Hi and welcome to 40htz.com, a site dedicated to my lucid experiences and I hope also the experience and skill of others.


This site has 3 main goals,


  1.  To share my dreams, experience and techniques   in a way that I hope  encourages others to have a go and then start to explore their own minds.
  2. To get people discussing and sharing their  lucid dreams and ideas
  3. To make it easy for any researchers to contact me due to a web presence and with luck to take part in any research, survey, school project that requires an experienced lucid dreamer so I can add overall to the understanding of lucid dreaming at all levels


Some thoughts


That first spark of awareness within the dream space is a magic moment where a virtual world opens for your exploration


Lucid or conscious dreaming can be a life changing event and opens up the unbounded  world of your mind


so have a look around, make some comments, join our forum  or mail me if you have any questions on lucid dreaming and feel I can help.



Peter Maich


New Zealand





                      contact   peter@40htz.com