Settling in nicely to some light HI of blue energy. Start to think of something I read about blind people using skin as a sense organ and using this input to see images. Start to think of a band of skin on my upper back for eyes and relax into this. I get some total body shivers and they last for a few seconds and keep coming back several times. I am now close to losing external senses, miss the entry and am now standing in mums kitchen at home. Not lucid at this stage and the scene is totally real. There are a lot of gadgets on the bench and I look at them turn around and walk down the hall. Mum is there as a light image, just more that a shadow and I tell will her into solid form, ( I am fully lucid now, got it and done a RC) she looks very confused to see me, I say that it is ok and give her a cuddle. She walks on to the kitchen, returns, walks past me and past her bedroom and out the door and fly's away. Her body changes from her current age to that of a child.


I see a mirror on the wall, look at myself and see the usual odd version but say, "sorry not this time, I am used to this and this will not shock or even surprise me anymore" I turn around and am now in a scene that has a few DC's that have purpose. One looks at me and then calls out for me to come over. I step into a circle and he comes forward and tells me I am ADD and he can cure me. I laugh and say that I am not, I have a strong mind and it does not need curing. He smiles and comes to me and puts his hand on my head, looks puzzled and says he will try. I tell him that I am very strong and he has no chance and I want to receive some skills or energy to allow me to explore further into my mind and this dream space. I am invited to lay down on some matts and he places his hand on my chest. I start to get some vibrations and the DC now turns into a cloud of dark energy and I absorb this into my body.


A female comes over and sits on my chest, I know her weight and the feel of her body and her special scent. I fill my senses with her and slowly awaken to a mixture of both worlds filling me. I spend a lovely few minutes basking in this memory

Ultimate RC

Postby Majic » Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:38 am


Following along the line of our dream bodies being a thought form that we place awareness into for the purpose of getting around the dreamspace I finally managed to do a rather severe RC a couple of weeks back.


Normally I will put a finger through the other hand and all the tactile feelings firm up the senses as well as letting me know I am dreaming and I have always wondered about putting my hands inside my head to see what happens. Finally I worked up the courage to put finger in each ear, push them in till they met and then bunch up my fists and have a good wriggle around inside my dream head. It was funny as hell, poking around inside my head knowing I was dreaming and in a lot of ways very refreshing to have made another small step in understanding the dream body.

If confirms for me that awareness is placed in the dream body but does not reside there, the body is a tool for getting around.

Just to scare him

Postby Majic » Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:12 pm


Just to scare him

Good sleep, lots Vivids, drifting off at 7am

Looking at an old building that I own, big place and has a haunted look about it and I like it and am quietly looking at the place and one wing that is older and more rundown than the rest. I know there is energy in there that has come and scared me in the past and smile at the thoughts of this and all the past terrors and ejections from dreams that have occurred.

A man appears next to me, he is my caretaker and looks after the building for me and is telling me he does not like the old wing as it scares him and he thinks there are ghosts there. I tell him there are and they have annoyed me in the past but are just playful and not that bad. We are in a small courtyard and I say they will sometimes run a ghostly finger up your spine and give you a shudder to let you know they are there and I did this to him while I was talking, he straightened up a little and looked a bit odd. Next I said that they will sometimes float around in the air in front of you just to show you that they can and I said see “just like this” and I floated up a little and hovered in front of him to show him how. About this time he just bolted out of the scene and was gone. I was lucid and knew it but the DC did not know it was a dream so I guess that maybe I just pinged some dreamer somewhere out of a dream and they are now awake in a cold sweat thinking about the dream they just had that was so real and scary.

Me and Me 2

Postby Majic » Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:39 am


Dream 2 - 20/06/2013 Me and Me

Early evening – some vague recall at 130am and a sense that it was important but not enough to get an impression of what happened


WBTB 2am G + Choline

About one hour till the tingles in my spine and then 3 easy OBE with success on the 3rd one. Each time I tried to get out I was being held back by another hand, I could feel it and see it as a shadow wrapped around me upper back and chest. When I did get out I had this energy body attached to me and I took it across the room and along for the ride with me. I felt that it was from inside me so a second energy body or being was lurking around somewhere. I was now hovering in the air above the yard and looked at me looking at me. Laughing I said we are both the same person and it was funny just looking at an amused but happy me. The second body was excited to be there and had a familiar face and the correct imprint to be me but appeared to be a lot younger.

I looked around the yard and at the house, it was full daylight and spring time and the gardens all looked great and I described the trees in the orchid to my companion as we drifted around for a while. He now asked if he could experience a bar crossing at the local river mouth in a boat and I said yes can do.

I asked the dream for a ship at sea near the bar entrance and the scene changed to us hovering over and angry sea on a dark night. I was a bit apprehensive at the force of the sea below us, it was angry and has the surging power that only an experienced seaman understands when they are near river entrances. The way we were being pitched and tossed made me realize that we were standing on a ship but it had not become part of the dream just yet as it had not formed up. A few moments later we were standing on the deck of a ship and we moved into the galley, up some stairs and into the bridge. It was steel lined bridge and quite cold and as it should be – almost.

I laughed as the dream had left out the ships wheel and so I had to steer by will power but no problem and I used my mind to guide us along the waves for a while. The other me was getting concerned as his sea legs were not good and he was getting tossed about and his fear (I think) was causing changes in the scene. The door disappeared and bridge was starting to get smaller and close in like a steel coffin. I grabbed him and moved to a wall and gently started to push and rub the steel, it gave way and I took my friend out into the night sky and into some safety. He relaxed and then I was awake in bed.


I reflected on the dream for a few moments, relaxed and then had another OBE. I rolled out of bed into a fully lit room, walked across the wooden floor and felt the wood under my feet and was amazed as I am from time to time at the reality of the experience. At the glass door I gently pushed and rubbed as the reality discouraged me from just running and crashing though, went out and into the sky again and then off to wonderland for a nice long lucid


3 sets of long lucids just exploring what was presented for the fun of it.

The first dream was different as the other energy body or me I have met before and once he jumped on my back while walking across the room and we had a wrestle, this time it felt as if he wanted to come out from within and to experience something from the past, out past but in this life

Need to destroy

Postby Majic » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:51 am


Lucid – no sups, easy gentle entry from dream state


Asleep and walking around in a room, go to switch light on and it won't work – great dreaming; don’t bother with a reality check, fully lucid now.

I have this urge to wreak something and don’t fight this so think about some form of destruction. I am standing on a hillside and hear a thunderous sound and look up to see a massive wall or water and mud is coming at me. It is reaching up to the sky and blotting out the world so I rise up above this and am now standing on a ship’s deck, this ship is more like a floating city is it so big.

There is a man standing next to me and he is in charge of this floating city but not sure what to do. I look at him and know he was a leader in some army and used to commanding people but not in a peaceful role. I tell him that he is now a leader of a lot of scared people and must find direction for them as they are all looking to him for leadership. He is familiar to me and in some way a part of me, I see scars on him that I have on my body and I show him these and show him that he is dreaming but needs to take charge and direct his people as they will follow in whatever way he chooses.

I rise into the air and enter another dream. About 2 more playful lucid dreams and I wake


DC got me lucid (last paragraph)

Postby Majic » Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:44 am


Dream 4 29/06/2013 Just a laugh. DC getting me lucid

0515am CBTB Drifting into a nice warm energy and in a dream lucid from the start

Lucid and in a building that looks like a research hospital with security areas. I walk past a man in uniform and smile at him as I go past to a locked door and just walk through it. He raises the alarm and opens the door, says out loud “Intruder in the building. We need to find him” when asked which intruder he points at me and says “That one, that intruder” Realising how silly that all sound he start laughing and so do I. We are both now on the floor rolling around laughing like idiots.


Some random wandering and a new scene Lucid

In small hut with tight entrance, I crawl out and my ex-partner is there sitting down on a chair. She invites me over and asks me to sit down which I do. I look at my knee and see that my jeans are now on fire, she had turned up the heater that was next to me and was watching my clothes burn. I put out the flames and walk away into a market place.

There are a lot of people milling around and I notice some big slabs of steel on the ground. They are about 2 meters wide and 1 high so big and heavy. I will one of them off the ground and into the air. It is now hovering just off the ground and I start to give it spin and when it is going nice and fast I release it to the sky. It disappears into the distance with a now howling sound.

Looking around I see two small sleek space ships. They are dark green and a cross between a helicopter and a saucer and are just coming into view where I can see detail. I put my hands up to direct some energy and will one to land near me. This takes a lot of effort to get it landed as it hesitates a few times and I suspect the machine is partly organic and has some will of its own and is looking for strength and a firm mind to control it.

I approach it and a bubble of glass opens and I get in. I am now sitting in a cockpit similar to a helicopter but devoid of controls. I will it off the ground and we are now facing a sinister looking building and the craft puts out energy in horizontal sheets. We make some big slices in the building and when the job is done turn around and face the crowds in the market place. They are all happy and cheering for us. I now place protection around the ship and looking up we move away into the void.

Woke up and back to sleep. Vivid to lucid

Going down a path to the beach with a friend – now it’s a track – now it’s a tree lined road – now its a tunnel – now it’s a wooden lined tunnel – now its getting closed in and I cant see the light at the end.

I look around to see my friend and he is hiding behind a beam, I say “I can see you” he laughs and melts into the wall and says “what about now?” He comes out and laughing says “we are dreaming” and has shown me and told me that we are dreaming. I am now fully lucid. For the second time tonight I have had a good laugh with a DC and for the first time a DC has shown and told me that we are dreaming and this got me lucid again.



Lucid on coffee

Stayed lucid with high level of control

Went from vivid to lucid in last dream due to a DC showing and telling me we were dreaming. This is a first for me

DC followed me to another dream

Postby Majic » Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:41 am


5 HTP at bedtime WBTB G + C @ 4am


Relaxing and just drifted easily into dream – just there in a soft instant

In the room and standing, looking around and smiling at the awareness and feeling of having entered the dream from waking awareness. I drift up through the ceiling and keep going in the darkness not bothering to open my eyes and just accepting the feelings of floating up. There are a few gentle tugs at my mind on the way up, they are familiar and I understand that each little tug or resistance on the way could be a level or dream if I choose to focus on the feelings but let the dream take me as high or as far as it want, no hurry and no purpose at all. Each little tug has a presence attached to it, sometimes words or quiet voices or a feeling of the air around me being a little more solid but I keep floating up till the dream stops me.


I open my eyes to find myself in a house, old grand style but very clean and like new. The scene is a party or gathering with a lot of well-dressed people milling around and enjoying themselves. I start to walk around and into rooms, now the scene has changed just a little and then it is different, some crowd but now even thought I am inside the feeling is of being out in nature and the furniture looks like it is alive and it catches my attention. The shapes of everything are rounded and lovely to touch with a smooth texture and a warmth coming form the inside to add to the feeling or life. The colouring is a light green with some soft browns and a patchy mottled colouring is the main style of the surroundings. There are a lot of people around and they are more like groups of families now that the party goers in a recent scene. I talked to a few people, just chatter but clear and precise speech but mainly looked and observed as I like to do. After a long time I walked away and moved to a new scene, similar but the surroundings a little more harsh and normal in shapes, lines and sharper in colour.

A DC from the past dream now spits in my face, it is un-expected and I am surprised by don’t react just look at him. He says that I have offended his child in the last dream, I have no idea at all of what he is referring to and he does not explain but I follow him back to the last dream and to see his wife. She leads me to another room and there is a small child there, I pick up the child and she rolls out of my hands to land on a blanket and her legs are missing. I see the legs next to her and look at the women and she tells me to put them on. I don’t really know what to do but pick them up and place the under her garment and they snap into place. The child now turns into a beautiful doll and I give her back to the mother and walk away.

I am in another dream and see my mother; she is looking as she always does in life but has the presence of a young girl with an eager face and energy and is dancing like a child. I watch for a bit and then drift away again up and through the ceiling and let the dream take me where it wants.

I am now in a city, big and busy and find myself looking at a motorway full of cars. There is a feeling of anger around me but not coming from me and as I am watching I see a big slip fall onto the road and become an hazard to the traffic. The presence is now happy at this slip and as I am watching I see it start to clear and move off the road before anyone hits it. I realise that I have just don’t this but was not aware until the last rocks were cleared of the effort I was putting in.


I now decide to run and simply do this, just big long bounding steps and enjoying the feeling of this.

Feel awareness start to slip away and don’t prolong the dream, awake now and basking in the feelings still alive in me from the dream.


Dream time around 40 minutes

End of now

Postby Majic » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:24 pm


Been a bit slack lately, had a good run of Lucids and a lot of Vivids with a wide range of content and should have made time to post them in the past weeks.


This one from last night, it was a vivid but I am tending to think of these type of dreams or experiences as what Monroe might call a rote or a active way of learning presented by the SC for a purpose. Not this one but some of the dreams will play out a few times until I get it or more often than not my SC gets fed up with me not getting it and retires for the night.


I have been thinking about the while light experience and stepping through the portal into the beyond. It came up here a while back and a member talked about it and made the comment that if I do step into or thought I won’t want to come back. I have had this in mind and was going void hunting a couple of nights back when lucid but the dream was interesting so I stayed in the state I was.


Last night – vivid or learning rote??


Underground in what looks like a big tunnel with some train tracks that I appear to be standing on. After a better look around I am in a tight deep valley and off in the distance there is a ball of intense white light consuming the world. It is slowly advancing my way and destroying all in its path.

There are others spaced out along the way trying to stop it and each time one of them gets killed the dream changes for an instant and I am looking at a notice like a big newspaper in black and white and an image of the dead person and how they died.

One by one they go, just me and my partner left. I don’t know him but he is with me – how he is gone and again the paper is flashed into my mind and his death notice is staring at me. I see a way up but it is being guarded and they will shoot me if I break cover to get there. I look back and the light is coming, it fills my vision and I start to feel the heat. I now look to the left and there is a track and it is opposite and just past the riflemen. I run and start to go up there as I get to the top the heat is increasing and I am now facing a wire fence with a small hole in it. It is too small but I force myself into the gap and just get through in time. The light is not gone and I am standing on a quiet country road.


So I missed again, I was wanting the white light and I didn’t even have to go looking for it. The dram bought it to me. With some more intent I would have got lucid and marched right on in but it will have to be another night now.

My other world

Postby Majic » Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:07 pm


No big effort to get lucid lately but trying a few ideas posted here


Last night playing with breath and dropped into a dream but missed entry, woke up a few minuted later and laughed at myself for the lost opp but no big deal.


Carried on relaxing and drifted into sleep and became aware in the dream state. Didnt bother with reality check as I knew I was dreaming and had a look around and seen a few DC's. One was totally white and this supprised me so I looked at him/her but didnt talk and wandered around, I had been thinking about some business issues that I wanted sorted before sleep and seen a friend of mine that is in business and respect (nice of my SC to present this) so I had a talk about what was concerning me and we had common issues and I felt good after this.


I was moving around the dreamspace and fully aware of my body in bed and thinking that I was making a bit of noise and jumping around so hope that I was not moving my physcial body and disturbing my partner asleep beside me in WR. I have moved my arms before from within the dreamspace when I was expermenting with body awareness and so am wary of this when I am lucid as I know I can do it if I want to.


I was pleased with my control, fully aware and just looking around with no intent, not a long dream but very stable and bought on so easy and of practical use in WR due to a conversation with a DC


Postby Majic » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:03 am


Interesting and some details that I had forgotten, this is from mid 2012



Usual mix of G&C @ WBTB


1st exit was very easy after waiting for the sups to work and got up to walk to the glass doors for the flight away. I got through the door and there was nothing at all, a grey emptiness that was not the void or anything that I had ever seen before. It was like the dreamworld had just gone, I was puzzled at this and did not know what to do. Went back to my sleeping body and felt very ripped of about this and pondered on it for a while.


Still lying in bed thinking about this and curious as the sup mix is nearly 100% effective for me and allows for lots of re-entries into dreams. I am sure I was awake as my cat came in and made some noise and jumped onto the bed with me. I just thought "stuff this" I want to dream and willed myself to the doors again and was surprised that I did just that, there was no feeling of exit of any sign that I was asleep and I am very sure that I was not asleep. I am now at the glass doors and they are resisting me but I do not accept this and gently push and rub my hands on the glass, I can feel the energy that makes the doors pushing back and again feel this all around me but this time I have no intention of being rejected by the dream so I keep at the process and get what I call a quiet rage rising up in me that Is a sign that tells me it is not possible to fail at my task.


I now float out into the greyness and it lightens up to normal clarity


I am on a ship made of green metal and in a chamber, I feel like a captive but not sure so start to roam around my inclosure a little and it get bigger as I move around and I find some people. They are small and in green uniforms (LOL - little green men and women) I look out a window and there is a row of ships moored alongside a big city and I see explosions destroying them and they are getting closer to us. The explosions are noiseless and like small suns but not in bright colours. I say I want to help but need to understand some of their secrets to do so. They say that they can trust me and will help me to help them but the information needs to be injected as it is contained in a fluid and I agree to this. The needle has a small curved blade at one end, a small metal body and three small blades at the other end like small filaments. It is placed on the top of my forearm and the blades extend, pierce the skin and then spread sideways to make a small cut and then dig in a little. I am told to wait and they will withdraw when they are done and this happens. The process is painless and I feel more pressure than anything.

This happens and I wait and no change...

I now leave his area and people move aside for me, I take control of the ship and we fly away, the ship is a space ship and we are gone.


There were a few other dreams as well, all lucid and interesting but not quite the same as this.

I have never been rejected by the dream before or seen the emptiness that I experienced and was startled by this and annoyed as well.

The second entry I am very sure was not from a FA as it did not feel the same and I had a scratch or tow and was disturbed by the cat. I am wondering if it is possible to have a duel awareness and be in both our physical bodies and energy bodies at the same time and if so intent will choose which one to place awareness into. It was instant that I decided to go to the doors and try again and it was a change from lying in bed to OBE and again of the instant.

Portals 1

Postby Majic » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:05 am


Some thought during the day on giving into the energy portals next time they appear in my dreams. There is always awareness either before they appear or they are the cause of the awareness and create the instant of lucidity.


No sups


I am in a hospital and due an operation, there are nurses and a doctor near me and they are discussing my case but I cant hear them so just relax on the bed and await my turn. I am now in the theatre which is a section of room with other people in there and more like a waiting room but it does not concern me. A doctor puts a mask on me and I know it is going to knock me out for the operation and I will wake up afterwards and think to myself that this is serious and I will either wake up or not wake up at all. I wonder how long until I am out and start to count as I expect to be under by the count of 4 as I know they always tell lies and you think that it will be about 8 or 9 until it happens. I cant breathe as there is no gas and no air and I recall that they are going to operate on my brain. I start to think this is all a bit serious. Lucid - I am fully aware and not happy, cant breathe and lose body awareness and in front of me is a seething boil of energy starting to expand. I panic and wake up.


Missed opportunity, this was unexpected and becoming lucid at that instant with the thoughts of the vivid dream threw me.


Take mix of G and Choline.

Tired and go to sleep, dreaming and become lucid with no apparent trigger


Trying to catch a fish and get told there is a lake up the road that is better. I am now on the lake edge and my partner is there. She jumps into the lake for a swim and I watch and then decide to to do the same. I have my clothes on and just jump, the water is nice and I sink down a long way and then start to gently float up to the surface. I am looking down and the water darkens in a patch below me, I am now in the grip of some force and it starts to pull me down, I accept this and start to get pulled down into the water. It now becomes a rush and I lose body awareness and find myself travelling through the void among what I feel is water at its smallest possible state. It is calming and the pattern is relaxing and soothing and I am in a world of blue symbols.




I did not ask for anything in these dreams but did seed the goal of energy portals and giving into them. The first dream was a surprise and a nice trick of the SC, I got what I asked for and in a very intense way. The later dream was good as I dont really like deep cold fresh water lakes and to have this presented to me and to accept and give in was good. I lost it in the end but thats ok as I will get more and more accepting of these portals in time and use them to lead me or ask for them to take me to some place of interest soon


CWILD and the dream stopper

Postby Majic » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:09 am


Interesting CWILD this morning.

Up for about 40 minutes and a cup of coffee then back to bed.

I was repeating the mantra ( I will accept any energy or event that appears to me) as I was drifting into the dream

Some chatter in the head for a while and just ignoring this and watching the blackness in my head flash and pulse with some random lights, the familiar blue patch starting to expand, pulse and absorb me.



I am watching myself descend a steep mountain pass on my bike, its wet and I am very nervous on the slippery road and take some care, going a little fast and want to shed some speed but also very weary of brakes locking and losing it. I get it under control and then start thinking that as I am dreaming I can go a little faster as all I need is belief and I will come to no harm. I continue into a very fast decent and feel high from the fun of it.


I am in a room and there are a few people there, someone hands me a small container and it is full of very small needles and test strips, I lean over to see and get a few hundred needles in my hand. Someone says sorry as they dropped a lot of them and forgot to tell me, they are small and sharp so I proceed to take them out and each one hurts. After a while I just will them out as I am dreaming and it’s the easy way.

I want to move on so I go to a room and there is mirror there so I start to push myself through it, there is a DC watching and he is curious so I explain that I am off somewhere and the mirror is my gateway. I am struggling as it’s a little way off the ground so I get up on the basin and launch myself at the mirror and go through.

I am now at the top of a steep street, I have been here before and look forward to what is about to happen. I find my board, jump on and start to descend the street. I scare everyone, push carts out of the way, bash a group of louts off the street and push a racy looking car of the road. An old lady is in the way; I slow down and let her past.


I am now walking up the end of the street and the road widens, people get scarce and there are some big buildings around. I sit on a stone wall and look around. When I get off the wall it crumbles and I get off and walk away, I look at the building and wonder about wrecking it but decide not to. I look at the wall and decide to repair it, with will power I direct some stones into place one at a time and then pick up a big heap (with will) and direct them to the wall and they place themselves in a nice pattern. I now notice some masons working and they are looking and ask me to move some big rocks the size of trucks for them, I look at the pile and select a very big one, it rises and I start to move it up the hill to where they say they want it.


The dream just stops and a DC appears in front of me, we are both in the air floating at this stage. He says don’t move the rocks as it is the stoneworkers job. I ask who are you and his face scrolls through several DC's that I have seen many times and he says he is always watching me in some way and he is always there. I get a feeling of immense strength. I say I want to move deeper in my dreams and will he help me. His reply is that yes he will and I am to follow him and he will give me a clear node to use for dreaming (whatever that means?)

We go to a normal looking place, rural land, barns and workshops - his place I feel. I am there for a while and look at him hook up to a machine, he breathes into it and two other DC's breathe out what he put in.

Nothing appears to happen to me and so I wander away, still at his place an in the air I lift up a big slap of white marble and using a finger pointed at the slab I carve a figure, sort of a head on top and a body make of threads and swirls.

This is similar to some of my energy drawings of a dream body but more substance.


I feel this is all that’s needed and wake myself up.


The appearance of the DC, his words and the many faces that he displayed were a shock. This character was just pure strength and stopped my dream dead, it just froze and he appeared and told me “NO” but also agreed to help me in my task. I have no idea how he did or if he did, he also said that if I ever need him just ask and he will appear, I asked how and the reply was “just ask”


mix and an interesting entry on sleeping

Postby Majic » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:14 am


Dream recall is back and a very busy night


I tried some guided visualization last night on going to bed and dropped into a dream, I woke from that and got and not sure what happened but got a result.


Vivid at bedtime

My kids going onto a river, one drifts away and is out of sight. I then see her swimming and she gets back safe. Recall thinking that she is young and I did not think she could swim that well. I was relieved.


Wake, attempt a WILD. This is in the early evening and about 20 minutes after going to bed and just after the first dream that occurred. So much for not dreaming in the early evening


I was attempting a WILD and not sure what happened, again the mantra of accepting energy and the fact that I wanted to get lucid. No other goals.


Relaxing, mantra in my head, feel very subtle energy shift away from body and put my awareness there and want to ride this to a lucid state.

Next instant I am lying in bed and describing to a female the process of going from awake to lucid via an OBE. I tell her that I relax, I feel my mind change, I smile inside at this shift, I feel a vibration in my hands, I see some lights pulsing in my vision, I feel my energy body leaving my physical body. All the time I am taking to her and can see her. Next it gets odd, I now say that I have just left my physical body and my awareness is now in my energy body and I felt the shift and can she still here me. She replies that yes she can and what is happening now, I am now in a partly formed scene with some crystals of some sort in front of me. There is a big pile of them and in watching they start to change to small balls or particles. I now put out my arms and stretch towards them and the energy flows from them into me, I spent a few minutes like this and tell the lady that I was taking energy from this matter and now I have enough.


Wake up


I am not sure what happened as I was lucid from the onset and while it was a process that I am familiar with it was described in great detail along with the actions. There was a chance of a duel awareness here with me describing but also receiving so it was a lesson that polished up my ability to get lucid. Looking forward to getting to bed tonight. I will start using the ZEO again to see if this is REM or not




Boats, chasing fish, boat goes ashore, boat is now a horse and injured, I lay next to horse and comfort it.


Opening of new museum and I am invited, have work boots on and cant go in, get given bright pink shoes by doormen and go in


I am given a bracelet of some sort, it made of a thin silver wire and has small dots of sliver on it. They start to attach to me and sting. it get worse if I leave it so i pull them off one at a time and they leave small holes in my skin, bleed and hurt. I keep pulling them off


On phone to friend, he sounds hungover, he is now next to me. People are in my house and eating and drinking, they are getting out of control and I want them to go.


Home is now a multi sortied building and people are stealing, I get them out


I see a picture of me on the wall, it is life size and I am holding a child, I see that it is one of my daughters. I look at the face and it is the familiar one of me with two sets of eyes and the upper set is independent of me and looking out at me. The various DC's that are around are a little scared of this image and shy away, I am not worried, I dont understand it but have come to terms with seeing my face like this a long time ago.


In the Kitchen and my partner is wanting to get her hair cut very short, she does not think I will like it but I say to do what she wants and I will be happy.


Big night with 11 dreams and one lucid in there. It was an interesting one and like a lot of them I am still glowing from the charge up and looking forward to polishing up the dream entries. It was without supps of any kind and that is nice.

Talking to a DC

Postby Majic » Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:30 pm


Sometime last year, tried to get a DC to talk in a new way (for me)


Mind blowing dream last night.


Up at 3am

2 4mg caps of G, 2 300mg caps of Choline, 1 banana (I like them...)


Goal was inspired by Dr T ( holy grail - get the DC to let you know you are dreaming


I had a very restless night and spend a long time looking and enjoying HI and fighting with myself to get OOB, strong exit feelings and energy body formed but seemed to be stuck and tried everything except relaxing to get it out and join it.



Finally got there and got some DC together in a room, about 5 to 7 of them and we were talking about random stuff and I asked one of them if we could be friends and got the answer " I have millions of friends, why would I want one more" That's fine and I had a good group chat going so I asked for advice on getting lucid more often and every night if I wanted. I got silence and asked again and then got the big group baby talk syndrome when they dont want to say or respond. This really annoyed me and I was communicating by what I think might be commonly call telepathy - not verbal but by projecting a thought to them.


I had been thinking about the feeling language and had not tried it as I was only introduced to it a couple of days back by this board and so at after being really annoyed with the group I simply produced the thought in my mind only that I want to know how to become lucid every night if I choose. I got an instant of silence and then a very clear answer that just appeared ( you are too immature to know this just now)


On reflection what stunned me were the following points,


1 - the DC had no choice but to answer and it was a very clear answer projected into my mind in the same way insights come to me during waking time

2 - this is the shocker for me and that the reply contained emotion and that implies it was in real time, not extracted from a data base and delivered by a sulky forced to reply entity


Really keen for thoughts on this and for someone to pull it to bits and poke holes in my line of thought

careful what you ask for

Postby Majic » Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:33 pm


Last year some time


Home at last after a month away and into bed and dreaming away, I have a cold and so asked to see the bugs and wanted to try to cure myself


Vivid dream


Looking down at my body and from my quads to mid belly area I see small floating things like seeds of a dandelion plant, they are black and just floating around near me and have a small center that I assume is a seed. I am not concerned and then some of them lightly touch my skin. Next the feathery tips start to dig into my skin and the seed grows into a worm and it the ugliest bug you could ever see. Its a combo of all that gives me the shivers. This bug burrows its way into my flesh and there are a lot of these trying this. I work up the courage to push my palm over there wriggling heads and crush them, I cant bring myself to use my fingers to kill them as they are too horrid to look at and I just know they will simply burrow into my fingers anyway. As I crush each one I them grab the head and pull the worm out and throw it away. I can feel the worms being pulled out of my flesh and I do this for what feels a long time and get them all out, about 15 to 20 of them, the skin heals and I lay there exhausted (in the dream).



I wake up and am still feeling funny at the intensity of it and laugh as my SC has just had a great joke on me and gave me what I had asked for.

sometimes it just needs to be fun

Postby Majic » Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:36 pm


In a boat, in a pond at the end of the river next to a landing looking up at the plum tree wondering how to get one to eat - Glanced up the hill to see a red dot that was a chopper coming down the valley and really was a Zuesmobile. Big wheels front and back, boiler steaming at the front and back but not really a boiler just two tanks but it did have big bolts on it. In the middle was the mad but sane inventor driving - sitting next to his 4 loaves of bread inside a plastic bag he showed me the batteries and explained how the sliver/mercury liquid dampened the wheels and made it go down hills just before he tested a few light bulbs and put the working ones inside jam jars to keep then glowing. off he jumped and flipped the mobile over to show me the bottom and all the tricks and bits there and yelled at the other one that it didnt need a hatch as he could flip it. He then got in his seat and drove away on the rail tracks in the 3 storied train with his eyes glowing and his troops hanging out windows and his rag tag band of associate's here and there.


I watched it all go past in a wobbly way and then carried on running down the track trying to pass runners but with legs in glue


Just a cool vivid and watched through the eyes of a child seeing a new wonder - sometimes we just need to dream without purpose


Interesting Dueal Awareness- past life incident ?

Postby Majic » Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:41 pm


Lucid - WILD


As reserved about past lives this one will take some explaining

This was also last year some time.


One of a few dreams last night


Lucid and getting a geology lesson from a man called Chris that I know in WR. He is trying to explain a concept and I am not familiar with the word. He shows me a picture of what he means and I get that we are talking about a volcanic vent and ask him is that is the case and is it like the one that made the basalt quarry in Hallswall in Christchurch. He says yes and we talk about this for a while.



With Chris in a new scene that we have just been bumped into. There are people looking at the ground and digging and Chris explains that below is his family history and there is a story that he wants to know about. He is digging and I see a double ended tool like a paddle and pick this up and start helping him and he is OK with me digging into his family history. We are clearing dirt away from a big old tree stump and I break through into a hollow below and am told that it is the hut that his ancestors lived in and he wants to know what happened in there. I dig some more and the tree stump appears to now be sitting in a hole and looks a little odd. I realize that it is more like on of the portals that I want to start going through but have been reluctant to do so for a long time. I fall forward and into the stump and move through and am now on the floor of the hut and lying down. I am in another persons body but with my awareness so I am an actor and observer at the same time. There is some noise and I wake up and stand up, a man is in front of me with a chopping tool and he hits me mid chest and cuts me open. I feel the blade go in and feel the cut and then I die.


I am now back up on the ground above and explain to Chris what happened in the hut. I tell him that the mans name is James and this is very clear and I have no doubt of the name.


I move from this dream to another


Surrendering to the dream

Postby Majic » Wed May 01, 2013 10:00 am


Assisted by Galantamine 8mg, Choline 200mg, Mucuna (l-dopa)


Seeding the dream by simply running over the mantra of " I will surrender to the dream and whatever it produces for me" Had 4 hours sleep and got up for 30 minutes. Took my brew of supplements and went back to bed. I dont spend endless time trying to relax and just let it all flow, get some instances of HI and at about 40 minutes get the tingles of the supplements starting to work. At this stage I roll on to my side and allow the feelings to take me over, it can get very intense so I repeat quietly to myself that I will allow and accept all feelings and drift into them.


I drift into the dream state with awareness unbroken and in time slip out of the physical and find myself kneeling on the wooden floor of my room. It is darker that usual and I stand up and take some time to review my day in the waking world, go through what I ate, what I did with my kids on the beach, making cakes and other details that firmly place full awareness of the waking world and all memories in my mind so there is no mistaking my degree of awareness.


I now have all senses working and a good energy body to get around in. As the world sharpened up I am in a house, small rooms and lots of doors so I wander around until I find a bigger room that looks a little like a lab or display area. I see a DC and he is friendly and points out to some samples of rocks that he has collected and points out that they are special as they have other elements in them and I can see some green and yellow glowing spots on the surface of the rocks. I place my hands on the rocks and allow the energy to infuse me, it is a warm vibration that flows up my arms and into my body and I like the feeling and just allow it to fill me. The DC is watching and is looking pleased that I am doing this with his rocks so I stay till I feel I have absorbed enough.


I am now wandering around this building some more and come into a room that has around 12 people there, they appear to be waiting for me and I step down into the area where they are seated at a table and have been discussing something and I feel waiting for me. The leader comes to me, he is familiar to me and he is tall and strong looking with a deep strength in his eyes, he says nothing but we look at each other for a few moments and I say that I will accept whatever they choose to do and he then walks away a little.

Some sets of threads are attached to my fingers and above the hips around my belly and I feel something entering me from these threads. It is not painful but feels odd and takes a bit of time, I just allow this to runs it course.


Next a hood or cover is placed over my head and it covers me to the neck, It feels alive more than a device and this blocks out light and I feel needles or wire or threads start to pierce my skin in hundreds of places around my scalp and face.

Next is a long time of very strong HI, I feel no sense of me and just allow this process to take place until the mask is removed and I am standing in a room looking at this group of DC's. There is nothing said and I feel very calm and relaxed and wondering what has just happened. There is no fear at all and just the acceptance of whatever happened.


I walk outside and look up to the sky, raise my arms and ask the dream to take me to the void and gently drift up and start to all sense of self and dissolve with that special awareness and state the void brings.



After a time I wake myself and write this dream down


After a long time I have finally just allowed the dream to give me what ever it wants with complete acceptance, no great "aha" moment but did not expect that but just a nice calmness and the feeling that the real journey is just beginning as I would like to think that I have just jumped over another barrier.





Into the nodes    Back to top

Postby Majic » Tue May 07, 2013 2:26 pm


Usual mix of supplements, 8mg G, 1.2 grams of lectin


WBTB - took around 50 minutes till the supplements kicked in and I allowed myself to be taken over by them. I had a small attack of SP while lying on my back and told it to F-off, lol it seems to work as instantly landed in a dream with a girl giving me a hug so that was nice transition.


A lot of randoms images and some very nice HI in the form of a panoramic grid of very small blocks of light and color with the usual mesh shape just morphing around for a while. I was in a building and some DC's were discussing something and then they stopped talking and turning on a TV so I left by running through a glass window, not my normal style but just wanted out so went as fast as I could and then through and away into an outdoor area.


I walked around a little and it was village scene and just getting dark, there were some villagers there and armed with shotguns and they were quietly discussing stuff. I looked out to the distance and seen 3 patches of 4 or 5 small lights or patches or energy floating low in the sky and started to fly towards them. One of the villagers seen me and said "there is a node, lets shoot it" I had no concern as it may hurt if they got me but that is all. I drifted towards the lights and picked out one patch and aimed towards it. I was thinking that I am no longer scared by these patches of energy as I have been seeing them for years but never allowed them to take me. As I got closer the lights merged and expanded in the same way HI will just as you enter the dream or more correctly it comes to you. I started to rush and the blue light wrapped around me, I lost my sense of self and body and merged with the light and it exploded to a patch of intense white light and there was the sense of warmth.

Not sure after this, I vaguely recall some figures beyond but did not try to stay in the state and gently woke up after a few more moments.


Interesting that a DC that said he was always with me stated after a request from me that he would open up a new node for me, I had no idea of what this meant and was surprised to hear the DC's in the village using this term and also using it to describe me as I flew away.

I am wondering if this light and the white light is another portal, I have been seeing these for years and they have always had such a presence and force that I have not allowed them to take me. I might now start to work on stabilizing myself in this state and start to explore beyond the light if I can

They say they are watching - always

Postby Majic » Thu May 16, 2013 9:14 pm


Early night dreaming, very vivid scenes with one worth posting


Electrical storm going on, lots of lightning crashing around and inside at my mothers place. There is a tunnel under the house with a cable running through it and some wagons are coming down a hill at ultra high speeds and just missing me on the way past. I am not sure what to do so just watch.


WBTB - G and Choline mix


Trying to get back to sleep but the sea is loud outside and I am distracted, I look around for some earplugs but I had put them away so lie there for a while.


Feel the familiar feelings coming on and relax into it, i start to slip out of my body but am so close to being awake the noise of the sea is taking over so I wake up and then drift back into sleep. I am driving and pull up to go into a house and catch up with an old friend, we chat for a long time and I have a look around the house as it is a new one for her and I have not been here before so find it interesting. The front of the lounge room has a strip of grass growing and I look at this and think it is a nice touch. We talk some more and I hear my phone ring so get it out of my pocket and look at it, its way to big to have fitted in my pocket and I start to wonder but feel very foolish about thinking I might be dreaming so gently push my hand into a bench top. it sinks in and I am disbelieving that I am dreaming so check again. I am stunned that I still get fooled but accept I am dreaming and go out to look around.


I am in a city and and want to look around so fly up the main street as it is quicker than walking and start looking for something interesting and see a building that is all mulit colored and stands out so stop there. A group of people are outside having coffee and I chat and then move on. I go inside and see some men planting a bomb in a model helicopter and they are going to the top of the building and getting into the lift. I fly up through the floors and just flip through anything in my way till I get there first and am deciding what to do.The men are arguing and nothing happens and no bomb goes off.


I leave through the wall and am flying along when I am joined by 3 people, 2 beside me and 1 behind. They are close to me no threatening but look like they have purpose as they close in on me. They grab me firmly and tell me to relax and the one behind me fits something to my feet. I am concerned but let it happen and one of them told me they are helping me out and doing this for a reason. He told me he is always watching me (LOL - I hope not all the time)


I choose to wake up now. Apart from the last part of the dream it was just a missed opportunity but still a nice hour or longer so a good nights work. No insights there but again being told that I am always being watched and helped. Its becoming more common to hear this and I dont have an opinion on any meaning yet but just accept the words with an open mind




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