WB2B  up for around   50 minutes


Drift into the dream, light HI, some quite gentle geometric patterns. Pretty soft distant slightly unfocused and soft grey and white in colour.


In a bar, café and see a person I know and have not seen for a while, he was an old-school friend and he calls out to me. I go over and say hello. He is excited to see me and introduces me to his partner, she is sitting on the other side of the table and back to the wall. Another two girls join us and we start chatting. One of the girls asks me about my cancer (I had testicular cancer around 18 years ago,) and I tell her its long gone and I am fine. Michael (my school friend) tells me that his partner has cancer is undergoing treatment and her skin is quite bad. She rolls her top down and I look at her shoulders and they are covered in patterns of red, blue, green and yellow. Marks that look like crazy paving but not deep just surface marks. Then tell me these are results of the treatment and she does not like them.

I hear a voice and turnaround to see that the scene has now changed and I am in a lecture theatre. There are some people I know and a lot I don’t. The presenter is making a point and Tom who is sitting behind me says he disagrees and it’s not like that. I have been lucid from the start of this dream and now just marvel at how real it all it, not having made a reality check I gently probe the surface of the desk beside me and my finger goes in and the surface starts to simmer. I stop focusing on this as it has the potential to take me away to a new scene. Now a few voices are raised and it gets loud with some people now getting up off their chairs. About 10 or so people are now fighting in front of me and it’s a bit of mess. The fight breaks up and they all wander away. I get up and move to the table where the fight was and see a lady’s head on the table. It is a dark-skinned head and bald with gentle features. Just following on with the dream I pick the head up with two hands and place it mid chest at heart level and look to the corridor at the end of the room.  The presence that has haunted me for a lifetime is lurking there, I have asked for it prior to dreaming and can feel the slightest tingle in my dream body as I look in that direction. Holding the head to my chest I start to walk into the corridor and into the darkness. The feeling starts to get stronger and stronger and my body is starting to get the feeling of dread that comes with it. Now the head is starting to heat up in my hands and is also going into my chest. It gets hotter and hotter and is now fully inside me and the feelings have changed to a hot radiant warmth that floods my body. I bask in this for a while as I slowly gain awareness and allow myself to wake up. I am now fully awake in my bed and still have this feeling flooding my body.



*** I stay awake long enough to cement this dream into my memory. ***



I now put my attention to the feelings of warmth and quickly drift back to a lucid state. I am in my bed and have a girl next to me, laughing as I know it’s just a dream I say “why not a bed of girls” there are now several girls in bed with me and happy and laughing.



*** I wake up, smile and drift back into a lucid state once more



*** I am in a long hallway again and see a machine going past carrying some big lengths of steel. It looks cool, a combination of 3 big cylinders and no visible means of propulsion but doing the job. I recall trying to build something like this in a dream a few nights back. As it goes past an object falls off. I grab it and start dragging it along the hallway, careful not to damage the new floor. I have noticed that I am in a new building and a very futuristic looking one. This is exciting as the dream has produced a sci-fi setting and its nice. My friend from home is walking past and tells me that I need to take the next entrance, a door appears and I move to it and get lifted up to the entrance as its just above floor level and has no step. Inside there a nurse takes my hand and says everything is ready for my medical so I go along with this and walk with her.

The medical rooms are not complete but look awesome and could be on the US Enterprise. I go past massive window that flick between VR settings to real time forests and get told they all respond to the viewer so we all see what we want. Checked in at reception I take a seat.



*** new scene. I get up and am now walking on the beach, the sea is very rough and looks wicked. Now I am on a boat and we are starting to steam out to the fishing grounds and the boat is handling it well and its quite smooth. Now we are walking and see some holes with water in them on the paddocks. I sit down with my feel in these holes filled with dark water and put my hands down into the fish traps. Out come a hand full of eggs, white and shiny. I place them on the ground behind me and bait the traps again. On the third hole I am sitting in water up to my waist and reaching in for the eggs. Two big bugs come out, creepy and crawly the are hard shelled and black and green and normally I would get creeped out by them but I pick they up and place them behind me on the ground. Finished for the day I talk to my mate and tell him that I will put them back as they are females and will breed. I pick them up and place them back in the water. END.




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